The Bigger they are the harder they kick your ass/50 not out/Don’t mention the war

Couldn't decide what to call the Blog this week so decided that i would use 3 headings in 1.

Boy soldier of the Seleka Rebels.
So the news of the week is that 13 South Africans died in the Central African Republic when they were attacked by the Seleka Rebels that wanted to oust the President, Francois Bozize (who surprise surprise was a tyrant and raping the country of its resources . Well it would seem that the saying  the Bigger they are the harder they kick your ass should be “the smaller they are the harder they kick your ass”    

13 South African troops (Paratroopers) were killed between 27- 49 injured and 1 missing (subsequently found after hiding 4 days in a church) in the Central African Republic this week after being attacked by between 1000 – 3000 rebels who wanted to rid the CAR of the its President

Talks that the ANC had sent the men to train the presidents army may not be 100% true as it may be that they sent the troops to ensure that possible diamond and  as well as other lucrative projects that will benefit  a businessman called  Didier Pereira as well as certain “selected” ANC members.................................“I am shocked and stunned, not”

So many believe that  the Government sold out the soldiers for the sake of diamond interests in CAR,  and that they died protecting a dictator who has memorandum of understanding with ANC so that they will have fair share of diamond resources in CAR. Soldiers deployment was business for business not business for politics as ANC articulated defending themselves.  Many also believe that ANC is a sell out. They sold out Gaddafi after ANC led government allow NATO to invade Libya and now they Sacrificed 13 soldiers for more Diamonds. 

This is very sad for the families who lost bread winners.
Somebody should kindly point to the honourable (and i use the word very loosely)  Deputy Minister Makwetla that he is laying it on just a bit too thick, his traditional fairy tale is just a tad too far fetched - the size of the Car Rebel contingent has subsequently come down from 3000 to 1000 and now it seems mostly made up of young boys, so not only did the Paratroopers their nose bloodied by a rebel outfit, most of them were kids. The Rebels seemed to know "They were not stupid ... they knew we had no support ... they had intelligence on us ... they knew our movements, our numbers, our capabilities ... everything about us."It was only after the firing stopped that we saw we had killed kids. "We did not come here for this ... to kill kids. It makes you sick. They were crying, calling for help ... calling for [their] moms." These are the stories survivors of the battle of Bangui told the Sunday Times. They are among the first on-the-ground accounts to emerge from the war zone in a city where 13 South African soldiers died last Saturday in a brutal skirmish with rebel fighters determined to wrest control of the Central African Republic and overthrow its president, François Bozizé.

One of the soldiers dropped everything and apparently ran to a church where he was hidden (and undoubtedly found Jesus) for 4 days as the rebels searched for him. It would seem the SADF men had run out of ammo, had 1 backpack medical kit and were out thought by the rebels.  he was later found unscathed.............. "Lucky man"

Ask yourself quietly - if the CAR rebels were 500m away, you have nothing but your Excitement Stores spatula/spatooooola to protect you, against some of the most brutal soldiers on earth - they will cut out your intestines (without asking for your medical aid number) and feed it to you  would you run and hide.................... “Hell Yes”.

Another soldier, who was flown to South Africa early on Wednesday evening, spoke hauntingly of hundreds of bodies lying on the ground, of limbs missing, gaping wounds, of the dying moaning and screaming for help. "We were told these rebels were amateurs. We were told there was nothing to worry about - that the thousands of Central African regional troops along with CAR government soldiers would help us," he said. "But they were the first to run ... when those first shots were fired they disappeared ... when the sh*t really hit the fan the very okes we trained started killing us," he said, referring to the CAR soldiers. Reports have emerged that government soldiers mutinied after the fighting broke out................... “So the very men they had been sent to train and assist also shot them, not cool”
Bangui - Central African Republic's new president, Michel Djotodia, whose rebel forces took control of the capital Bangui last weekend, said on Friday he would request help from former colonial power France and the United States to retrain his country's ill-disciplined and demoralised army, which was easily overrun by fighters from the Seleka rebel coalition. His comments appeared to mark a change of tack from his predecessor Bozize's close ties to South Africa, with which he had signed a fresh bilateral defence agreement in January.

Next big event of the week was that  it was my birthday and not just any birthday...............My 50th. Yeah the Village Idiot has turned 50 and it was a great day. First i was woken by my 2 ladies and wished a happy birthday and that was really really lekker. On arrival at work I was set upon by the office ladies and then surprised with a Champagne brunch and 50 presents that I had to unwrap, that included a statuette saying NOSA Superstar, boob stress ball, a very large pair of glasses, sheriff badge etc etc. During the day I got calls, bbms, sms’s FB messages wishing me a happy birthday, so that was also pretty cool.   

Tania, Gabby, Stephen and myself (the other Stephen is Gabby’s boyfriend) and yes it does cause some confusion when “Stephen” is shouted in the Dunkley house and we are both there, but other than that he is not a bad guy.  I digress , we went to the Spur for Dinner and had a really lekker evening, we had a lekker waitress serving us who was up to my nonsense and every time the waiter that looked like woody came past I would shout “To infinity and beyond”...............”Mmmmmmm yes alcohol was involved”

When i got home family from UK Skype’d and told me that they had got me a birthday present that involves me driving a Aston martin DGB and a Ferrari 360 c (yes you read correctly) 3 laps each round the Silverstone Racetrack that’s about 120 km’s from London. Here is the “splurb”...................“don’t get to jealous”  

“Drive two of the best supercars on the planet at the world-famous Silverstone circuit. Feel the power of the Ferrari 360 pitched against the style of the Aston Martin V8 Vantage. The Ferrari is light, agile and has 400 bhp going to the rear wheels. The Aston Martin has a sublime 4.3 litre V8 engine that powers down the straight. Start with a safety and technique briefing from a qualified instructor, before taking the wheel of the Ferrari 360 for three laps. After a break, enjoy a further three laps driving the Aston around the first class Silverstone circuit. Try to pick a favorite before concluding with a debrief".

I own the T shirts, a belt, the patches, the books, the bandannas the half gloves and now , drum roll please brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr The Bike , Stephen “Born to be dof” Dunkley is the proud owner of  a Harley Davidson, bought on my birthday, here is a picture of my new friend. Its a 883 Hugger tat been converted to a 1200cc, not ridden it yet as its in Durban and i need to arrange transport to get it here. As you can imagine, having always wanted to own  Harley..........................“I cant wait”   

Tania and i joined Rob and his son Terry and his girlfriend Catherine on Thursday at the German “don’t mention the war” Club, was a pretty lekker evening and when we go next time we are going to book the 9 pin court to see if we can play German Bowls.

So its Easter weekend, so first let me wish you all a “Happy Easter” and tell you that it’s been raining cats, dogs, gecko’s and an assortment of other furry marsupials.

Cape Town - The sporting world seems poised to give the cold shoulder to Oscar Pistorius after a court in South Africa allowed the Olympic and Paralympic star to return to international competition.

According to The Guardian website, organisers of major athletics meetings now face a dilemma over whether to invite the 26-year-old to race, with many privately admitting they are reluctant to welcome Pistorius, who is awaiting trial for the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, at his home on Valentine's Day. British Athletics declined to comment on the issue, but sources close to the governing body say Pistorius is unlikely to receive an invitation to run at the London Anniversary Games, to be held in the Olympic Stadium on July 27, or at the Birmingham Grand Prix on June 30.
New bathroom vacant or occupies locks.

Pistorius is also unlikely to be welcomed back to two Diamond League meetings in the United States this year, with one source saying: "My gut feeling is that it would be completely unrealistic." Athletics' governing body, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), say they will not dictate to meeting organizers which athletes they invite to their events. However, it is believed that any organizers who do invite Pistorius will risk incurring the wrath of the authorities, who fear an onslaught of negative publicity for the sport.

Super Rugby saw the Southern Kings go down 30/46 after a plucky display against the Hurricanes they have again won many friends and came away this time with a bonus point for 4 tries scored, no mean feat against the Highlanders at home, the Cheetahs after a slow start managed to beat the Melbourne Rebels 34/18 in a wet home game, the Cheetahs are playing well so far this season  so hopefully they will continue with their god form., The bulls  lost 20/23 to the Brumbies after the  Brumbies put over a penalty well into injury time and the Stormers lost 14/19 to the Crusaders in a “lets watch the paint dry” type of game. The Sharks had a bye this weekend.

Well that’s it for now, enjoy the rest of the Easter weekend.

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