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Ok so the General elections have been announced. Our esteemed (and I use that word loosely) leader  has decreed that the Elections will be held on 7 May 2014, unless of course of course there are service deliveries protests or the cANCer supporters forget then it could be extended.

I have to be honest for the first time in a very long time I am becoming disillusioned with the road that South Africa is travelling at the moment and that the future holds for myself and my family. Why am I disillusioned? Well let’s look at SA in the last week or so

Miners on strike, want to work for less and get much more, they seem to strike every second month at the moment.  so this means less exports and investors going "fuck That" i am not going to take a chance on that emerging market.

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Democracy seems to be taking a back seat. The DA wanted to march in Gauteng to show the cANCer that they were not happy with their governing of SA as well as the Gauteng Province, this request was denied because the police felt that there could be violence , this is after the cANCer had themselves said that they could not guarantee that there would be no violence. However in the Western Cape (best run Province) and run by the DA, the ANC were given permission to march (loot and destroy) and railed in by Metro rail for free (yep using my tax money for political gain).  

Great spelling Fktards
The schooling system just seems to be getting worse not better, especially in rural areas, the cANCer it seems wants to have stupid people as their voter base because they are easier to control, but its the uneducated that are the ones that have no chance of getting jobs, starting a business . so that means they become dependent on the cANCer for handouts and free shit, that we the taxpayer have to fork out for.................I saw a poster the other day that said "Those of us that work for a living are getting tired of those that vote for a living"  

General lawlessness of society is getting out of hand, we have 5 protests a day about service delivery , that
the cANCer say is not about how kak they are doing but rather a reminder from the public that they should perhaps do better. Perhaps if the cANCer  ministers councillors and tender thieves had not lost/wasted/stolen over 28 Billion (yes Billion) rand last year alone then those that need schools, clinics etc etc could be assisted. What I do not understand from the protesters though is 1) why burn down clinics etc that have been built to help you 2) why fucking vote for the cANCer gain and again and again.

Corruption  has hit new heights and it drives me insane that the government is allowed to get away with wasting so much of my hard earned money (I pay taxes) and while their is never enough money for the necessities for the public there always seems to be enough  money available for the luxuries for the ruling elite and their fucked up friends

The petrol price has gone up again , 3 increases in a row and there is talk that with the way the R is taking a hit against major currencies of the world and the rise in the crude oil price it could go up to R16 per litre, which puts more and more pressure on ordinary consumers. Add the toll fee fiasco to the increasing petrol prices then more pressure has been put on hard pressed consumers, very strange how the cANCer have exempted the taxi drivers though from the Tolls, (although thats a bit of a fuck up at the moment as well) and the Taxi associations are also pissed off.  

The interest rate was raised by half a percent (unexpectedly) and while everyone has been going on about how SA sort of missed the world financial meltdown over the last few years , it seems that we may be heading for our own. I predict that we will have at least another 2 in not more interest rate hikes this year. And what is the advice of the Government and the Rich…………….”we will have to tighten our belts”

The problem is , is that the economists tell us that inflation is 5 % but they have taken petrol and elect out of the basket and these contribute to huge increases in food etc prices, so electricity goes up 25% and fuel 30% in 3 months, insurance and medical aid goes up by 10%,  but salary increases are a mere 5 % or 6 if you’re lucky…………………..So standards of living are dropping rapidly amongst the middle class and this is where the majority of taxes come from to fund the corrupt cANCer, who gave themselves he increases (way above inflation) not too long ago.

The DA managed to get egg on their face, after announcing that they had elected AGANG parties Ramapele Mamapele (or something like that) as their Presidential candidate and after a kiss from Helen Zille a few days later RM reneged on the deal and this obviously made the cANCer very happy. I was sceptical to start with for 2 reasons

1)      How can you make someone your parties Presidential candidate for the elections when they are not even a member of your party (that’s like electing someone   as a presidential candidate and they are not a resident of that country)
2)       That they did not (both parties) discuss it with their respective parties prior to the Huge announcement and kissing in public.

The elections for me are a watershed moment in South African history and will show whether or not I need to think about leaving and starting somewhere else before it’s too late for my family and I.

Tomorrow I write my 4th exam in 7 days, have to say has been pretty hectic, I suppose that it may have been easier if I had done some major studying over the year. The first 3 exams went ok so hopefully Mondays will follow suit and I will pass. Need to get the diploma for work.

Next week Super Rugby starts with the Sharks playing the Bulls and the Lions against the Stormers. Usually I support all teams that play in the Super 15 but this year I won’t be supporting the Lions due to the kak that many Lions supporters spoke about the Kings last year, I hope that they get their asses handed to them every single week. Have been to 3 matches in last 3 weeks at the NMB stadium with the Kings playing Cheetahs, Lions and last night the Stormers.  

Ok well that’s it for this week, hopefully you have registered to vote this weekend and you are ready to make your mark on 7 May.


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