Playing Devil’s advocate.

When all else fails blame Satan, Beelzebub, or the Devil and that precisely what a witness in the OSACR Pistoltorius case came up with, some pastor has said that it was not Oscar that killed Reeva it was in fact Satan. ………………….This then begs the question is Barry Roux (Oscar’s attorney) playing “Devil’s advocate”? Have to say that Barry has become an overnight sensation with his hard hitting questioning techniques that I think would even have Chuck Norris a little nervous.

This advert has been banned in the UK after receiving an unprecedented number of complaints from the “sensitive and politically correct Poms” the Advert is for a betting company who are taking bets on whether Oscar will be found guilty or not. The ad pokes fun not only at Oscars disability but also about the murder case……………….you decide (I think it’s funny, but I do have a sick sense of humour).

It seems that Zuma will be using Barry soon, as the Nkanndla report was released by the Public prosecutor on Wednesday and the highlights of the 444 page masterpiece; this is information from News 24.

Pretoria - President Jacob Zuma benefitted "unduly" from a R246m state-funded security upgrade to his Nkandla homestead, the country's graft watchdog said on Wednesday in a damning report six weeks before the elections. Public Protector Thuli Madonsela accused Zuma of conduct "inconsistent with his office" and said he should pay for some of the unnecessary renovations. The findings are another blow to Zuma and may harm the ruling African National Congress (ANC) in the 7 May polls. The Presidency said Zuma had been "consistently concerned about the allegations of impropriety" that have swirled around the upgrade. He would study the report and give his response "in due course", the statement added.
Madonsela's 444-page summary of her two-year probe into the renovations at Nkandla painted a picture of systemic official incompetence and flouted tender procedures that Zuma never questioned.
"The President tacitly accepted the implementation of all measures at his residence and has unduly benefited from the enormous capital investment in the non-security installations at his private residence," Madonsela said. She described the cost overruns as "exponential" and said ministers had handled the project in an "appalling manner". 
When the Nkandla scandal first broke in late 2009, the cost was estimated at R65m.  Despite intense public scrutiny since then, the bill ballooned to R246m as the project spiralled out of control. The total amounts to eight times the money spent securing the home of former president Nelson Mandela and more than 1 000 times that spent on FW de Klerk. Even though Madonsela's findings are in line with leaked excerpts to newspapers late last year, the ANC looks set to take a hit from voters angry at perceived corruption under Zuma and the country's shoddy public services. The ANC, which has staunchly supported Zuma during previous corruption and personal imbroglios, cancelled a scheduled news conference, saying it needed more time to study Madonsela's findings. It will give its response at 10:00 on Thursday.

"This is negative for the ANC," said Nic Borain, an independent political analyst. "They will lose votes as a result of this." Underscoring the challenges facing the party, thousands of Numsa members sang anti-ANC songs as they marched through the streets of Johannesburg on Wednesday demanding greater workers' rights.
Opposition parties are clamouring for his impeachment and madonsela has said he needs to [pay back Millions on upgrades that were not necessary, like the chicken coop, cattle kraal, and the Olympic size pool (sorry fire pool) all I can say is the Zuma is made of Teflon, nothing sticks and good luck getting him to pay the money back…………neither is going to happen.
I was thinking that now petrol is R13.95 per L (at the coast) we are going crazy about the high price of being able to transport oneself around in any vehicle that has a combustion engine attached to it, be it a car, scooter, motorbike. And while walking or buying a bicycle or even a donkey may seem like a good idea there are other everyday items that we use that are as or even more expensive per litre and we never seem to get overexcited about the price of these products. For example a common slogan that can be seen on a T shirt is “Drinks beer, it’s Cheaper than petrol” well I beg to differ.  I have news for you beer drinkers a litre of Castle light draft in a pub or bar will set you back between R36 and R50 depending on where you drink. So while beer may be able to get you to move from sober to getting moerd in 3 beers or less I don’t seem to see people up in arms about the price of getting drunk.

So Malaysian flight MH370 has still not been found although on Thursday they sent a plane to check a 24 meter blob floating on the ocean about 1500 kms from the Australian coastline. The blob was picked up by satellite.  I still think that they should check Waterkloof air force base. Also spare a thought for the guy who told his wife that he had to do business in China and is now still hiding in his girlfriend’s flat. So where is it has it been hijacked did it blow up, did the pilot commit suicide by doing a kamikaze stunt? Who knows but I am sure eventually we will find out. Wouldn’t it be weird though if in 3 months’ time it arrives at its destination and the pilot and passengers are like “what the fuss”

Had 2 days in EL this week, took the Harley and had shit headwinds there and back again, well over 40kms per hour, I just never seem to get great weather going to EL it’s either raining, cold or Windy and if I am really lucky then I get the trifecta of all the kak elements. I still need to get the Triumph fixed as I have not ridden it for over a year and I miss the fact it’s a faster bike than the Harley and I don’t have to kak that I won’t make a destination due to lack of petrol.  The wind was so strong at stages that even with all the torque the Harley has it was struggling to maintain 100kms per hour.   

Seems that the Kariba dam is in danger of collapsing due to lack of maintenance that could see a Gazillion litres of water flowing out of it that would need those living downstream (some 3.5 million) people in Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe in desperate need of swimming lessons. Obviously Bob and his government have denied that this is true but “experts” say that it need $250 000 000 ti fix. Want a bet the South Africa will “donate our hard earned tax monies” to fix it.

Had a long weekend this week with “human rights” day on Friday 21st. Saturday was an awesome day (as is today Sunday 23rd) but last night the weather came in like it was winter so literally went from 36 degrees to 12 in a matter of hours. So why am I complaining about that, well last night we went to a local oval track to watch large hunks of metal go as fast as they can around an oval track and hopefully not end up in the stands. Have to say was very busy and while this is a generalization it seems that the most of those attending , “Um how do I put this mildly”…………………come from the other side of the railway tracks, in fact I think some haven’t even seen railway tracks but apart from the wind, the cold the intermittent rain and the fact that I may have to go for an audio-gram on Monday it was a pretty lekker evening.

Well that’s about it for this Blog, have a great week ahead and don’t forget that 7 May is the day to vote to try and get the cANCer virus that is killing our country to be radiated.



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