Power of music

The Power of Music
Stephen Dunkley

Driving in to Bethlehem the other day I put in a CD that my mate Jaapie had lent me called Springbok Hits, now I don’t know if you remember the Springbok hit albums from the 70’s and 80’s, but I grew up on them as well as the Scope magazine where I learnt that women had stars and triangles, “imagine my surprise when I saw my first naked lady”

Back to music, one of the songs on the CD is Peacemaker by and as it played, vivid memories of driving my Nana to Jan Smuts airport in the early 70’s after her first holiday to South Africa flooded my 2 brain cells. My Nana asked me to sing a song for her before she left so that she could remember me better when in England, I sang her a song which happened to be one of my favourites at the time and that was Peacemaker. As I drove and other songs played, I realised what power music has and what memories can be evoked when you hear a certain tune whether that emotion be happy or sad. Remember when at school in standard 7 or 8 if you adored some lucky lass or lad you would compile tapes to give to the love of your life and it would have all the newest love songs as well as old classics such as All out of love” by “Air Supply” and “Power of Love” by Jennifer Rush. I remember making a few of those myself, but the best was to receive one and you would sit for hours listening to the tape, conjuring up what she had meant when taking the time to compile the love offering. I got one once with only 1 song on it “Fifty ways to leave your lover” , I started to look for another girlfriend.

I have a number of songs that bring back specific memories when I hear them being played and they are “in no particular order”

“Brick in the wall” by Pink Floyd – Standard eight at Vaal High School in Vanderbijlpark, the song was banned by the Nationalist government due to political unrest. “we loved it”

“Butterfly kisses” by Robert Carlisle - My daughter Gabriella

“World in union “ by P J Powers - 95 world cup win

“You Raise me up” by various artists over the years - My wife Tania

“Some girls will” by Racy - First proper kiss with member of opposite sex at a party

“Back in Black” by ACDC – First time listening to heavy metal music

“Down Easter Alexa” by Billy Joe – driving out of Gibraltar with this amazing sunset and Billy Joel playing on the tape.

“The Page” by Bob Seger – Riding motorbikes with friends

Wild boys by Duran Duran – Tania and I driving in to Pilgrims rest on our first real holiday together and singing this song as loud as we could .

“Shackles” by Mary Mary - New years at Kiara Lodge with Doug and Nicole.

Those are my memories, do yourself a favour next time you hear that certain song that brings back the past for you try and remember other songs that have a special meaning, you may be surprised at what emotions are stirred and what recollections that you think you may have forgotten, flood back

“You can’t stop the music”

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