Jelly Bean

Well the news this week is that yesterday I became an Uncle again (5th time) with the Arrival of Jellybean (I am sure Nicole and Doug will give her a real name in the near future). So now we have two UK Nieces, and I am sure that Amber is going to enjoy being a big sister. Welcome to the World Jellybean, can’t wait to see you in December. 

So Currie cup started this weekend with the Griquas beating the Sharks , Province and the Bulls drawing 24 all and the Cheetahs beating the Lions 30/29 in a close game, real happy that the Cheetahs beat the Lions after they pipped the Southern kings by 2 points in a 2 match relegation decider as to who will be in the Super 15 next year…………… least 4 of the Southern Kings players have abandoned Ship as has the coach Alan Solomon’s. I will be supporting any team from now on who plays the Lions, especially in the Super 15.

Talking about winning, Robert “the walking dad” Mugabe won a landslide victory to be elected as Zimbabwe’s president (read dictator) for a record 7th time. Seems while the OAU and his mate JZ are all crowing on how free and fair the elections where, the truth of the matter is that it wasn’t. I suppose if you take other elections and the shit that happened into account then this was probably one of the least un - free and unfair elections in Zimbabwe. The fact that up to 1000000 1mileeeeon) people were turned away (350 000 in Harare alone), that they found “suspect” voting booths or that scanners where not “available” to check that people who had been marked with indelible ink could not vote again or that Fucktard Mugabe boasted that the oldest person to vote for him was 135 and still serving in the army has seemed to pass over his friends in SA and the OAU. The MDC are challenging the results, but let’s be honest, nothing is gonna change in that country…………………….and yet they keep swarming across the Limpopo river because it’s still the land of milk and honey.

We had a long weekend this weekend, due to Friday being Woman’s day, hat celebrates the women of this country, we give them a public holiday, but the government don’t in fact (as far as I am concerned) give a shit about the violence that is perpetrated against our women and children, Rape is a sport and instead of getting to the core of the problem, we put a band aid on it instead and pay lip service to actually sorting the problem out and i suppose it does not help when your President is an "alleged" rapist as well. If you want to celebrate women then get hard on crimes against them, dont just play lip service. To all women past and present……………………..”Happy woman’s day”  
Well short but sweet this week, have a great week ahead.


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