Im’e so hungry I could eat a ??

The saying ends with “Horse” and it would seem that these days what we thought was in our burgers, frikadels sausages and even biltong may in fact be the horse that came last at Tuesdays races at Kenilworth in cape Town. Looks like while we were laughing at Europe for allowing Horse meat to slip through into meat products we here in South Africa “as “usual” push the envelope.

That saying could easily end with Giraffe, donkey, water buffalo, kangaroo or rabbit which perhaps eating by themselves is not a bad thing, but when its packaged as something else then it’s a big issue. They also did a survey on Biltong and while they found that Beef biltong was 99.9 percent beef , what was being sold as game biltong and Kudu biltong in particular was in fact mostly other meats, including Kangaroo, that’s fraud as far as i am concerned. “Roses are Red, Apples are fruity, just hope the burgher, is not made from Black Beauty”

Last Blog I complained that petrol was going up 75c per litre this coming Wednesday well I was wrong the Fuckers are putting it up 81c per litre and that’s not all in April it goes up 23 c per litre no matter what the oil price and the Dollar/R exchange rate. The Department of Energy on Friday announced that all grades of petrol will go up by 81c a litre from next Wednesday. The wholesale diesel price will increase by 57c. On February 6, the retail price of all grades of petrol increased by 41c a litre. The latest increase takes the pump price per litre to R13.08 (93 ULP), and R12.87 (LRP) in Gauteng.

KPMG economist Lulu Krugel said earlier consumers may be in for a hard time given the rising international oil price and the rand weakening. A fuel price increase was inevitable.Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan on Wednesday announced in his 2013 Budget Speech that the RAF levy will increase by 8c and the fuel levy by 15c a litre of petrol.  This will kick in on April 1.In a post-budget presentation Gordhan explained the high petrol prices."Oil is extraordinarily high," Pravin Gordhan said at a televised New Age breakfast briefing.

Seems that Oscar Pistolorius is going to be on front cover of Time Magazine 12/3/2013 in a six page article that talks about how violent all us South African men are and how we all tend to have fantasies of shooting our womenfolk through bathroom doors.

If the fact that the cops investigating Oscar Pistorius killing of Reeva Steenkamp shown to be inept we now have a videa that has gone viral showing 8 Davyton cops  dragging a guy suspected of some crime or other for at least 400ms and then being found dead in his cell (beaten to death, in the old days it would have been called a self inflicted suicide) the 8 cops and their station commander  have been suspended pending an investigation..............not a great day for  the cops or South Africa.

While I am on the cops the Traffic cops in PE also need to show that you need to obey the law to uphold it, you can’t fine people for breaking traffic rules when you are also guilty of breaking the very rules you’re supposed to ensure other motorists don’t commit.  

Recently I have been doing things not done in a while, in the last few weeks i have posted a letter, taken a dog for a walk and this week at pool I played Pin Ball, a game i have not played for God knows how long,. Was my school sport in std 8 and nearly failed that std due dot my obsession with the game. Was really great to hear the balls banging against the bells etc and u know what ??..............I had one of the highest scores on the machine, so obviously have not lost my touch.

Super 15 Rugby had the Cheetahs being handed a  rugby lesson by defending champions Chiefs in Hamliton on Saturday when they were given a 45/3 hiding, the Sharks hung on for a 12/6 win against the Stormers and the Bulls just pipped the Western force 36/32 (the same team that the Super Kings beat 22/10 two weeks ago)

Ok, well that’s it for this week. Have a great first week of March, hell March already, before we know it, it will be Easter and then Christmas.

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