Its only illegal if ................?

Woke up on Wednesday morning and the first thing I checked was that our house was still in the same suburb. The wind had been rather strong on Tuesday night, so i thought it pertinent to have a quick look just to make sure we were still in Charlo.

This week on Radio and on FB the question was asked “You know your South African when............” My answer was when you actually live in SA, which I thought was a reasonable answer..........but as is the norm I always seem to hit a nerve with certain individuals...............I  have since changed my answer to you know your South African when you “Spread  to the rest of the Globe how Lekker it is to be South African, by selfishly moving to a foreign country and foisting being South African upon them” ............The saying “When in Rome do as the Romans do” seems to be obsolete and could be replaced “When in Rome look to see what the South African is doing”      

Thursdays we play pool after work with 7 of us having formed a office league with the only constant being Rudy keeping hold of the top spot while the rest of us battle for the other spots, i had a good evening and one of my best games ever against Theuns (my boss), he had 1 ball left to sink and i still had all 7 balls on the table, so i was staring a whitewash in the face. But it all came together and i played some sublime shots (If i say so myself) to win the match with Theuns still needing to sink his last ball, the league ratings  stands as follows Rudy, Stephen, Theuns, Xavier, Ryan, Vusi and holding up the rear Michael, who players well, but never seems to win games)

Spring is on the way, can’t wait to be able to snorkel, body board, teach Gabby to surf (he he, that should be fun) and just get the tan back, I am starting to look like a  pasty Saffer living in colder climes and I can’t have that.   

Daniel (My Nephew turned 3 on Friday) so we had dinner at Ryan’s,  It was nice to see the family and to celebrate Daniels birthday, he was so excited (only as kids can be) about it being his birthday. 

Saturday was Rugby day as usual, watched the Aussies beat the All Blacks, wonder how many people who own shirts that say ‘I support SA and any other team that plays Australia” did in fact shout for the Aussies to beat the All Blacks so they go in to the RWC with 2 losses behind them. The Cheetahs lost to the Griquas by 3 points and the Lion beat the Sharks so the Lions are in a good position. EP kings beat South West Districts by 60 points to 28 on Friday night, that was an away game so next Friday they play Boland at home.  

Got this info via a newsletter he sends out from my friend at the Engel & Völkers Eastern Free State office and thought i would  share it with you. We are extremely positive about the future of South Africa. We passionately believe that “everything around us consists of energy. To attract positive things in your life, start by giving off positive energy”. Here follows a number of good news items everyone should know about – focus on these instead of sensational media articles:

South Africa ’s debt to GDP ratio is 32% ( USA 100%, Japan 200%, UK 90%). The World Bank recommends a ratio of 60%. South Africa sold $1.8 billion worth of cars to the US in 2010, putting us ahead of Sweden and Italy as suppliers to the US market. Car sales are projected to grow 10% in 2011 to 460,000 units. South Africa is ranked 1st out of 139 countries in respect of regulation of security exchanges according to the World Economic Forum competitiveness report 2010-2011.The South African stock market rose 16.09% in 2010, ranking 8th out of the G20 nations and ahead of all of the G7 countries ( Bespoke Investment Group ). The South African Rand was the second best performing currency against the US Dollar between 2007 and 2011, according to Bloomberg’s Currency Scorecard. The number of tourists visiting South Africa has grown from 3.9million in 1994 to 11.3 million in 2010. South Africa is ranked among the top 5 countries in the world in respect of tourism growth (growing at 3 times the global average). Cape Town was named the top tourist destination in the world in the 2011 Traveller’s Choice Destinations awards. OR Tambo airport is the best airport in Africa, according to the World Airport Awards 2010/11. It was also in the top 3 most improved airports in the world for the same period.SA has 30,000 schools (7,000 secondary, 23,000 primary). In 1994 only 12,000 had electricity. Now 24,000 have access to electricity. South Africa ’s  learner to teacher ratio has improved from 1:50 in 1994 to 1:31 in 2010.

SA's population is the 27th largest in the world (there are 230 countries, only 80 have a population in excess of 10 million). South Africa is not listed as one of the 49 fastest growing populations.  Our population is set to stabilise at ± 50 million for the next 20 years. Population sizes remain the same when there are 2.2 births per fertile female. In South Africa the figure is 2.3 births per fertile female. The average in Europe is 1.7.  (Economist). The percentage of the South African population with access to clean drinking water has increased from 62% in 1994, to 93% in 2011. Access to electricity has increased from 34% in 1994, to 84% in 2011. Since 1994, 435 houses have been built each day for the poor. Don’t let statements by prominent political figures frighten you. The media knows that this kind of sensationalism sells, and therefore they are punting it. Land rights and freedom of speech is protected by the Constitution.

Well that’s it for this week and remember  “Its only Illegal if you get caught”

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