Is this the year that Madiba will die, headlines or rumours doing the rounds from last week already have him very ill and on deaths door. At 92 he has had a good innings and I believe that the day he does die the majority of South Africans as well as many ?? will mourn his passing. The rumours have been denied but as they say “Were there is smoke there is usually a Braai”. One thing is for sure is that when Madiba does pass away this country will come to a standstill.

If you had to ask me what sports the UK are good at my answer would probably be Darts , rowing and Drinking but having watched a programme on alternate sports there are a few Poms that are exceptional at riding bicycles, skateboarding( one dude from Bristol has the record for the biggest Ollie ever 44 and a half inches…….Google it………….just to long to explain) Roller blading and bungee jumping yeah was apparently 4 crazy Pommie friends that started the extreme sports club and they jumped from a bridge in Bristol in the early 1970’s. I cant say team sports because most of the Pommie teams have ex pats from ex conquered lands playing for them

Watching the programme Cops on TV most of the arrests are drug related so that got me to thinking why don’t the Yanks just legalise drugs, surely this will relieve a number of problems ………………………But then again maybe not

Headlines on newspaper posters along the side of the road on way to work this week “Chaos at schools” …………..Wow I am shocked surely after years and years of getting it wrong you would think the dept of education as well as the teachers of those schools would know how to go about ensuring schools are ready…..but hey Xmas break is just to lekker and God forbid we as educators should come in a week early to prepare for the scholars, its time the government stated to crack down on shitty schools and provinces that don’t get schools fixed as surely education is priority number 1. Also I believe that teachers who have children should have them go to the school that they teach in and that Government ministers (especially those tasked with education portfolios) not be able to send their kids to private or good C system schools, their kids should have to attend the worst schools in their provinces, bet you the problem will soon get sorted out.

Talking about first day of school, across the country roadblocks where set up to take overloaded taxi’s bakkie’s or busses off the roads…….The winner this year was a gent from The Eastern Cape (why do they all come from the Eastern cape??) this entreaupaneur had 116 kids in a bus built for 62…………..Only in Africa

So the Protea’s have levelled the series 2-2…. And today’s match is also being rain affected, if it seems that the teams pisses me off ……..”they do”, but as Proud and Loyal Passport holding, Boerwors Braaing South African I will be shouting for them at the ICC cricket world cup to bring It home. that is due to start in 26 days. Wouldn’t it be Frikken awesome if 2011 we could win the Cricket and Rugby world cup…..will it happen………Only time will tell.

Our neighbours live in Grahams town during the week and here over weekend and holidays, when they are not here they don’t keep outside lights on but when they are here they leave the lights on………doesn’t make sense to me

Heard this week that the Golden Duck that became my local pub and closed in Early December 2009 will re-open in another venue mid February not to far from the original Location…..that’s good news but if only we could find someone that could make Chicken Strips like Friends…..this past week I have been having cravings for them. Kelvin you really need to open a Franchise this side then I can get my chicken strips.

Work has been pretty boring to be honest been back 2 weeks and done no training. Sort of feeling like the red headed stepchild as everyone else has stuff to do except me…………….hopefully this week coming I will get to train.

My dad since they moved to the plots has taken up horse riding and today (Sunday) is his first competition, he and Flash (that’s his horse) will do well I am sure, will let you know next week how he did.

Before I go let me leave you with this wisdom

We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public”.

Have a great week



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