Took a trip on a aeroplane, aint got time to take a fast train

Prisoner gets 5 A’s: so instead of Reading, Riting. And Rithmatic its now Robbery, Rapin and Rehabilitation. Matric results out and while the pass rates have improved slightly it’s still disconcerting that of the 1.2 million Grade 1’s that started their school career in 2001 only one third of them wrote Matric and only 30% of those are eligible to go to varsity. When are those that are in power going to understand for a country to grow we need educated citizens, not Morons.

Hendre Fourie who played 8 rugby tests for the Poms and has now retired due to continuous shoulder injuries has been given 3 weeks to get out of the UK or he will be deported, “Lekker ne Hendre”. That’s what you call gratitude I suppose.

Talking about Rugby seems that there is a alternate lifestyle, “plays for the other team gent in the all blacks team and he is being urged to come out of the change room. Wonder who it could be?, my bet is on Sonny Bill Williams, but I would die laughing if it was Ritchie McCaw.   

Rumour is that JZ is getting married again, it’s been denied of course but where there is smoke there is a “JZ wedding being planned”, why do you think he built a frikken village? So he can fill it with wives that why. Talking about JZ ”our esteemed leader” he had this to say at the end of the ANC’s 100th birthday celebrations.

Durban – “The inequality between black and white households was "bad for reconciliation", President Jacob Zuma said on Sunday. Zuma, who was speaking at the closing ceremony of the ANC's centenary celebrations in Durban, said: "The situation that white households have six times the wealth of black households should be a thing of the past." Zuma referred to the 2011 census which revealed that the income of the average white household remained six times higher than that of the average African household." It is bad for reconciliation and nation building and all of us, black and white, must work to reduce and ultimately eradicate such a massive gap in the second phase of our country's revolution." Referring to the ANC's history, he paid tribute to those who had contributed to the organisation's successes. He also urged unity within the organisation, saying this was good for the party as well as the country”.

I would like to respond to our “Esteemed comrade President” as I feel he should not go unchallenged.

I think that the inequality between the Lifestyle you and your cronies live, the means by which you got your hands on it, and the devastation amongst the people who voted you into Power IS THE BIG ISSUE. I don’t think you should try and cover your ass by making this into a racist issue, while you try to keep the masses uneducated (by lack of commitment or will to educate the future of this country) Your people are not stupid and see how Rich connected Black people live and of course its natural that they also want a slice of the cake, “Hell so do I. “You have kept them behind................not White People”. Your party has been in power for 19 years and you should be ashamed of yourself always using the race card and Vervwoed. The ANC and you as its leader need to take responsibility for your actions “or lack thereof.

Most people “and JZ” included do not understand the law of averages, a small white population with a small % of top earners, earning salaries of CEO’s will on average ALWAYS show a higher income per household. On the other hand a much larger black population with the same number of Black CEO’s/Government Leeches (ministers) etc will average a lower income per household.

I can’t seem to think that JZ is purposely trying to create a racial divide, much like his great mate ‘”Rob Bob, before he Robs you” Mugabe. I battle to make and meet my own financial obligations as it is but now i must be portrayed as the “:Rich white man” who “stole” the 6 more times  wealth that i have................”What a load of Shit” I worked hard “very hard in fact” for what i have, it was not given to me, i received basic education and up - skilled myself to get to where i am today and believe me i still shake my head in wonderment when riding my R8500 Big Boy scooter around PE and I see some young (mostly PD ladies) driving top of the range vehicle’s such as Range Rovers, Jaguars etc etc , some worth more than my house.      

Next time you are actually in country and not at a party or singing “bring my machine gun” you should look out the window of your Frikken expensive “tax payer” paid German LUXURY vehicle just look at the people driving the luxury cars beside you and then look to see how many of the people begging at the side of the road are white. Put your money where your mouth is “Comrade President” take  cut in salary, stamp out corruption, ensure your ministers actually do their jobs (like ensure kids have school books) and don’t waste money through blatant inefficiency. Make sure government employees actually do a honest day’s work for a honest day’s pay.

All the monies that are saved could then be put to better use, such as employing people to repair roads, build classrooms, hospitals, clean our cities and in general restore the infrastructure that the ANC have since 1994 allowed to disintegrate. If that does not sound like something you would like to do or sounds like “hard work” resign and let someone who will do all the above have a go and hopefully at the same time that person can strive to unite all South African’s, instead of feeding the racial tension that keeps you in power. (Remember Nelson Mandela???)
As a reminder “Mr President” here are the benefits of being the president ‘its time to earn them”. Annual salary: R2 040 780, Corporate credit card, State funeral with full military ceremonial honours , Presidential guest house , Full salary for life after leaving office , Security for life after leaving office , R1,3-million annual contribution to medical aid, Free furnished accommodation in Cape Town and Pretoria, Free cleaning and maintenance of these residences , R3-million for two cars for Cape Town and Pretoria , Daily allowance when travelling abroad for tips, room service, reading material and normal liquid refreshments.

Flew up to Gauteng on Wednesday for a Trainers conference, drove from airport to Pretoria and it was hot “with a capital H” had dinner at a really nice venue  called “Stone Edge” on Wednesday night near Irene (was Jan Smuts farm at one stage, Irene, not the restaurant) and was very nice. I was not too well however on Wednesday evening and think it was a combination of stress and the heat.  I ALSO MANAGED TO BREAK MY READING GLASSES WHICH OVER THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS BECAME A HASSLE. Woke up at 3 on Thursday morning to work on a Risk assessment that I had to have finished by Friday.

 If we thought Wednesday was hot, Thursday was a scorcher and we had a great facilitator who spoke to us about how to become better facilitators as well as body language. The guest house we stayed at while nice enough had no pool, but the property next door did, so Ryan and I decided to go and ask them if we could ‘Please” have dip. It must have been 35 degrees at 5 in the afternoon. The property next door was an undertakers so I “quietly” asked the receptionist if we could swim, she said no. “perhaps she thought we would make enough noise to wake the dead” who knows.   

Friday am I was up at 3 am and worked on RA, about 40 minutes into it the computer crashed, it overheated, which i am not surprised at seeing that I had wet a bath towel and tried to sleep with it covering me. I also got eaten alive by the mozzies. Managed to get the computer up and running again and had to work hard to get the info back in the RA. Went for a jog at 5am and was not abducted, raped or murdered and sold for muti (did run under the Gautrain lines that at 5 in the morning with a overcast sky, breaking dawn and a purple light seemed eerie) . At the venue that was a castle and obviously a wedding venue ( there was an old Bently that they used as a wedding car and the dude that was in charge of it kindly started the V8 motor up, nice guy and one that no one will give any kak due to the large Firearm that that he keeps strapped to his side (357 magnum). This wasn’t “Dirty Harry” it was “Vuil Viljoen” .On Friday afternoon after the conference we hopped in the car and had a detour through Pretoria, see that they are changing the street names, that’s sure to ‘Please” so many residents ‘Not”  Met up with office staff who had been at another conference at the airport, had a couple of drinks and a few laughs and then it was boarding time.

Just was the bus was about to drive to the plane, the clouds opened and dropped a large amount of water. We got soaked running from the bus to the plane and had to wait half an hour as the Highveld thunderstorm raged all around us. Seems they are not too keen on ground staff getting zapped by lightning. Anyway the flight home was uneventful and it was great to get home.   

On Saturday morning (yesterday) Tania asked if we could have a “chat”, “oh shit what have I done” was my first thought. To cut a long story short, Gabby was given a horse, yes a horse. It’s the one she has been leasing and the lady who owns it cannot ride anymore and instead of selling it she decided that gabby would be the perfect person to look after him, so now Gabby has a horse and is looking for a part time job to help with his upkeep.

 Have to share this received from a friend.

“Dear Mr Mineworker, now that you are earning R16 000
 per month, you will no longer qualify for free legal aid. You are also
 now earning enough to contribute to SARS and spread the tax base. That
 means that you can afford your own medical aid and private hospital. I do
 hope that you will understand that you now have to shoulder your
 responsibilities as a South African citizen who earns on the same level
 as someone with at least a basic degree or even honours degree and a
 number of years of experience. You can no longer allow your family to
 live on handouts from the state. I do trust you understand that with an
 improved salary also comes more responsibility towards your family and
 fellow South Africans. That means that I, as a highly qualified
 professional, will up my fees and demand that you pay within 30 days. I
 do hope you enjoy your new economic freedom”

Well another busy week ahead, so gotta go, have  a great one. Oh looks like i am going to have to do a 1 year Safety Diploma course this year as part of my up – skilling  “No rest for the wicked”


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