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It not something I brag about (well not until now that is) a few years back I won the Weakest link, you know that programme were you get to answer questions, shout bank , get  voted off by fellow contestants and then get embarrassed by the bitch of a presenter (in my case the late Fiona Coin, Coyn, Coyne, Coin ??). the contestants that I competed against like myself were all from small towns or villages and I happened to be the cleverest of the village idiots. Was a very interesting experience and not as easy as it looks when sitting on the couch that I can tell you. my mates in Clarens bought me a t shirt as well as a badge that said “don’t ask me Im’e dof” . the one question that i did get wrong was the following:  “Where do you find short curly hair on women...........................apparently Africa is the correct answer”.  

So how was my week?  Well a tad better than last week but still not the greatest, need to get myself sorted at work and home, been a bit of a doos (well a big one actually).  Busy reading a couple of Bill Bryson books at the moment , really enjoying his style of writing and sense of humour. A couple of suggestions to read if you want to try reading him would be    ‘Notes from a big country”, “The Home” or “The lost continent”. Apart from that not much to report on this week. Only funny thing was that my Brother in law who is in Belgium on holiday with the family managed to lock himself outside of the flat they are living in and get soaked in the rain until he realised that the door was not locked it was just jammed, the fact that he had the keys in his pocket could also make him a recipient of a “don’t ask me ime dof” T shirt.   

Saturday was a ok day went to watch the game at My Bosses house and then we went to smack a few balls at the driving range, then it was  off to the Duck to watch the Cheetahs beat the Sharks and  the Bulls beat WP 28/20. Weather was awesome on Saturday, started off cold but ended up being a day that i hope is the norm this summer. 
Sunday wanted to go to the beach.....”cannot remember last time was there” but with the wind blowing 10 on the Beaufort scale we decided that we did not need to get sandblasted. Again for those not so clever people what is the Beaufort scale? Don’t worry I am here to help. (info from Wikipedia)

The scale was devised in 1805 by Sir Francis Beaufort, an Irish-born Royal Navy Officer, while serving on HMS Woolwich. The scale that carries Beaufort's name had a long and complex evolution, from the previous work of others, including Daniel Defoe the century before, to when Beaufort was a top administrator in the Royal Navy in the 1830s when it was adopted officially and first used during Darwin's voyage on HMS Beagle. In the early 19th Century, naval officers made regular weather observations, but there was no standard scale and so they could be very subjective - one man's "stiff breeze" might be another's "soft breeze". Beaufort succeeded in standardizing the scale. The initial scale of thirteen classes (zero to twelve) did not reference wind speed numbers but related qualitative wind conditions to effects on the sails of a man-of-war, then the main ship of the Royal Navy, from "just sufficient to give steerage" to "that which no canvas sails could withstand." At zero, all his sails would be up; at six, half of his sails would have been taken down; and at twelve, all sails would be stowed away. 

The scale was made a standard for ship's log entries on Royal Navy vessels in the late 1830s and was adapted to non-naval use from the 1850s, with scale numbers corresponding to cup anemometer rotations. In 1916, to accommodate the growth of steam power, the descriptions were changed to how the sea, not the sails, behaved and extended to land observations. Rotations to scale numbers were standardized only in 1923. George Simpson, Director of the UK Meteorological Office, was responsible for this and for the addition of the land-based descriptors. The measure was slightly altered some decades later to improve its utility for meteorologists. Today, many countries have abandoned the scale and use the metric-based units m/s or km/h instead, but the severe weather warnings given to public are still approximately the same as when using the Beaufort scale. The Beaufort scale was extended in 1946, when Forces 13 to 17 were added. However, Forces 13 to 17 were intended to apply only to special cases, such as tropical cyclones. Nowadays, the extended scale is only used in Taiwan and mainland China, which are often affected by typhoons.

 After the scare against Wales last week The Bok’s played Fiji and to be honest after that performance I  thought we would be lucky if we got past the semi-finals, that perception has however changed after the 49/3 hiding of Fiji, what a game , a Bok performance to savour and one that we have not seen for many a game................My man of the match was Danie Rossouw. While that was a good game the fact that Ireland beat Australia 15/9 has to be the upset of the tournament so far. I can just imagine the partying that went on in Ireland. This means though that we will have to meet Australia in  the Q finals. The Cheetahs played the Sharks on Saturday afternoon and gave them a good Klap. An interesting fact is that al the players playing for Samoa in the RWC are in fact New Zealanders. Only teams like Romania and Georgia have teams of players who were born in that country. The Boks we all like to think are a home grown team....not so Tendai  “The Beast”  Mtawarira was born in Zimbabwe.  

The local EP kings have now won 8 in a row now by beating the Falcons on Friday night, I have managed to see all their home games this season so hopefully we will have a full stadium if we are i the Playoffs to get into the Currie Cup. We play Boland away next week and its’ a must win game, so here is hoping.
Chiefs broke the Pirates voodoo by beating them 2/1 in a ABSA premier league and Arsenals horror season continues with Blackburn Rovers beating them this weekend. Newcastle drew 1/1 with Aston Villa so also happy with that.     

Well that’s it for this week.........Short and sweet  
Enjoy the week

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