And the Oscar goes to......................

Well the Oscars where a couple of weeks back and we also had our Oscar going to jail, so i thought that I would look at combining the two and seeing what I could come up with so here are possible movies that could see the Oscar going to.

·         Natural Born Killers
·         Psycho
·         The Blade Runner
·         The Bang Bang club

I see Mr Pistorius is challenging his bail conditions as being too harsh and he wants his passport back................mmmmm I would not do that, methinks Oscar may run. What does he expect he shot his chick through a door and feels that he is being “picked on” what a tosser. I also see that Reeva’s family are looking to civilly sue him as well, so more shit on the Horizon for the “Blade Runner”  

I was in Uitenhage twice this week doing work at VWSA on Tuesday when coming home the wind was hectic, bitchslapped by a plastic bag as I was on the way back home, i don’t think it had anything in it but it’s possible that it could have.

You just have love this : Cape Town – President Jacob Zuma called on all South Africans on Thursday to help rebuild the country's moral fibre. Opening the National House of Traditional Leaders at Parliament, Zuma said success in the fight against crime and violence generally depended on all South Africans, and not only on the police. "We have identified the regeneration of the moral fibre and the strengthening of families and communities as a priority,"

Mmmm this from a man who has been  charged with both fraud and rape and has more wife's than they promise Muslim suicide bombers Virgins and who is wasting tax [payers money on a  R 250 000 000 house, “no sorry, make that a Village”..................jaja JZ words again just words, lets see actions boet.

Think this could be a Sharks supporter ??
Super 15 Rugby has all 5 SA teams playing this weekend with the Cheetahs playing an awesome game and beating the much vaunted Highlanders team at home 36/19, this after having their hats handed to them in their last game by the Chiefs, who this week lost narrowly to the Stormers 36/34. The game in PE was the Southern Kings against the Sharks and while the Southern Kings lost the game 21/12 they did us proud especially seeing that the Sharks team consists of numerous Springboks and that they could not get over for a try, even though during the week the Sharks had said that they wanted to play expansively and score tries.

The Stadium was full with 44 000 mostly Kings supporters, but as can be expected a good number of Sharks fans as well. In 2 games I think we have had more supporters than the Lions had the last 2 seasons. The doomsayers said that the Kings where going to get a hiding each match and that 100 and above scores against us could be expected. Well so far so good, next week we take on the Chiefs in what’s going to be a 80 minute war, will I be there ....................”You betcha”. The Bulls play the Blues this morning and news just in is that they won 28/22.  So a pretty decent week for the SA sides.

Off to East London tomorrow and fly back on Tuesday afternoon, doing a couple of industrial theater at ASPEN and some SAMTRAC coaching for a couple of my students that did not pass their exam. Last week was mostly doing workshops and I was at VWSA for 2 days as well. The week after next fly up to Gauteng and will stay with the family there , so that will be cool to see my Mom and Dad and Sister, not seen in a while.

Ok well that’s it for this week, “short and sweet”.

Have a great 2nd week of March and see you all next week

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