Getting Blown in PE

“Take your minds out of the gutter, it’s not what you’re thinking”............I am talking about wind for which Port Elizabeth is world renowned cause when it blows here you nail shit down. While I have experiences high winds on a number of occasions over the last 2 years that we have lived in PE (Ok nearly 2 years) but yesterday had to take the cake. Dropped Gabby off in Blue water bay about 20kms from our house to visit her boyfriend. Tania and I then went to Barneys at the beachfront for a drink. We decided to sit outside to watch the waves go out to sea, but I digress. 

I ordered a castle draught  and as I took a drink the wind actually whipped the beer away from my mouth and disappeared into  a seagulls gullet. The chairs were moving around the patio by themselves and one lady decided to open the menu only to see the menu paper disappear into the bay, as I write  this there is probably some Ukrainian seaman wondering who sent  him the take away menu from  Barney’s.   

This week I was in East London, rode back on Tuesday afternoon and surprise surprise it did not rain, was not to windy not to cold. Did manage to shred the bikes back tyre so had to put a new one on. R1700 later.......”yeah bike tyres are expensive” Wednesday and Thursday I co-presented SAMTRAC with Ryan, hopefully this will give me help to run my sign off course in a week’s time.

Had a Braai today and its was windy again, so much so that I had 3 apache Indians knock on my front door wanting to know why I was insulting the dude  who’s name you shout when you are pulling  the rip cord of a parachute..................”you know   Geronimo”.......................(SMOKE signals ok now you get it)  

Next week is also hectic, Monday and Tuesday doing training at the office, Tuesday afternoon ride to East London, do training till Friday then back home.  

Next Saturday is Gabby’s 15th birthday..............Shit where have the years gone? Then on Sunday is the 20th Toy run at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, so we will be going to that.    

The 2nd Cricket test is not as yet decided at the moment it’s finely balanced and tense with SA or Australia having a chance to win it on day 5. If SA does win then it will be the first time they have won a home test series against the Aussies since the 1970’s. 

Anyway not much else to say so have a great week.


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