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 Got an e-mail from a reader this week, basically telling me that I had wasted mine as well as his time on putting out the blog last week because it was “Bad”, well in my defence  “Homer”  I did say I was NAAFI (No ambition and F%$k all interest) last week, and to be honest don’t think that the level has dropped much from last week, so this one could be just as shit...........................”So don’t waste your time” 

Maybe the Blogs are not what they should be because I lead a boring life at the moment, I am happily married, not having an affair, have not turned into an alcoholic yet, been really busy the last year or because I don’t live in a village anymore, that at times made desperate housewives look like a children’s novel So let me see if I can conjure up anything that will make you reading this blog worthwhile and not fall into a coma (“unconsciousness................... not a grammatical punctuation mark”).

It seems that on Sunshine Island (the UK) there is a bicycle stolen every minute, yeah I know WTF..............................who cares. Probably all the East European and African refugees that need transport before they..........”Ah hell who cares”. 

Gabby and Tania took me to the Snake park for father’s day, Gabby wanted me to see the snakes that she works with and Tania wanted food, so it would have worked out pretty well for all of us except  we did not get to eat at snake park as everything was booked, so you see it’s not just the men that book tables for lunch, (we had a real dads lunch Takeaway Pizza, beer and donuts). It seems  that women do it to.  So while I remember Happy father’s day to all you dads out there, hope that you are as blessed as I am to have a great family.. Do yourselves a favour go to you tube and search for  1) Derek Redmond and Team Hoyte (I can) to watch two inspirational videos about dads, believe me if you don’t have a tear in your eye after watching these you are not human.        

Well The Sharks beat the Bulls at loftus, who would have thunk that it could happen, So next week the Sharks play the Crusaders and the Waratahs play the Blues (think they will be singing the Blues at end of the game) Reds and Stormers get to rest before their home semi finals the week after. Have to say thought that the game between the Brumbies and the “Taaaaaaaahs” (as the Aussie commentators like to call them) would have been better, the Brumbies only managed a consolation try in injury time in the second half to avoid the whitewash.............very disappointing as a South African team supporter. I see the Bulls supporters are as magnanimous as ever in defeat “NOT”, they can never seem to get it right , but i suppose that’s what living at altitude does to the brain after a number of years. Like the RWC the playoffs will be early games, how are you supposed tpo drink beer with breakfast, unless of course you have not gone to bed yet and ..........”you get the picture”  

While we were sleeping or watching rugby the following was happening : Johannesburg - South African Airways (SAA) flights are no longer suspended and are back to their normal schedules, the company said on Sunday."The flights were only suspended for that evening [Saturday], and everything is okay now," spokesperson Dileseng Koetle said. On Saturday evening, all SAA flights to and from Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and East London, as well as one flight from Johannesburg to London, were suspended due to ash clouds caused by a volcano in Chile. "Suspending them was just a precautionary measure. We provided accommodation for the evening and all of the passengers have reached their destinations." SAA would be keeping a "close eye" on the situation, and inform passengers if further flights were suspended. 

Now this news report scares the shit out of me, because it’s a distinct possibility:

Johannesburg - Julius Malema has not only secured a second term as president of the ANC Youth League but also an undeniable place in society as one of the most powerful politicians of our time. Is it premature to begin to profile him as a president of the country in the not too distant future? (F#$K I hope so), but many think not. Four of his close allies last night suggested it could become reality by as early as 2027.In the last 10 years he has risen through the ranks from COSAS president to two-time holder of the position of ANCYL provincial secretary to president of the league, finishing off his first term this weekend as a political force to be reckoned with.

You know what I don’t feel like writing any more so “Homer”  have a great week and hope your kitchen is now working properly and that the queen comes to visit soon.


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