Its going to end badly

Words of wisdom that we don’t always listen to. I am going to take you back a while when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I actually had hair on my head.......Yes I know a long long time ago. Schools those days had a problem  about the length of hair that male students were allowed to have, actually I would have fitted in well if I had of sported my present day haircut then. Of course we all wanted long hair  so as to be more attractive to the female species,  over the holidays we would use any method possible to grow our hair as long as we could (December holidays were the best, as they were the longest). My mates and I would go to extraordinary lengths to achieve the goal of having the longest hair. Fertilizers, Chicken shit as well as special shampoos were used to achieve this goal.....sometimes a combination of all 3 would be concocted.  

“I had hair”  and  Tania reminded me not to long ago that I had been so cocky about having a double whirl of hair and I would never go bald. My mom told me that when I was born (and remember I was born premature) that I had hair down to my shoulders, I suppose I should be grateful that I did not go the full term otherwise I would have come out looking like Chewbacca the Wookie from Star wars. 

Going to the hairdresser was always an adventure for me.........why? Well I would always try to find the cheapest haircut I could so that I could use any spare monies for nefarious activities such as buying smokes, old brown sherry or playing pinball (for my friends of course). Therein lay the problem, because to find a cheap haircut you had to subject yourself to the whims of the trainees who were doing there apprenticeship in the “Hair today gone tomorrow” boutique. You knew you were in trouble when the person that was tasked to cut your hair was called Thumbs and asked you how the hair clippers worked. I am surprised that  I still have two ear’s as part of the training was to see if the trainee hair molester could extract the clippers from your hair or body part without having to call emergency services, (sometimes the clippers would get caught in your hair and a body part and this would entail a lesson from the senior hairdresser to all the trainees)  .........the one time the young lady  managed to get the clippers caught in my fringe and left ear............. and all this to save R2 or R3 (ok in those days it was a lot of money)

The one time my mom cut my hair with a all in one comb/scissors/razor contraption, I think the advertising slogan was something like “Battle tested during the inquisition” Anyway mom decided that we would save the R5 or R6 and that she would “style” my hair. I just had a feeling that it was not going to turn out right and was I right “Yes I was” I looked like I had been attacked by the whole cast of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The birds”. I suppose it also did not help that at the time my mom liked to drink a tad more than the average suburban housewife.

After I looked in the bathroom mirror and had finished crying I persuaded my mom to let me go to a hairdresser so it could be fixed up. With these words ringing in my ears I left the house “tell the hairdresser I cut it and I will kill you”. The woman of course asked me who had attacked my head with blunt hedge cutters (no weed eaters in those days). I told her it was my sister who at the time was probably 8 (come to think of it she would have done a better job). The lady basically shaved my head, so the “style” I got was the Belsen/Auschwitz look, as I gave the lady the R5 she said to me if you promise not to tell anyone that I cut your hair you can keep the money................. “As bad as my hair was the R5 was better.”

Talking about my mom she arrived from Gauteng on Monday and it’s great to have her here, have not spent more than a couple of days with here for many years so next 2 weeks going to be lekker (no I will not be asking her to cut my hair, that I leave to my Nigerian drug lord friend near the harbour who for R20 gives me a reasonable hair shave). Mom seems to be enjoying herself and are having a Braai today (Sunday) with family. Well we mentioned the B word and guess what it Rained and its cold. The Dunkley family should not mention words Braai or Beach as its almost guaranteed that the weather will be kak. So we had a  “Let’s pretend we live on a wet and cold Island” Braai , had to use the Skottel, which is really not a Braai, but it’s better than nothing. As u can see Ryan and I look really impressed with the fact we are having a “island braai”  
I surprised myself as well as a few other people and my legs as I  continued with the running this week, I also started to ride Gabby’s bike. I am determined to get fit this summer as well as get a good tan and look like I am in shape (other than round), may look at playing Tennis with my friend Cindy as I can’t find a venue to play squash that does not cost a arm and a leg to join. Not really good at tennis but will be better than nothing, apparently Cindy was good, so it may just be an ass kicking. We are still playing pool on a Thursday so we are getting better and I must say I do enjoy it.    

Great news: Clarens won the Media 24 Tourism town of the year, just shows you how the Village Idiot was dragging the village down. “I leave and good things happen”. It’s great to see that Clarens has eventually cracked the nod over other tourism Mecca’s in the area like Marquard, Clocolan and Senekal. Well done to all those that over the years have contributed to ensuring that Clarens won this well deserved but overdue recognition..................While I love Living in PE there will always be a special place in my heart for the village.  
I say thanks to all that have contributed over the years because I truly believe that the village and the course that it has taken has been shaped by many individuals who over the years have just pushed the village that one step further to be able to achieve the accolade of Tourism town/ village of the year. It started way back with the de Leeuws who started what was perhaps the  first guest house in the area, that being Bon souvenir and it was from the stoep of this guest house that Titanic rock was named. The village sort of muddled  along  with its first hotel  “The Maluti mountain lodge” being built by Jannie van Wyk in the 1960’s. (The hotel was originally going to be built on the Kgubestwana side of Clarens, however sanity prevailed) When the first tar road between Bethlehem and Clarens was completed the village got a little more popular. In the 1980’s a Mr Wepener built Cinderella’s castle out of 50 000 bottles (he died an alcoholic....nah just joking) and it was to become an institution (that is still enquired about today) until it being demolished in 1998. The Brownlee’s bought the Maluti lodge and became champions for tourism in the village as did Bruce Weyers who has as passion about Clarens like no other that I know (other than myself of course). Garth Brooks also in his own way contributed to tourism in the village  and recently a tourism forum that was established with the cream of Clarens getting involved that will see the Village benefitting and not self interest. This has taken the village into another level that will see it embrace the future with a positive attitude. So well done to all those past present and future that love the village and want to see it succeed.   

Petrol going up to over R10 a litre from next Wednesday, that’s the  3rd increase in a row, this due to a decrease in the value of the R against the Dollar as well as higher crude oil prices........can only mean harder times for us “the poor people”. Next Wednesday  also see’s the Dunkley family having  been in SA for 39 years, need to send my dad an SMS to say thanks for taking me off the island and giving me the chance to be more than just a fighting chance at life.     

I don’t have M-Net at home (we are a “can only afford  Top TV” family at the moment) but I know that IDOLS SA is down to its last 3 and on Tuesday they had an elimination to vote another out to leave the top 2. I think the top 3 are Dave, Mark and Cashandra (I may be wrong here regards names) I have seen the show once or twice when I have been away from home and while my friend Cindy thinks that Dave is the bomb and should win my mom on the other hand thinks he looks like a psycho who could take out a gun and shoot his audience at any moment........From what I have seen  or  heard I think all 3 sound shit...................but I am from an era of great artists like Freddie Mercury, Elton, John, Annie Lennox, Mark Knopfler, Angus Young etc etc.” Newsflash”   it seems that Dave and Mark are going to battle it out for the honour of SA Idol this year seeing that the coloured girl was voted off.   

This Wednesday was not a blue Monday more like a Woeful  Wednesday, decided to go VWSA and spend the day with one of my colleagues who overseas contractor control . 6kms from Volkswagen the scooter drive belt snapped, so after pushing the scooter for 2kms If I thought I had my exercise for the day I was wrong as I walked at least 10kms doing contractor inspections, was fun though as I learnt a few things, need to get out of the office more often as I want to start getting more involved with contractors and construction.     
Missed meeting “Mashiniwam” Jacob Zuma this week by half an hour, he was due at Volkswagen at 2pm but he was held up at Coega and by the time I had left at 2.45pm he had as yet not arrived. The entire Eastern Cape traffic department and the SAP however had. Don’t think I have seen as many traffic cops since the world cup last year. Amazing how they always manage to dig up extra staff when a big wig is around. 

Some of you may remember that we have a bunny rabbit called sweetie that has made herself at home and has become part of the family. Sweetie is malting at the moment which puts a whole new meaning to the word “dust bunnies”.

The Boks beat Samoa or (perhaps we should re-name them Samoaners) and the asshole of a Welsh referee on Friday, the score was 13/5 so we are in the Q/finals............we did not score a point in the second half. The Samoans came out to piss us off and I have to take my hat off to the Boks, by not losing their cool. Jones also decided that to level the playing fields he needed to send John Smit off for legally going for an intercept that according to this Northern Hemisphere sheep shagger was a deliberate knock ( surely a warning was in order, after all the Samoans came to play “Thugby” and it took a touch judge to recommend that enough was enough and it was in fact a rugby game and not a boxing tournament.) I see the Samoans are saying the ref was a racist, was I watching the same game, he was so much on the Samoans side it was not funny.  Russia went down 68/22 to Australia but played very well in the second half of the game.  Tonga caused an upset by beating France in their last match of the RWC, New Zealand and France now go through to the Q finals from that group.

Daniel Carter has been ruled out of the RWC so like us losing Francois Steyn to a shoulder injury the New Zealanders have also been dealt a severe blow. England just managed to sneak past Scotland 16/12 with Chris Ashton scoring a late try. The All Blax beat the Canadians 79/15 and the Argentineans beat Georgia 25/7.   The Welsh gave Fiji a smack 66/0 and now just watching the Italy VS Ireland game to see who we will play in the Quarters (Ireland won 36/6). So its New Zealand VS Argentina; England VS France;  Boks VS Australia and  Wales VS Ireland  interesting to  see that the Poms who have had a lacklustre tournament (once again) could see themselves in the Semi’s once again. Our game against Australia is on Sunday 9 October @7am. So it looks like a North VS South Final is on the cards and should New Zealand be in the finals against the Poms i will have to swallow my pride and shout for the All Blax..............I do not want the Poms to win the RWC. 
Took mom for a tour of historical PE on Saturday and was nice to spend some 1 on 1 time with her, we went to the Football stadium, Donkin reserve, central, St Georges park and the cricket ground as well as going to the Horse memorial.  

Currie cup  this weekend  saw the Bulls  beat the Puma’s, the Sharks lost to WP 15/10 and the Cheetahs managed to grab a draw from the jaws of victory for the second time this season they were 25/5 up with 15 minutes to go and the Lions came back at them to draw the match 25 all (suppose it does not help if you have 14 men for the last 10 minutes as well) The log stands at Lions, Sharks , Cheetahs , Province, Bulls, Griqua’s, Puma’s, Leopards . 

Well that’s it for this week, doing some Industrial theatre on Monday at BASF and then training on Tuesday, Wed and Thursday.
Have a great one


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