I owe I owe I owe so it’s off to work I go ............................:-(

Last day of freedom today then tomorrow back to the grindstone and the shit starts all over again.

New years eve was a bit of a damp squid, we wanted to have a Braai and then go and watch the fireworks at the beachfront , but it rained on and off the whole evening so we Braai’d and then we did go to the beachfront and watched the musical fountains, got soaked and decided that we should just come home and wait for 2013 in a comfortable dry surroundings. Gabby had a couple of friends over so they just chilled and went to bed not to long after Midnight.    

A friend of mine in Claren’s son and passenger survived a crash in a microlite on 30 January...........how lucky is that, a broken wrist, bruises and scrapes are all that he suffered and the passenger who probably had to go and change their underwear also suffered minor cuts and bruises, the microlite however was not so lucky and is a write off.

On Wednesday took a trip to jeffery’s Bay (or J Bay as it’s known by the locals) and possibly went to the worst rest in Jeffery’s bay and possibly SA. What a disaster, was busy , not enough staff , didn’t have ingredients to make milkshakes for Gabby and Stephen, I mean no milk and ice cream, was Checkers or PnP not open ?? it took 90 minutes  to get 4 Frikken meals and they were surprised that I got upset. When i went to pay I told the manager that i did not think that the service had been up to scratch and the food while adequate had not been worth the wait as this was the excuse the waiter had kept giving us. The manager went on about its the 2nd January, Blah blah blah........I told him that I was in the Hospitality industry for many years and the std should be the same any day of the year that i come to his restaurant and that he should plan ahead, then the waiter “Jean Jooste” said to me ‘I hope that u never come back again, as you can imagine I then got a tad Pissed off and replied to the little shit, “You won’t have to F&&^king worry about that”. Tania , Gabby and Stephen had left the restaurant long time ago because they knew what was coming and NO I did not leave a tip. So “if your ever like in J bay  dudes and dudettes don’t I REPEAT DO NOT go to HEY JUDE restaurant (here is a photo) the FOOD is kak, service sucks and the attitude of the staff is seriously in need of a Running F Slap.         

On Thursday it was windy with a Capital W with wind speeds at 117 - 120 kms per hour, signboards blew over, roofs disappeared, trees blew over and tree branches parted ways, a container ship at Coega harbour had its  ropes that keep it firmly attached to the quayside snap and it drifted around for a little while before being brought under control.

I see that the All Blacks put up a bit of a fight in the 2 innings after being bowled out for 45 runs in the first session on day 1 of the test match at Newlands. However the Protea’s still won by an innings and 37 runs. They play the 2nd test in PE next week, so hopefully when I get back from Joburg they will still be playing, think i may go and watch a day on Saturday or Sunday. 

Richard Rennie a friend of ours in Clarens was attacked this week in his house by the gardner, here was a press release from Clarens Tourism:  “Richard Rennie, 80 year old well renowned artist & dear friend to many Clarenites was brutally attacked in his home last night by his gardener. The motive seems to been robbery. Richard is currently in ICU with broken ribs & severe swelling to his face. The brutal attack was stopped by a security guard who apprehended the man. He was arrested by the SAPS and is currently been held in the local police cells. We believe Richard is doing well and apparently he is in good spirits. Impeccable sources have let known that the local station commander, Capt Mohale, allegedly changed the charge sheet to read house breaking only & scrapped a charge of attempted murder because "It would make her crime statistics look bad." How long must we continue being victims of manipulated crime statistics before somebody wakes up & takes responsibility for the increasingly ineffective management of our local SAPS station? We as residents urgently need to become involved and voice our opinions. Please comment & share this post so we can start taking action & take a stand against, not only the attack on one of our icons, but also the completely unacceptable manner in which it is being dealt with”. "Get well soon Richard and i hope the bastard that did this to you gets whats coming to him" 

Richard is out of ICU but still in a critical condition, his attack was on E tv as well in local newspapers. Its nice to see that the security guard (Kelvin Thame) that saved Richards life is being recognised and wil be receiving a medal and reward from the Clarens residents as a sign of their thanks. Kelvin heard the noise at Richards house, went to investigate saw him being attacked overpowered the bastard that attacked Richard tied him up and called the police.

4  most Baddass ways anyone has taken on a deadly animal.

Aishat Maksudova (which we're pretty sure translates to "She-Liam Femme-Neeson") shot to fame after she beat a wolf to death at the spry age of 56. Upon seeing 50 pounds of gaping maw try to turn her leg into the first stages of lupine poop, the Russian grandmother, in her own words, “was not even frightend”." Think about that the next time you wig out after spotting a daddy longlegs in the bathtub. According to Maksudova, she tried to lift her arm with the intention of ramming it straight down the wolf's throat, but she couldn't because the wolf was already gnawing on it. So she did the next most viable thing and clubbed the hell out of it with an axe she had on hand. Hold on, Aishat. Hitting the wolf with an axe was your second choice? You must have known that having the words "DIED TRYING TO PUNCH A WOLF STRAIGHT IN THE SCREAM SECTOR" carved onto your tombstone guarantees you V.I.P. entry into Valhalla.

Back in 2009, Kenyan farmhand Ben Nyaumbe was attacked by a 13-foot-long phallic metaphor after he accidentally stepped on it. The snake, knowing that it was big enough to do whatever the fuck it wanted, dragged Nyaumbe into a tree and squeezed him – for three hours Nyaumbe first removed his shirt and attempted to smother the serpent, but he abandoned this plan when he realized that the snake was so consumed with murder that it had transcended the mortal need for oxygen. At this critical juncture, Nyaumbe decided to bite the beast instead, because "an eye for an eye" is the only blood-scrawled amendment on the constitution of the animal kingdom. Somewhere between trying to asphyxiate the reptile and nibbling it into an early grave, Nyaumbe used his cellphone to call local police, who helped free the poor-yet-mighty bastard. Fortunately for Nyaumbe, this was the most trusting police force in the history of the world, as we can't name any cops who would seriously entertain the complaint "HELP I'M BEING KIDNAPPED BY A SNAKE." (Any good police officer knows that snakes only  deal crack cocaine.)

In 2009, Dustin Britton was cutting wood in a Wyoming forest when an extremely hungry mountain lion began staring him down. Realizing that his wife and children were close by, Britton ran for a clearing, where things became extremely metal. You see, Britton was cutting wood with 3,000 revolutions per minute of spinning death. So when the mountain lion attempted to eat Britton's throat, he scored a long gash on the cat's shoulder, which incredibly did not kill the animal. No, the mountain lion was later shot by animal control, its life essence kept a flicker only by its burning hatred of power tools.

In 2001, 8-year-old Jessie Arbogast was attacked by a 7-foot-long bull shark that tore off his arm. This sucked -- for the shark. How come? Because Arbogast was visiting the Pensacola, Florida, shore with the very personification of mans contempt of nature, his uncle, Vance Flosenzier. Noticing the commotion in the water, Flosenzier immediately set about grappling the shark out of the ocean, because A) the shark still held Arbogast's dismembered arm and B) the law of the wild dictates that when a shark attacks a child, it loses its legal right to fight on its home turf. Gripping the shark's tail, Flosenzier laid it out on the shark-smothering beach so the fish could meditate on how its biological imperatives completely screwed the pooch this time. Also, Arbogast's arm was successfully reattached, as medical science knows better than to waste the time and efforts of a man who wrestles sharks.

only 41 days left before the start of SUPER 15 , Oh Yeah I can’t wait we have 8 games here at the stadium and I will be at every one. In my last Blog of 2012 i asked about New Year’s Resolutions, not sure if any of you made for 2013 but listed here are the 11 most popular resolutions made by people (how many of these have u made over the years??)
     1.    Cook More
2. Eat Better
3. Get a Better Education
4. Quit Smoking 
5. Stick to a Budget
6. Reduce Debt
7. Get Organized
8. Reduce Alcohol Intake
9. Lose Weight
10. Get Fit
11. Spend More Time With Family

Yesterday was a stunning day in the Bay with no wind, blue skies and very hot, spent most for the day Chilling and reading, went to buy a new book to read cause my head is about to explode with fact and figures on research i am doing for a book that I have been asked to contribute to. I enjoyed Billy Connolly’s book (Route 66)so much that  bought Charlie Boorman’s  book “By Any Means” and it’s also pretty good, what a life, that’s a job I would love to have.

Ok well got to get my shit together for work tomorrow, hit the ground running as have SAMTRAC papers to mark a workshop to develop for next Monday and on Wednesday fly up to Gauteng for a Conference/trainers course................hopefully i get to see my folks while i am up there.

Ok have a great week



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