When Gods become men

All teams see cycles of ups and downs, some manage to keep those cycles to a minimum...................Manchester United is a good example of this (much to my disgust). An interesting aspect about the RWC 2011 is that we are seeing Rugby Gods being brought down to mere mortal level and mere mortals bring elevated to god like status. People like John Smit, bakkies Botha, Brian Habbana and Victor Mattfield  are those that are showing their age and don’t seem to be the force they once were in world Rugby, however others like Houggard, Steyn and Aplon are ;looking to fill those spots.

I think that a lot of how we are perceived in sports as well as in normal life has to do with age and age stops for no man (or woman for that matter, no matter how much they say it does not).So today Monday 19 September I “The village idiot” who often uses the phrase “what did morons do before they invented jogging”   ........................wait for it started jogging, yep 3.5kms in 24 minutes (7 and a half minutes per km) I am hoping that by tomorrow I will be able to get off the couch and go to work. At least the couch s comfortable

My Mom is coming to visit us in a week’s time, she arrives on Monday 26 and leaves again on 7 October. Looking forward to show her around PE and to show her our new house.      

Tuesday I was able to get off the couch, must say had a comfortable sleep. Trained on Tuesday and when I got home I went on another 3.5 km run...................2 days in a row, legs are feeling a little worse for wear than yesterday but managed the distance in 23 minutes: I minute less than yesterday. 

I see that the Bok team for Thursday against Namibia (who will do us no favours has had 5 changes , but looks like it could do some damage. With Ireland beating Australia its possible we may have to beat Australia in the Q/final and All Blax in the semi’s a tough call for any team.   

Wednesday was my 3rd day going for a run, managed the 3.5 kms in 21 minutes today but that is mainly due to there being no 60 knot headwinds today. Legs are sore today but need to try and get over that, so I will continue and persevere. 

If you were paying attention last week you will remember that my brother in law and his family are in Belgium on holiday and he managed to lock his wife in the flat and himself outside (with keys  in his pocket) while it was raining cats and dogs. Well it would seem that bad people had no such problem with a locked door and while they were out discovering Belgium stole Doug’s brothers laptop and Doug’s external hard drive. Luckily he had backed up all the info the week before. So it would seem that SA is not the only place that South Africans get robbed.............as I said to Doug, “Crime is bad and not lekker no matter where it takes place”  Update:  Seems that they found the hard drive after all so that is good.   

Work is ok, still do not think I am being used as best I could be, in fact feel that specific person/s are over utilized and others are to their detriment held back. I was supposed to get signed off on SAMTRAC in November but the decision maker/s in the office have decided that it will not be and its hopefully early 2012.....”Hopefully” being the operative word as I have a horrible feeling it won’t happen. If it does it will mean that I will get a decent salary (well again hopefully because I feel that some are looked after better than others in the office when it comes to that department as well). I know I am as good as or better than 1 senior trainer, so hopefully I will get a salary that is compatible to that. To be able to buy a brand new BMW as well as a house and have a second child in the space of a year says to me that someone is being paid well.   If I don’t get signed off on SAMTRAC I will have to look for employment somewhere else................hopefully not, but such is life.  

Learnt a good new swearword this week.................”Fucktard”  been thinking of various sentences  or situations that I can use it in.  Spose the word comes from an amalgamation of Fuckwit and Retard. 

Well Xmas season is here 21/9/2011 was the date it started this year and here is proof. As you can see I have photographic evidence of 1 of Santa’s little helpers setting up the Xmas display at the Game centre at 17th quarter at Moffat on main.......................after all there are only 95 days (as of Wednesday 21st) left to Xmas. Remember you heard it first on The Diaries of a village Idiot.  

Boks vs Namibia was a game of 2 halves...................Fisrt half we did not look like we did against Fiji but 2nd half was good, we ran out 87/0 winners best winning margin in the RWC2011 so far. Hougaard is showing why he needs to be in the starting line up and Gio Aplon also needs to be in any team......how Helium can choose Ndungane over him is a mystery.   

Saturday was Heritage day and somehow that day has been equated to one of our national pastimes .......Yes the Braai. We had a  Braai at work on Friday and also gave us the opportunity to get to know the new tenants of the building we use. Have to laugh though a building behind us and 1 stand to the right burnt to the ground yesterday morning and not one of the many of us in the office noticed that a house burnt to the ground........mmmmmmmmmmm maybe not a good sign for those of us in the Health and Safety field. 

The church 40meters from our house had their annual bazaar on Saturday morning was a quick 5 minute walkthrough...............felt like it was groundhog day as I remember the same stands at same areas selling the same stuff. Was the most boring 5 minutes I have had in a while.   

Ran another 3.5kms on Saturday morning and ran my first stretch further than the other 3 times but still only managed 21 minutes, must say legs not as sore and my wanting to hurl is not as ?? as it was the first 2 times I ran. I have to say that the first 1.2 km stretch is uphill and I hate running up hills, but it’s a good test of my stamina and perseverance. Now I need to start doing some gym work to get my upper body strength and toning better than it is at the moment.  So done 14 kms this week.   

The All Blax beat the French 37/17. Better team on the day but to be honest the French looked like a schoolboy team at times. Our paths will cross with Ritchie’s men this RWC and hope fully we will be able to show them that  we are better . Ireland beat Russia 62/12 Argentina beat Scotland in a close game 13/12 in fact Scotland have only themselves to blame for that. Samoa beat Fiji 27/7 setting up a game against South Africa that will have Samoa throwing everything against us but the kitchen sink next Friday. The pool stages are coming down to the business end  and then the Q finals will see some awesome games. 

The EP kings lost their first game of the season with a “Snotklap” from Boland 47/15 we are still having a home semi final but it would have been nice to come first in the division as this would have guaranteed us a home final as well. In the Currie Cup results for the weekend were Sharks 29/Griquas 18, Leopards 19/Puma’s 32 , Lions 18/ Bulls 21, Cheetahs 32 / WP 20 the log stands as follows after this weekend Lions, Sharks, Cheetahs, WP, Bulls, Griquas, Puma’s and Leopards. 

Sunday saw us going to the Beach with Gabby her boyfriend Ricky and his friend Graham. Water was cold so decided not to body board or surf, but i did manage to kick a rock while playing beach football, its Frikken sore and now turning a really dark shade of purple. "Note to self................in future kick the ball not the rock" 

So have a great week and as Luke Braaiwalker would say.................. “May the Wors be with you”

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