Will the last person to leave please turn off the ………………………….

Been absent for a few weeks, been really busy…………… So Hi, hope that you have not missed me too much. Two events this week that are perhaps on your minds would be the Oscar Pistoltorius trial that started on Monday and the fact that on Thursday Eskom switched off the lights in SA on Thursday. But before we get there I have to brag.

I Think I did tell you that I had 4 UNISA exams to write at beginning of March to be able to pass a OHS diploma. It seems that there is life in the old dog yet and I still do have some grey matter in the old noggin. Managed to get 3 Distinction’s and a C………….So pretty chuffed J

So the “Blade Gunner” has started his “day or should I say days in court” this week with a media frenzy of note. I personally don’t give a shit about the trial, but it seems that many are glued to their TVs, radios or devouring all they can read about the night Oscar ‘accidentally” shot his girlfriend who was having a kak. The cANCer must be really happy that attention is being diverted from them to this “circus” that has over the last week come up with gems such as “Oscar screams like a girl”. The question I have to ask “Are we becoming like the Americans” that we have either repeat the same news snippet over and over and over and “you get the picture” over again or make stuff up because the reality is the trial is Boring as shit………………….As far as I am concerned he is guilty there is no way that he could have forgot he just bonked a good looking woman and that she had stayed over………. “but let’s see how blind justice is or is not”    

Eskom started load shedding again this week (Thursday to be exact) it’s the first time we as tax payers have been subject to this since 2008, Business has had a few since then but not Joe public. It seems that the coal was wet. Yes the coal was wet and that is why we could not supply the country with electricity. So people rushed out to stock up on candles, batteries and those that can afford them generators. Initially we were going to have rolling power cuts until mid-April but that seems to have been put on hold, so we are “in the dark” so to say about if this will be a long term situation.

The Proteas lost the test match series 2/1 against Australia with a 245 run defeat, we nearly pulled off a draw but with 25 balls of the innings left Mitchell Johnson took the last wicket………………….. “Sucks” and that means we lost our first test series since 2009 but on the bright side we are still number 1. Graham Smith as retired from cricket so in the last couple of months we have lots Jacques Kallis as was as “Captain Courageous” as many called him. So let’s see what the future holds for the Protea’s, I have a feeling we are going to hit a dip as all teams do and it seems Bafana Bafana have had for a while, the latest dip being a 5/0 hiding from Brazil.

On the Super 15 Rugby front SA teams had a mixed weekend with the Cheetahs losing, the Stormers getting pipped at the post by 1 point, the Lions lost to the Sharks and the Bulls pulled of a good win against the Blues. Looks like the Lions 2 wins were perhaps a great start but will see them at bottom of the table at the end of the season and the Bulls seem to be improving on a weekly basis, the Cheetahs are consistently kak (but at least they are consistent). The Stormers “well the jury is out on that one” and the Sharks look like the SA team to beat this year………………Its however a long season and I am sure we are in for a surprise or 2.   

At work have been busy and have a large SAMTRAC class that I am facilitating at the moment, it’s my second SAMTRAC class this year and hopefully they will emulate my first class by passing as well as they did. It’s a nice big group which are always challenging and means I have to be on my toes and sometimes be tough as I want everyone to pass. Got a feeling that will get some good results from this class and that a few of the students will surprise themselves.

Ok well, hope that you all have a great week.


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