Bit of a Looker

Now I know the Poms are loopy, while I am not saying that we need to degenerate women and make fun of them on national TV I do think that this news article regards this very thing shows that political and gender correctness is getting out of hand, especially in first world countries like England.

London - A third member of the Sky Sports' commentary team has been temporarily taken off air for making sexist remarks about a female match official. Pitch-side reporter Andy Burton described lineswoman Sian Massey as a "bit of a looker" in leaked taped remarks made before Saturday's Premier League match between Wolverhampton and Liverpool, in which she was officiating. Burton was scheduled to work on Wednesday in the League Cup semifinal match between Birmingham and West Ham, but Sky Sports says he's been removed from duty. Richard Keys and Andy Gray, the broadcaster's leading football commentators, were reprimanded and temporarily suspended Monday for making sexist comments about Massey, another female referee and West Ham executive Karren Brady. Most of the Pommie girls that I have seen are not that great, in fact that is probably why they welcome so many expats onto the island it’s to try and fill up the gene pool. Lets face it South African ladies are the best looking in the world.

My dad as you may remember from those that were concentrating last week competed in his first riding competition with his horse Flash, they came 2nd and 8th in the two disciplines they competed in not bad for a 28 year old horse and a 63 year old man. They even made the local papers about what an inspiration they are. Better yet the asshole that used to train my dad……….and said he would never get anywhere in the comp was beaten by my dad…………………... Now that has to hurt.

Learnt that 120 kilometers from PE in a area called Alexandria and that it’s the second largest producer of Chicory in the world and that the processing factory is also the second biggest in the world, driving through the town and area you would not think that. Just goes to show you looks can be deceiving.

Ryan is going to Mozambique next week….Lucky would love to go to Maputo and get photo of Radio Club building as well as other places that I could use for the book. If Ryan has a chance hopefully he will be able to take some photos for me.

While most of SA is flooding PE is still in the grips of a drought, although the dam levels went up this week from 31 – 34 % fullest dam is 66% and the lowest 25% . The Jordaan River in Bethlehem flooded this week, was a happening in that part of the world. Here the dams are now at 34.2%

Imran Tahir is like Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction – you hear a lot about him, but never see anything. After much hype about the new spinner in the South African cricket team when he was picked for the one-day series against India – captain Graeme Smith even described him as a player he has always dreamed of having at his disposal – nothing came of it. He did not even play in one of the five one-day internationals. Now the 31-year-old former Pakistani will be thrown in at the deep end of the biggest stage possible – the World Cup, which starts on 19 February in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh…………….Good luck Bro.

The Madiba saga escalated this week with Madiba being taken to hospital and than family arriving to see him, the question was if he I just having routine tests why are family rushing to the hospital, thankfully our worst fears did not come true and Madiba is at home recovering.

Of course all the “We love South Africa but not enough to contribute” brigade………… into the act regards Madiba they were planning a gathering in Trafalgar square this weekend to mourn his passing away, but with his recovery they are now going to have a party instead to celebrate that he is well and that their icon will still be around for a while………….One expat said “he is our grandfather and we will miss him if he dies and I could not think of life without him”………………Ho Hum.

I still await the info from my Brother in law who lives on the island about why its so much better to live there than in SA and how people who go there from SA can seem to get jobs that they would not normally have in SA and why if you live there you need to have a British or European passport. So far my Blog has just given a single opinion (mine) as to why the island is so kak and why I believe that people who go there are running away from this awesome country. So this is his opportunity to advise all 3 of you why that is not true and to give counter argument/s.

Had a Picnic on the beach at Sea view on Saturday and saw a number of Dolphins frolicking in the surf. Ryan and I then went to watch The Eastern Province Kings play the Blue Bulls, 30 000 people the stadium and we saw the Bulls get a hiding 23-7. Rather embarrassing for the Blue Bulls.

Well that’s about it for this week, hopefully get some training in this week, had 3 days last week.



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