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I see that Comedian and tax dodger Julius "You Racist and what a tool” Malema has formed his own political party called the Economic Freedom Fighters that advocates amongst other words of wisdom? or  doctrines that when “not if” …………….. “very positive is our boy Malema”  - he comes to power the first thing he will do (after having awarded himself and a few of his flunkies a number of lucrative tenders) will be to seize all land, “without compensation” as it belongs to the government  so I am assuming that  when he is President his logic will be “it’s all mine”.

In the last few days  EFF supporters have ripped up ANC T –shirts  and driven over them with cars at the University of  Doornfontein campus  and  Hundreds of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members marched to the Hector Pieterson Memorial in Soweto on Saturday to draw "energy" for the organisation. JM said "We came here to collect the fighting's going to sustain EFF for a hundred years," The large group sang and danced (this obviously being an important part of electioneering in African politics, even Helen Zille has learned to dance)   before he addressed them, After visiting the memorial, they marched through the streets of Soweto, disrupting traffic as they made their way back to the Uncle Tom Hall where their national assembly is taking place.
As you can see from the photo the party like the colours red and yellow , that put together are seen as very aggressive as well was the use of “berets” that make them look like “ Economic Freedom Fighters”…………………..I personally feel that they will take a number of votes away from the ANC as they will get the vote of the lazy, stupid, as well as  those that feel that they have a sense of entitlement. The fact that more and more Urban black South Africans are realizing that the present ANC government is not living up to its promises or  expectations and that 2 new parties are being created I believe that we will see the ANC battle in the next elections……especially in the cities. 
The Southern Kings played the MTN Lions in PE on Friday night in the first of their 2 game relegation playoff, that will see either the Kings staying in the Super 15 competition or the MTN lions getting back into it after having been “relegated” for the Southern Kings. The Kings lost 19/26 to a 16 man team that included the Referee, yes I know what you’re thinking “it’s always the refs fault”, the excuse all supporters use when their team do not perform as they had expected.

Truth is though that the Kings this year have been at the receiving end of some harsh decisions (all SA refs) and Friday was no exception with the ref awarding 2 penalties (6 points) and a try (7 points) that when watching the TV you will see that the penalties should not have been awarded and that the last pass that led to te try was in fact forward. The Kings just 7 behind were also on attack (5 ms from the Lions line) and after an infringement in a loose maul what should have been a 5 m scrum to the Kings turned out to be a 22 m drop
out………………….So thanks Ref you where the Lions best player of the evening. .

Peypers. I really don’t see the Kings winning the second leg at Ellis park next Friday, especially with the news that star fly half Demetri Catrakillis, has a shoulder injury and with a few other key players out it looks like the next time we see Super 15 rugger in PE will be 2016. But as they say it isn’t over till the fat lady sings, let’s just hope that she has laryngitis in Joburg/Gauteng next Friday.

I was also very disappointed at the crowd support on Friday as I thought the stadium would be full or close to it, a mere 21 000 people turned up (yes I know it’s more than the Lions had come and support them  the whole of their last Super season 2012) but I felt that this was really important for us to get behind the team for this game. I also have to question those local Lions supporters that were so jubilant at the win………….you going to be driving or flying up to Gauteng to watch your team and Super 15 games for the next 3 seasons ??. Even if you are not a Kings fan to have the privilege to watch Super 15 teams with their  international players at one of the best stadiums in SA is going to be lost………………”Sad when you think of it that way”, as I don’t think some people realise what a big deal it is to have this calibre of rugby in the Bay, the work opportunities that it creates, from the cheerleaders to security staff as well as the development of Rugby in the local communities. If the Lions do win next week and regain their place in the Super 15, I for one (like their fans did to us) will be keeping a close eye on their progress and will support any team that plays against them in the competition.
The Bulls playing in the semi-final against the Jake White (SA  World cup winning coach 2007) Brumbies at Loftus managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of Victory by not taking points when on offer, the game that to and fro’d however reached farcical levels as the Blue Bulls Captain, Dewald Potgieter  decided on 3 occasions to go for the sideline instead of 3 points (penalties where in kickable positions). All 3 times the Bulls lost possession lof the ball (twice they Fkd up their lineout’s)

These decisions came back to haunt Potgieter and the Bulls fans as Brumbies Outside centre Tevita Kuridrani crossed the line with seconds of the second half to go, to beat the Bulls 26/23. The Brumbies will face the Chiefs in Hamilton next Saturday for the Super 15 Final.

This is the 3rd time a SA Franchise Captain has not taken points on offer, decided to go for the line and lost, Schalk Burger and Victor Matfield did the same thing for Province and Bulls a few years back.  

Well that’s it for this week, not really an exciting Blog this week I know, but hey they can’t all be good.


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