Hier Kom die Bokke

Watching the Bok send off on TV on Thursday i had a lump in my throat, one of those ‘ proud to be a South African moments” (unlike watching the idiot ANCYL members running riot in the centre of downtown JHB to show their support for their retarded leader). I just loved the Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula saying as he stood in front of the Springboks with pride, honour "Go to New Zealand and make us proud. We stand here, black and white, red, yellow and purple... As a rainbow nation. "Moer hulle! Bliksem hulle, die bokke sal dans!". We need him in the dressing room at the RWC, that will get the Boks into “war mode” 

Weekend weather was also kak, need to get the weather to play along for weekends, as at the moment it’s nice during the week but miserable on a weekend , on Thursday it was 30 degrees and by Friday it was like a British Summer.........Cold wet and windy. It was windy the whole weekend and if the weather forecast is correct it will start getting better from Monday. It was so windy that when I took Gabby to work if you looked out to see you could see the “white horses” on the waves all the way to the horizon. 

Trained all of last week and it looks that end of Sept and October Ryan and I will be doing so much industrial theatre that we could be eligible to sign up to the actors guild or get nominated for an Oscar. The office had a record month in August and we in the office  are getting a little short tempered and irritable that time of the year. Will get better as Xmas and the shutdown gets closer. 

Went to driving range on Saturday with a couple of people from the office, was fun and after a few fresh air shots I managed to hit the ball pretty decently. Longest drive 225m’s was Theuns, shortest drive was Ryan, Golf ball that went so high it came down with Mark Shuttleworth clinging onto it was me, skewest drive was a tie between Thuens, Vusi, Ryan and myself as we all managed to slice a few. On the putting green, closest to the hole was Ryan and out of the bunker into the hole was me. Going to go again soon and then we are planning to invade  a golf course.........now that should be fun.     

My friend Luiz from Brazil/Portugal/Mozambique came to visit on Saturday and it so nice to see him, i met him last year at Addo National park and he scheduled a day to see me so we could discuss a few items regards my book on Daniel (which I have not done any work on for the last 3 months)but i have now an idea of what i would like book to be. Luiz advised me that after years of silence more people seem to be speaking about Daniel and that i need to ensure that I am seen as the person with the information on Daniel and the ‘expert as such” on the subject.  Luiz also gave a copy of a book that he was involved in editing and is a upgrade of a book called “The Scorpion sting” this one is called “A CAUDA do ESCORPIAO” o adeus a Mozambique ( The Scorpions tail, farewell to Mozambique) will be using Google translate a lot to try and get info out of it as Luiz has indicated its a hit in Portugal and that the info is perhaps the best yet about the days leading to Frelimo talking over Mozambique.  

Next week this time we should know if the Boks have started the defence of their RWC with a win over Wales, hopefully we will have a great start to the RWC. Who is going to win? Well obviously i want the Boks to win, will it happen......................”Yes”. if i am wrong (and I have been known to be wrong on occasion). I just hope the Poms or the All Blax don’t win. If the Poms win we will never hear the end of it and if the All Blax win then we will also never hear the end of it.   I see that the NZ sex workers are getting ready for the 95 000 expected tourists to the RWC, would seem then that that New Zealand will be able to call on the services of any number of “Hookers” should their two top choices get injured.   

I read that the Mayor of New York has said that there is not enough room available to invite police and fire-fighters to the anniversary service of the September 11 attacks .................I think that is just so wrong, many gave their lives that day and did not need an invite they just turned up to do their jobs, many of them off duty but because of the nature of the disaster they arrived and gave their lives

 EP kings played Border Bulldogs on Friday night and won 51/36, the Bulldogs fought back hard and did themselves proud. Its now 7 wins from 7 games for the EP Kings. Went to watch the weather was cold windy and it drizzled on and off. Most of PE had no electricity on Friday because of the high winds and the damage it caused to the main electricity supply of the city. Cheetahs beat the leopards 67/14, the Sharks beat the Blue Bulls lost to the Sharks 27/39   and WP beat the Griquas 41/35 the Currie cup is as follows Lions, Province, Sharks, Cheetahs, Griqua’s Blue Bulls , Puma’s Leopards.

Sunday times today has who are the richest people in SA.......................F%^%$ing depressing I can tell you that here I am  working hard and  eking a living when Mr Patrick Matsope is worth R22.99 Billion  and the CEO of Checkers Whitey Basson  earned R627 000 000   last year yes that’s R2.5 million a day working 250 days a year..............WTF  I want that job how can you justify a salary like that.......”Wish I had of studied harder at school”. 

Have just finished a good book by Bill Bryson and have started another called “The lost continent” A good writer, funny and informative all at the same time. I also have been watching a Trevor Noah DVD called Crazy Normal...........its so funny that you will have a sore stomach from laughing,

A piece of usless trivia (CDs’ developed in 1983) other than them being able to store more info they have not changed much. And Ghandi won 8 Oscars in 1983.  

 The Bunny that was saved from the Snakes stomach has made himself at home and has made a uneasy truce with the cats, they get along with each other unless of course Mischief sits on his favourite mat and then he gets chased away.  

Ok well time to go need to start using Google translate (Ok hora de ir bem precisa para começar a traduzir usando o Google)


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