So I have just got back from Londonium………………..London to you troglodytes that have no clue as to what I am talking about. Gotta to admit that for not “really wanting to go and giving Tania grief about it for a while” it was pretty amazing, does it mean I would go and live there?................. “mmmmmm”,  No not at the moment, but I can see why Doug and Nicky prefer it to SA, not that they don’t love SA , cause they do, but they have a pretty good life there and have no reason to come back to SA, other than to see the family more often as well as the sun.

I can hear a few of you going, “you getting soft in your old age”? - - - -  - “Nah just mellower”. So we did so much I actually don’t know where to start to be honest, so perhaps the best is to break up the trip into a few Blogs that concentrate on certain aspects or observations from the trip.

I have to say that we walked till Tania’s Shoes had a “blowout” , used the tube,  took bus rides, a cab ride,, we cruised the Thames, rode Boris bicycles down Oxford street, took car  trips,  drove go carts, Ferrari’s and an Aston Martin Vantage 8 thrown in just for good measure,  we saw soldiers with huge black hats, with polished breast plates, some on foot others riding horses and even some playing instruments. Met Madiba, I got some culture, saw how not to dress for success, was perplexed as to why I can buy a London pie in SA, but could not find a pie in London, rekindled memories of my childhood with a trip to Wembley Stadium, know where to purchase the best Wors in North London, had a pint or two in a pub or two, saw the ruins of Verulamium with a Cathedral (with the longest nave in England) named after the man that converted a few Romans to Christianity and was executed for his trouble, came face to face with a dinosaur, visited the oldest Harley Shop in Europe, wondered was the UK really in recession ?, got to drive 2 Super cars at one of the best racetracks in Europe……………… “well certainly England”, saw hundreds of café racers at one of the worlds “iconic” breakfast run venues, realized that an ass was not meant to sit on an aircraft seat for hours at a time, now know why it’s vital you have more than 1 toilet in your home, spent some awesome time with family, had a BBQ in the back garden and got to understand why the Poms are so obsessed with Wimbledon and the weather.  
So stay tuned and all will be revealed over the next few weeks.



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