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Spent another few days in the utopia some retards call East London and if I thought it was wet, windy and cold last week, the big man decided to turn it up a notch or 2 (actually make that 3 notches). The ride there was not too bad; it was cold and wet but no wind for a change. Monday i did training just down the road from the guest house i was staying in and it rained most of the day. 

Tuesday morning I heard it begin to rain at about 6 am and the wind was pumping as it can only do in Port Elizabeth or East London , I was sort of half asleep when I felt splashes on my face and the sound of water running, I put on the bedside lamp I (as still Frikken dark........Summer cannot come fast enough for me) look up and see water streaming down the wall behind the bed, i get up to move the bed away from the wall (yes I am a considerate guest) and step in 3 inches of water. Then it started to hail and then it really began to rain. Don’t think I have ever seen or heard it rain like that. I managed to find a dry patch and get dressed etc, I nearly had to swim to breakfast as the pool at Tindale was so full that the water was a few inches onto the paving. 

Vincent park shopping centre a mere 2 blocks away got the majority of the hail that blocked up the storm water drains, gutters etc and the entire centre was flooded, the lower level in particular was hard hit with some of the shops not opening for 2 days. In St Francis bay the bridges that links it to civilization was washed away...Plenty of damage in both PE and EL.

Going to ASPEN 15 kms away on the bike was an experience and saw many a pool of water, accidents as well as broken down vehicles (seems South Africans don’t think that if you hit a large pool of water at speed you will either aquaplane  into another car or leave the road or the cars engine will get flooded and it will stop). 

Managed to pick up a roofing screw in the front tyre so had to buy a new one as the hole was to big to repair and to be honest a plug on a bike tyre is asking for trouble.  I was meant to train Thursday and Friday, but due to a admin error it did not happen so that meant i could get the tyre fixed and that i was home a day early. The ride home was windy and wet (surprise surprise, I hit a patch of mud coming into a corner and i  now know what a GP bike rider feels when he slides through a corner, only difference is that he is in control, I was not..................yep change the undies type moment) 

I believe that Port Alfred and surrounds is like Seattle in the USA as its always frikken raining there, whenever you are approaching Port Alfred from either PE or EL there is precipitation taking place. Anyway was great to get home and to sleep in my own bed for a change.     
I have been (thanks to Doug) entering the UK super jackpot that stands at 166 million pounds (lots of SA R) and have not won.................. but have won, the Canadian lotto twice the Irish lotto  the BBC lotto as well as the Outer Mongolian Lotto once (this week alone) and I did not even great is that. I also have two people from Nigeria who call me “dearest” and want to deposit $ 124 000 000 into my bank account, how lucky am I...................All they need is my bank account details and permission to access it so they can deposit the loot.............Do people still fall for that shit ??    

This week must be lets show the public that the Eastern Cape does in fact have traffic officials as when riding home on Thursday I saw 3 lots of traffic cops stopping cars, and trapping and on the way to the Grahamstown Art festival we also saw a number of traffic officials. They are a rare breed in this part of the Eastern Cape. Here is a photo of the newest airline that will be running soon, its owned by the SA National Taxi Association. Made up of 18 Toyota Hiace and Quantams, has seating for 100 (which means they can pack in 350). The plane also has 13 roof racks so it can also take livestock and cargo. Can’t wait to take a trip on Kamikaze airlines.........................”Not”  
Had a good weekend, Tania, Gabby and I met up with a work colleague and his girlfriend and went to watch the Eastern province Kings play the Cheetahs on Friday night, the EP kings played well but the Cheetahs came back to win 26-20. 

On Saturday Tania and I drove to Grahamstown to the Art Festival, Gabby was at the Boma (writing a test about snakes and giving tours), Proud of Gabby as she has really worked hard to be able to do this and took 19 people on her first tour (Brains from mom and then ease to talk to strangers from dad)

The Art Festival was ok, we had never been there before so ended up on Church square at the  Nigerian Drug Lord market, we eventually found the Village square market and had a look around. Next year we will know  and go straight there. Grahamstown may have Rhodes University but I would rather live in East London (so now you know how kak I think the place is). Had lunch at Steers and watched the last 20 minutes of the Super 15 final.......Soooooo happy the Reds beat the Crusaders. Met up with a coloured dude that was wearing an All Blacks jersey and going on about how we were supporting the Reds because our Kak teams were not good enough. I asked him why he does not support the Boks, he said he does not support Shit teams, only then best team in the world......I asked him who are the current World Champs and he went on about hoe the Boks had bought the World cup etc etc. I shook his hand wished him well and shouted for the Reds. That’s why I do not want the All Blacks to win the RWC.            

Perhaps the best part of the weekend was that I did not have to leave for EL this afternoon and that I am in PE all week. Need to get my ass in gear and study for my exams in August.....Need to do well.

Well that’s about it for this week, hope you all enjoy the week ahead.


PS: heard that god friends of ours may be coming to stay with us at end of this month, that will be awesome...................can’t wait Jeanelle.

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