Winds of change

Last week Port Elizabeth was hit with high winds, driving rain and cold weather, at one stage I thought the roof was going to end up in the neighbour’s yard. Even though we had the winter solstice on June 21st (Shortest day, longest night) it would seem I got excited for nothing because   winter has arrived. On Sunday I had to go to East London, took the bike and had a wet and cold ride...........”Still” enjoyed it though”. For those that are interested dam levels now at 80% in PE area ............Yeah.

Dad Brewerton is apparently safe and having fun in Canada, this after he had been in England for a few days to see his daughter, son in law and granddaughter.............From a few quick FB reports as well as one or two photos seems he had fun, we really thought that either dad, Nicky or Doug would have flooded FB with photos of the visit. (I post more photos on FB if I go to the shops)  We may be lucky and get some photos from Canada, but not holding my breath. Somehow I get a feeling when dad goes back to the island before he comes home; we will be inundated with photos..........................”Hint Hint”  
I have friends at the Duck  (my local) that are from EL and they get defensive when I call it a dump, I need to apologise and withdraw that remark, “it’s actually a Shit Hole”. Its dirty, the drivers suck and the roads are disgusting it’s like an Umtata clone. Apparently properties there are more expensive here than in PE, it’s a statement I find it hard to believe because I really cannot believe people would voluntary want to move there, it is without doubt my least favourite place to visit. The only saving grace is that I get to stay (most times) at Tindale Lodge, Carl and Glenda are awesome and the food Carl produces is out of this world..............His fillet Steak is to “die for” as they say in Sandton.     

I have to say that I am glad I ain’t single, as I was trudging along the litter infested streets of Vincent to Mc Donald’s I thought that I would not want to be a single person , it’s depressing to think that you go to work, get back home, make a meal or bring in take aways watch TV  all by yourself (and in winter its worse and even more depressing). I don’t think I could handle living alone again after having someone in my life for 30 years.......................”Would be really hard”.

Training was good. Had a Lekker group of students, so all well. The ride back to PE on Thursday however was KAK, 60 knot (that’s 111 km per hour) headwinds throw in crazy drivers, goats, potholes, cows an initiation attendee and his dog and you have a really interesting 300km trip. No rain you ask..................Got lucky nearly all the way back but just as I came into PE, probably 10kms from the office was hit by a cloudburst, was weird as right of the highway was sunshine, on the left over the ocean was a awesome rainbow (probably the best I have ever seen)  and on the highway itself  precipitation was falling on me as they say in the classics, obviously I stopped to take a photo with the cell phone (however this photo does not do the rainbow justice) 

Seems lately every time I turn on the TV either the ANNCYL, COSATU, SACP or the ANC are having a conference to discuss policy etec etc, The ANC in Limpopo have backed Julius ‘the twat” Malema’s call for nationalization if the mines, that’s  because they are all Julius Clones, young Dumb and full of air. (Hot air)

Perhaps the joke of the week though has to be that the SA Taxi association want to open an airline........Yeah and it’s not even April. Would I fly on air disaster.............Not a Frikken chance. I must say though I would like to see a Boeing 747 with a roof rack and trailer. If you can stuff over 100 kids into a Toyota Hilux, just imagine how many they can get in a 747............the mind boggles....................... “Welcome to Kamikaze airlines”. Reminds me of the joke where an air Nigeria Boeing is coming into  land at London’s Heathrow airport and the air traffic controller asks the pilot for his height and position..........He answers “Five foot 7 and sitting in the front seat”.  

Talking about airports Ryan flew to Mozambique on Friday morning and he had a little trouble at Oliver Tambo International.................I will let him tell the story:  “When I got to the airport at JHB, my luggage did not come through, but another bag that looked exactly the same as mine was on the conveyor. The luggage guys said that someone else must have taken my bag by mistake. They tried tracking him down, but could not get his cell number, they then opened his bag and found some medication for him from Greenacres, so they phoned the hospital, got his wife’s cell number, then got his number from her. They phoned him and told him he had the wrong bag, and he refused to believe them. Eventually they convinced him to stop his car and check his luggage – he was halfway to PTA by this time. Needless to say I had to wait for him to come all the way back to the airport. I just managed to check in on time to my flight to Tete! Life is never boring when you travel around South Africa! Or the rest of the continent for that matter”!

Super 15 semi finals saw the Blues play the Reds and the Stormers take on the Crusaders this weekend,  I wanted a Blues/Stormers final as this would have meant that Stormers would have played at home next weekend, its’ a good job I did not bet on the games because it’s a Red/Crusaders final and to be honest I probably won’t be watching it. The Stormers were very disappointing and showed no intensity or a will to want to win the game. Perhaps the week break was not a good thing, although it worked for the Reds........................Ah well there is always next year. I see the Cheetahs will be losing their young scrum half (Sarel Pretorius) to the Waratahs of all teams.............again Cheetahs discover the player and get him to a good level of playing and they F%@k off to greener pastures ................No loyalty these days. 

So what’s up next week you may well ask, Saddling up the “Boney” once again and heading to...................Yes you guessed it “The Shithole” for another week of varied training and loneliness, doing She Reps, Noise induced hearing loss and then Hazard identification Risk assessment (HIRA) training.

Doug in the UK bought tickets (myself included) for the 136 million pound super lottery...........still writing the Blog so i did not win, its’ now rolled over to 154 million pounds......1.5 billion Rand......can u imagine winning that type of money............talking about the island seems that David Cameron (he is the Prime Minister in case you did not know) has decided that you will be able to get rid of illegal squatters as well as be able to Bash a Burglar should the need arise.    
I leave you with this SMS a friend of mine sent (Yes I do have friends)

“As you know my wife has been missing for a week, I just received a phone call from the police saying I should expect the worst!..........I have just come back from the Salvation army as I had to go and get all of her cloths back”.........................(Not that I find this funny)

Have a great week, and think of me in East London.

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