"Tie me kangaroo down sport"

Wonder how many of those self righteous ex-pats that live in Australia and love reminding us how great Australia is, especially those that skedaddled to Sydney in the eighties ………because of the National Parties racial policies and apartheid are aware of Australia’s awesome racial policies. Perhaps that’s why the emigrated there in the first place? The Aussies had the cheek to call for sanctions against SA back then which was like the pot calling the kettle black when given Australia’s historical treatment of its indigenous population - the forced orphaning of children, attempts to breed the blackness out and evictions from ancestral homelands. Up until the 1960’s you could still get a licence to go “boong hunting”. I also just became aware recently that the law to allow immigrants into Australia from non-white (read black, coloured or Chinese) countries was changed in 1973 (I am surprised that ET “no not the cute alien” did not want to emigrate there). Here is a little about the Awesome treatment the White Racist Australian people have given to and still are giving to their indigenous aboriginal population. (Google aboriginal genocide and see what comes up)

The “Aboriginal Genocide” website (Genocide in Australia….surely not) is devoted to exposing the realities of the ongoing Genocide of Indigenous Australians (Aborigines, Aboriginals, Black Australians) that avoidably kills about 9,000 Indigenous Australians each year in one of the richest countries in the World. In particular this website also provides a compendium of the views of outstanding, anti-racist Australian scholars and humanitarians who recognize and deplore the reality of the Aboriginal Genocide.

Australian Aborigines suffered Genocide at the hands of the European invaders in the 19th and 20th centuries. The Indigenous population dropped from about 1 million to 0.1 million in the first century after the invasion in 1788, mainly through violence, dispossession, deprivation and introduced disease. The last massacres of Aborigines occurred in the 1920s. Throughout much of the 20th century there was a policy of forcibly removing Aboriginal children from their mothers, a systematic genocidal policy involving the removal of perhaps 0.1 million children. This practice ended in the 1970s. However the continued deliberate deprivation of Aboriginal Australians amounts to a White Australian policy of passive genocide. The “annual death rate” (2003 figures) is 2.2% (for Aboriginal Australians) and 2.4% (for Aboriginal Australians in the Northern Territory) – as compared to 2.5% (for pre-drought sheep in paddocks of Australian sheep farms) and 0.7% (for White Australians). This is happening in one of the richest countries of the world because of deliberate neglect – Australian Aboriginal health services are funded at 50% of what they should be; many Australian Aborigines live in Third World conditions; the “annual under-5 infant death rate” is over 3 times higher for Aborigines than that for White Australians; 1 in 5 Australian Aborigines have diabetes (mostly type 2 diabetes) which has huge attendant problems such as cardiovascular complications, kidney problems and blindness; and the Australian Aboriginal life expectancy is about 20 years less than that for White Australians. (We should be calling for sanctions against Australia)

Australia this week selected the first Muslim ever to play for the national team (no terrorist jibes please). Now that I think of it the Australian team has been mono cultural (read - whites only) for many many years. There have been few (if any ?) Australian cricketers of colour and definitely no Muslims. While other cricket playing nations have tapped into their ethnic gene pool the Aussies have always limited themselves to the decedents of traditional cricketing classes.

Talking about cricket check this out Doug. Your country England is so full of K@K (poo poo old chap) this is what one of their sensationalist newspapers “The Independent” said in today's edition under the heading "Strauss: It's a big year and we must keep our eye on the ball. ":Win the Fifth Test against Australia that starts tonight and they enter the pantheon of Ashes champions...................How England can top the ICC rankings this year:

1) England beat Australia 3-1 (correct)
2) South Africa beat India 2-1 (series levelled)
3) England beat Sri Lanka 3-0
4) West Indies draw with India
5) England beat India 3-1

And this how the Pom’s take over the number one ranking in test cricket this very year how pathetic can these idiots get. What are they smoking?? They say they will beat both India and Sri Lanka (with a 3-0 whitewash, nogal) They've got weird imagination these people and when it does not happen then they sob like little babies because of the sheer overwhelming feeling of failure that comes with losing test matches you've arrogantly predicted to win. Sad very very sad! The Protea’s are much better than some people give us credit for, much much better than England will ever be. If it where not for the South Africans playing for the POMs they would be 6th and not 3rd on the rankings.

So what else been happening this week

Monday: Woke up……….Yeah thrilling I know. Went to Hobie beach to see dad assist in releasing rehabilitated penguins, The one from dads crate decided that he was not going anywhere except back to SAMREC where he gets fed , washed and good medical treatment. Went to help Ryan mix cement for his new “Super Braai” ……Ryan can honestly say his is bigger than mine (braai that is, but remember its not the size the count its how you braai on it ). In the afternoon Ryan and I went back to Hobie and boogie boarded for a couple of hours, caught some great waves and had fun.

Tuesday: Surprise Surprise I woke up again , had to get 2 x new car tyres helped Ryan again to install the Braai, relaxed at home and than had a Braai at Ryan’s to inaugurate the Braai……….Braayan Brewerton has a lekker Braai…………his favourite song is that Mandoza classic ‘Braai a lambchop”

Wednesday: You got it, woke up again and basically worked on my other book and watched the A team (funny movie)

Thursday: Not much happened

Friday: Gabby and I took a trip on the scooter and took photos in the morning and then Tania, Gabby and I had a Lekker lunch at Barnacles, on the deck overlooking the sea, Awesome.

The weekend was spent at Kusega (between Kenton on Sea and Port Alfred) we where invited to overnight at a holiday home of friends of Stephens family, then on Sunday we had lunch with an old friend Jonathan from Durbs who was also staying at Port Alfred…..so not a bad weekend to end of my Summer holiday.

The holiday home we stayed in was a daub and wattle abode that was built in 1926, massive stoep that had 8 beds on it , the 3 bedrooms where full……..15 people slept over on Saturday night……Awesome place. Met with Jonathan for Sunday lunch in Port Alfred and met a friend of his, had fresh from the rock oysters……Yum yum.

Other stories that caught my eye this week

While it has rained (read light drizzle) every day since 16 December we have had only about 30mm of rain in PE over that period, in two storms alone in Gauteng they had 60 and 55 mm respectively, in fact by 16 December Gauteng had already had the most rain in December for 25 years. Floods have hit Natal with 5 towns or village being flooded and hundreds having to be evacuated. Australia is experiencing floods of biblical proportions and if the eater is not bad enough then you also have to deal with Crocs and snakes that are floating around. China has also had to evacuate thousands from flood waters.

Johannesburg - Former Springbok captain Joost van der Westhuizen sent 89 underprivileged children into a toy shop this week and told them to “choose whatever you want." A toy shop in Little Falls, west of Johannesburg, had to close its doors for three hours so that Van der Westhuizen and the children could make their purchases in private. There were tears, joy and disbelief as the children ran through the shop’s aisles filling up their baskets.

So old Joost the coke sniffing Hoer pomping and piel size lying ex scrumhalf is obviously trying to upgrade his popularity from -1 to 5 , the good thing is, is that those kids got to enjoy a lekker day out.

The family of Shrien Dewani fear he will not receive a fair trial in South Africa because the presiding judge has been dogged by misconduct allegations, the Telegraph in the UK reported. Akta Raja, the cousin of the British honeymoon murder accused, told the publication that Judge John Hlophe was a controversial figure and questioned whether it would be a fair trial.

Lets deflect the attention from the murdering asshole of a husband and put it on the judge………..I wonder if Shriens wife got a FAIR deal by getting shot in the head, after it had been arranged by her gay husband…………OOOOOOH Bubba is waiting for you bro and his first question is going to be with or without Vaseline………..A word of advice be very careful how you answer.

Matric Results where 7% better in the Eastern Cape which means 58.3 % of the matrics passed, there where however 18 school s that not one matric pupil passed………… the pass rate has also increased over the whole country, but for me it defies logic. 2010 saw many disruptions in the school year, SWC, Teacher strikes and many school did not even write Pre-lims so how was this improvement achieved, lowering the pass mark, making the papers easier, or adjusting marks upwards………I am sure we will find out. I would also like to see those in Government that are responsible for education in SA sending their own kids to government schools and not private ones as seems to be the case.

A friend I the UK sent me an e-mail and he was saying that there is a possible Swine flu scare in the UK, got me wondering if Muslims can also get swine flu ? Talking about the island I been watching a few programmes on TV (Top TV, cant afford mweb) and there is a channel that has loads of Pommie stuff on it, must say some of the programmes not bad, but really enjoy the shows that puts Poms and the Island in a bad light (and its Poms producing the shows.) The one show was about gangs in London and Glasgow, shit there are guns in those cities (I thought the island didn’t have any firearms I thought they had all been confiscated after than utter attacked a school and killed a number of school kids a few years back ………………..OMG) one kid “yes kid” has been shot 3 times, once in the head, once in the stomach and once in the leg

In Glasgow they call it Recreational Violence……..(Recreational according to the Thesaurus is leisure, fun, entertaining) gangs with the names Bushy, Knolly and the Young Team drink, do drugs to get brave and then do the William Wallace thing and beat the shit out of each other. Over half of the deaths in Scotland are from guns and knives and the people are usually under influence of liquor or drugs. In the projects (read slums) the life expectancy of someone living here is less than Baghdad. Another programme was about young ladies who are scared to walk around as they feel unsafe (I cant believe that I thought the UK was such a safe safe country……….again OMG) and get this some of them feel that people who play music loud from their cell phones are going to rape and molest them ………..!!!. and guess what there are housebreakings, car jacking, wilful damage to property, ATM fraud and many other petty crimes on the Island………….and no Doug its not South African exporting their expertise to the island……..the perpetrators talk “wif an akcent loik , ya know wot I mean”.

Talking about binge drinking another programme they take Poms and film them on a night out……….Wow my mates at Friends are mere amateurs against these professional drinkers……………and they don’t work…hell no wonder so many people are flocking there.

Then you get the kids that are ASBO…yeah I know my thought exactly WTF is ASBO, well my unlearned friends it stands for Anti Social Behavioural Order….have to say if Pommie youth that I have seen on the TV is indicative of the average kid on the island then I am happy that my daughter is growing up in SA

Then they have a programme called the worst towns in England that’s also not bad…..I was actually shocked at how many slums (call them projects in the good old UK) and crappy areas there are on the island, I mean it’s a 1st world country, surely this cannot be, sliding into 3rd world status.

Also see Pommie adverts during these programmes and Doug have to agree with you SA rocks when it comes to creativity in adverts………Oh there goes another 100 ex –pats.

Question: How do you get a Kleenex tissue to dance ?
Answer: Put a little Boogy in it

Yeah I know ……..weak.

Have a great week, I start work again tomorrow (Monday 10th) and fly up to Joburg on Tuesday and back home on Friday….Ah the life of a Jetsetter………I’m a Jetsetter


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