Legally Blonde

It’s not every day your wife of 25 years lets you have a Blonde in her company, but Saturday was my lucky day with Tania not only allowing me one but two Blondes in one night............what can I say other than she is an Awesome wife.  It helps that the two Blondes happen to be a beer from my favourite micro brewery.............. “Clarens Brewery” . The beers were sent by Meatbomb with Jeanelle and Dave who visited us from Clarens on Saturday night, so was great to see them as well. But i am getting ahead of myself; let’s see what else happened this week.
Monday to Wednesday I presented a course called  “Incident Investigation level 3”  and hopefully will be signed off on it, will find out this week. Must say I enjoyed presenting it, this week coming I am in East London and doing HIRA training. 

This week the main road that Tania uses to take Gabby to school had to be closed due to a giant sinkhole swallowing up a large piece of the road, with all the rain we have had AFTER 2 YEARS OR MORE OF DROUGHT  its playing havoc on the roads. I think the next two weeks are going to be chaos as it’s a main thoroughfare.

Friday night Tania, Gabby and I went to watch The EP kings play the Griffons (from Welkom) and while the stadium was not very busy it was a really good game with the EP kings running in over 11 tries and winning 74  - 24. I saw the fastest try I have seen scored, at the start of 2nd half the EP kings kicked off, but aimed the ball at the left wing and he missed it, but our right winger did not and ran through to score a try, the stadiumclock had not even started for the second half yet. We also had a small band near us so was pretty festive. 

Saturday Jeanelle and her Fiancé David stayed overnight with us, I had gone to watch the Boks play the All Blacks on Saturday AM. Well what can we say about the 40-7 hiding. With only 40 days to go before the RWC begins I am very worried about our chances.      

Showed Jeanelle and Dave a few of the sites, had a drink at Barney’s at the sea front and then back to the Duck to watch the Sharks beat the Cheetahs (much to Jeanelle, Dave’s, Cindy and Cheeky’s delight). Was not much of a sporting Saturday for me. Went home, had a braai and my 2 Blondes were patiently waiting for me (bless their cotton socks). Was really lekker to have J and D stay with us and hopefully soon Meatbomb and Liza will come and visit (hint hint)  

It would seem that a couple of ANC members have been arrested (see clip);The Hawks have arrested KwaZulu-Natal Economic Development MEC Mike Mabuyakhulu and the province’s speaker, Peggy Nkonyeni, in connection with the R44m "Amigos" fraud, corruption and money laundering case. Lets see if they actually do get charged or are suspended with full pay and then given a ambassadorship somewhere, that’s what they do to all those that steal, cheat, rape and pillage (so much for sound governance)

 This afternoon I rode to East London again, must be the 4th time in the last month, must say though (apart from the potholes that if I had a R for everyone I saw or avoided I would be rich) I had a great ride, Sunny and warm with little wind, made good time and made it to East London in just over 2 and ea half hours.  
Well that’s it for this week


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