20 years of Democracy, where to from here?

So since 1994 I have voted 5 times and have seen the country being run by 3 different presidents,, sorry 4 if you count Kgalem Molanthe  who took over after the ANC booted out Mbeki and brought in Butternut head Zuma.

Now I am aware that many people consider Nelson Mandela as a terrorist and that he should not have been President in the first place, but I think that even those people, if honest with themselves would agree that Madiba was 1000 000 times better than the asshole we have as our president  today. Thabo Mbeki was not liked by his party and thanks to the efforts of another dumb fuck Mr (and I use that term lightly) Julius Malema of the Economic Freedom Fighters, but at least he was not a lying, cheating fktard like the present President.

What is my and my families future in SA?, well let’s see what the results are and how the next year pans out, While I Love South Africa, I can’t help but get a horrible feeling that it’s going to slide into the typical Africa Abyss that seems to befall this beautiful continent. I am not trying to be purposely pessimistic, because generally I am positive about SA but with 62.6 % of the population (many of them who riot about lack of service delivery) voting for the ANC again I feel that perhaps we are just “farting against thunder” or “moving the deckchairs on the Titanic”.  It seems that the Abraham
Lincoln quote "You can fool all of the  people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but you cant fool all of the people all of the time" does not apply in SA with regards to voters and elections.

So Wednesday I voted , a week after Saffers in other countries around the world had done so, a mere 26000 Saffers were registered to vote, which is a mere drop in the ocean if you think how many Saffers there are overseas there are overseas. Have to admit though that it was not all their fault, while many are the sort that will tell u on social networks how dof/stupid we are to live here and how kak the cANCer is and that they won’t come home unless there is a strong opposition, they don’t get off their asses to vote. Many others wanted to, but the cANcer made it very difficult for those who wanted to vote to a) register to vote and b) actually vote, for instance a friend of mine, his sister lives in Aussie and she drove 8 hours to vote, in the UK you could only vote at SA house in London, so only approx 9000 stood in queues to do just that.  Now I know why the government made it so hard, it’s because? 84% of all votes that have managed to make it safely back to SA as some had still not arrived by the deadline to count (so where invalid)

So while an estimated 17000 ballot papers could not be sent to SA on time to be counted (where all the planes or other modes of transport broken??)  its seems that the cANCer where able to  send out representatives from SA to hand out cANCer T shirts and try and persuade those in the queue to vote for them…………………….    
Results are in and while the IEC have declared the election free and fair (apparently finding bags of opposition ballots in weird places is deemed OK) the cANCer have unfortunately won 62% of the vote with the DA garnering 22 % and the new fktards on the block just over 6 % which will mean they will have 25 candidates in parliament.  I did my little bit for democracy by working a few hours at a local polling station for the DA. I am a little disappointed as I really thought that more people would vote for the DA, I know that they received a million more votes than 2009, but I thought we would get at least 25% of the vote, let’s hope that the EFF don’t grow too much and it’s also worrying that the younger people are thinking Malema is cool.

The month of May has seen the Village Idiot getting promoted at work and after 4 years of hard work and studying (yes I need to pat myself on the back). I am now the  Training manager for the Eastern Cape (PE, EL and Mossel bay) lots of challenges ahead, not least the admin (which I hate with a passion) but looking forward to re-building a team that the Eastern Cape can be proud of and I have a good base to start with.    

Super 15 Rugby has not exactly been “Super” for South African teams, with only a few rounds left we have the Sharks at the number one spot (just by  a mere 1 point) , with the Bulls, Lions (yes I am also shocked), the Cheetah and the Stormers being 9th , 11th, 14th and 15th respectively on the log.

Had a road trip last/this week,  Sunday left for George., over nighted there , up at 4am to be at Coke at 5am to set up for the first of 3 industrial theaters at 6 am, left George at 10am and drove the 250  kms  of so to Beaufort West where we presented another industrial theater at 5pm. We passed through the Meiringspoort on the way after passing Oudtshoorn and what a pass, definitely need to go back there on a bike. Stayed at a really lekker guest house and the place we did theater at was originally the Drostdy’s (magistrates house) and is a National Monument. I will actually do a separate Blog on the house at a later stage. The last time I was in Beaufort West was in 1986 when on the second night of our honeymoon on the way to Cape Town, we over nighted at the Oasis Hotel. Its still there and does not look any different to the day we arrived.     On Tuesday we left Beaufort West and drove back to PE, via Aberdeen, where I found a book shop that is situated in the oldest house in Aberdeen.  Altogether travelled 1120 kms or so.  

Well the Public holiday season is over, now the population has to get back to normal , with the next Public Holiday being 16 June.    

Sunday (today) we went to the Fairview race track as there was a prawn festival and a crafters market , plenty prawns not so much craft, but we did get to watch a couple of horse races , something I have actually never experienced live before, neither had Tania or Gabby, so that was pretty cool. Must say though they could not have built the place further from PE if they tried.

Well that’s about it for this week, have  a 2 week SAMTRAC course to present and it’s a big class, some 21 students, so it’s going to be pretty hectic.   

To all moms that read this Blog, Happy Mother’s day, hope that it was a great one. To my Wife Tania, you are the best mom our daughter Gabby could wish for and to my mom, ‘Thanks for being the best mom a son could have as well as grandma that the grandchildren could have. Love you both sooo much xxxxx



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  1. Dit spyt my verskriklik, man. Ek weet hoe dit voel. Ons is reg in die middel hiervan hier in Rusland.


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