what a Catastrophe

I see that the Crude oil price is going up and up ,over 100 dollars a barrel this week due to the Egyptian crisis as well as the demand for oil because of the freezing winter temps in the north and the fact that most of Australia’s coal deposits are waterlogged………..what does those an well it means that we will have another hefty petrol increase in March again, the 4th increase in a row, that means food prices will increase as well as transport costs that in turn puts pressure on inflation and that in turn ?? I really think it’s about time we look at alternate energy sources and actually utilize them more effectively

After the rains came the Cyclone that was bigger than Katrina…someone must seriously not like the Aussies at the moment, if they get a locust plague next I would be booking my ticket out of there

Had a little rain on Friday but Saturday was SUMMER weather for the first time since last summer I can honestly say Summer is here. It did not last long because by late afternoon the weather was kak again but it did bring 34mm of rain so we cant complain that much

Saw a hearse last week with the number plate FKT 026 EC, I would have to agree if you are in a box at the back of that vehicle then you are FKT. Couldnt get a photo as was in traffic…….pity

Cheetahs came to play EP Kings on Friday, could not go but they beat the Kings 46 to 17, which is a bit of a let down after last weekends beating of the Bulls but the Kings are on a learning curve so cant really complain, the Cheetahs were much stronger than the Bulls. We play the Lions next weekend.

This week coming going to be buy training 4 out of the 5 days and that’s great, enjoy the training as it allows me to learn more as well. Ryan will be in Mozambique next week, he is doing Intro to SAMTRAC at a mine in the Tete Province.

A couple of weeks ago a friend that had moved away from Clarens in a hurry contacted Tania and they started to chat again…….this person was very instrumental in me writing as well as enjoying photography , so it was great hearing fro them again and that all is well. Talking about photography my camera has gone on the fritz and I need to get it repaired……well hopefully I can and it wont be to expensive.

Registered to vote in PE on Saturday, really believe that one cannot complain about who is running a municipality if you don’t vote yourself. This statement caused a little confusion when I posted it on Facebook this week with a family member on the Island…..but that is another story. Ryan told me the other day that the Eastern Cape has 26 000 nursing posts vacant, that’s not good, but proves that if you do your homework and look at areas that need expertise you can find a job in SA……sometimes you do need to work your way up again, so if you can swallow your pride and work hard your perseverance will pay off…………..Just a thought)

Read this in an English ex-pat paper, seems that the Police chief in Yorkshire has banned his police officers from going into a particular park after dark because its to dark and dangerous for them, he believes that their health and safety will be compromised if they should have to do police work in that vicinity………How gay is that ? It’s actually unbelievable. I was reading a report from the department of justice in the UK that gave crime figures and while to their credit they are bringing some down (There you go Doug a compliment for the island at last) I was actually shocked at what I read especially when your told that England is a safe haven and you can leave doors open, walk the streets etc etc……………Maybe its just parts that are dangerous…..Like Yorkshire for example? These stats are for England and Wales only. Rapes increased by 6% up to 55 000 reported cases per year, Housebreaking decreased by 7% to 504 000 per year, Violent crimes against persons decreased by 4% to 871 000, Thefts from cars decreased by 16% to 495 000.

Mischief our cat decided to take a swim in the pool on the weekend, at least he knows now that he can get out of the pool, took him a few hours to get dry…..we laughed our asses off.

I see that ABSA have taken over the sponsorship of the BOKS , if we cannot get the teams to force BEE regards selection via the government, lets get the bank that has openly stated that they believe sports in SA needs transformation to buy the teams and subsequent selections via sponsorships (50 million, and who will pay for that, the bank customers with higher bank fees and miscellaneous fees). At least the SASOL shirts will be cheaper. Hopefully the Boks will give us better service and better interest levels than the bank itself………….Just a observation and by the way ABSA is owned by Barclays group, so in theory the Boks don’t even have a SA sponsor.. why couldn’t SAB or frikkin Mrs Balls Chutney or Rooibos sponsor them ?

The leadership of Egypt's ruling National Democratic Party has resigned, including Gamal Mubarak, the son of embattled President Hosni Mubarak, says state television. (5/2/2011) one has to wonder who will take over the reins of power, Muslim extremists??

Well that’s it for this week enjoy the second week of February (yes the year is moving fast)



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