The end is Naai, Nay Nigh...................."Its The Final Countdown"

Before i start need to inform you that the Secrecy Bill was passed in parliament this week, "but don’tell anyone cause it’s a secret". Now people who impimpi (splab, rat, inform.) on wrongdoers could find themselves getting 15 years in jail with “Bubba” Seriously what kind of F%$#ked up shit is that?
Secrecy Bill passed in Parliament today
The controversial Protection of State Information Bill, dubbed the secrecy bill, has just been passed by the South African Parliament’s National Council of Provinces (NCOP). EWN reported that opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) had earlier voiced their concerns over the [...]
The controversial Protection of State Information Bill, dubbed the secrecy bill, has just been passed by the South African Parliament’s National Council of Provinces (NCOP).  EWN reported that opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) had earlier voiced their concerns over the draft law. Council chairperson Mninawa Mahlangu said, “Those who vote in favour are 34 and those against the bill are 16. No one abstained [from the vote].”
Prior to proceedings, State Security Minister Siyabonga Cwele addressed MPs and downplayed concerns over the bill. He said, “It is not to protect criminals who steal state resources, including information, to be prosecuted. Let me assure you again that this bill does not permit the abuse of power.” Cwele said the proposed legislation was “very progressive” and urged people not to fear it. “To those who fear that the bill may be abused, we say, the only thing to fear is fear itself.”
Critics of the secrecy bill say it will allow corruption to flourish as whistleblowers could be jailed for up to 15 years. The Right2Know Campaign has since threatened to take the matter to court if the bill is passed in its current form. When asked if it was true that bill had been passed into law, Alf Lees, Democratic Alliance Member of the NCOP for KwaZulu-Natal, said, “I’m afraid so. It was to be expected. The next line of defence is the National Aseembly, which must now consider amendments proposed by the NCOP as well as any other amendments that they may propose. We must keep the pressure on.” Lees thanked the DA Abroad for its continued efforts in raising awareness about the secrecy bill.

Ok so its December and the end if the year is upon us. If we believe the Mayans we only have 19 days left cause on the 21st the world she is gone. I wonder though did they take time zones into consideration? Australia are hours ahead of South America, so was that factored in when the dude who decided that 21 December 2012 was the  last day? That means Australia will get the end of the world before we do, so does that mean we will miss it or our end of the world ends on the 20th? Unless of course they factored the time zones in and ensured that the end of the world would come at a time when it was the 21st in every country......................well like Y2K we will have to wait and see what happens. I for one am not getting to worked up over it.

I have 2 weeks left (10 working days) until I go on Xmas leave and hopefully the world does not end on the 21st otherwise I will only have 6 days leave and I really want the 23 days. I wonder if I should wait until the 22nd to buy Xmas presents or take the chance and buy them before that? My last 10 days of work this year will be presenting SAMTRAC, must say been a really hard year and I am on auto pilot at the moment, running on fumes so I am going to have to put in one last push to ensure the students get the best out of me for those 10 is a photo of the scooter piled up with training material for a SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality) workshop at Coega business center 32 kms away from PE.

Next Sunday a few friends and i are going to watch the 7s here at the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium, hopefully the Blitzbokke will play better, beaten by Portugal in Dubai and did not play well. Should be a great weekend though and hopefully the atmosphere is going to be electric.

In the 15 man game England produced one of their finest performances ever to stun New Zealand 38-21 and end the world champions' 20-game unbeaten run in the most spectacular style on a memorable and quite remarkable afternoon at Twickenham on Saturday. Seems that the New Zealanders had been sick during the week (sounds like 95 Susie is back in town) and perhaps this is why they let the Poms win. The Poms will be strutting around like they are the world champs mow and the team will all probably go on the Queens honours list and get knighthoods....”oh and don’t forget the parade” 

So Lady Gaga is in SA for a couple of  concerts and the Anti-devil brigade are besides themselves that the government would not allow the Dali Lama into the country but gladly allow “Beelebubs” daughter to come and corrupt the youth of SA (got news for you, think that has been achieved already, they have so many local role models to corrupt them). Anyway a local fan from Boksburg (far behind the Boerewors curtain) decided to dress up for the concert and be able to have a braai afterwards. 

This week I got my first Randela notes, have to say while i don’t have an issue with Nelson Mandela i do not like the fact that we are now putting ex-leaders faces on the notes, I mean we could end up with Jacob Zuma or god forbid Juilius Malema on future currency.  Talking about our illustrious leader JZ it would seem that not only did he build himself a R250 000 0000 residence on a R900 000 bond (shit we should make him minister of finance)it would now seem that he used our hard earned tax money to build houses or at least renovate them for his brothers as well......................As Mel Brooks would say “It’s good to be the KING”

Gabby is out riding again today, we now lease a horse for her about 6kms from the house and near the beach. The horse is called Macky D and Gabby is the only one that can ride him properly, so with that and a her own saddle (yep bought her a saddle for her birthday) “but didn’t she get a motorbike for her 16th birthday” I hear you say. Correct but she needed a saddle and daddy caved in and purchased one. I am now scouring the “wanted ads” looking for people not wanting to wait for years for an organ transplant to see if there is anything I could sell, hopefully i get a Xmas bonus this year.

Last Sunday we were at the toy run, Gabby was 1 year old when she attended her first toy run in Nelspruit  way back in 1997 , last Sunday she rode to the toy run on her own bike and was 1 day shy of her 16th birthday.........”Time flies when you’re having fun” 

Looks like the Proteas are in control in the 3rd test against the Aussies with a lead of over 550 with 2 days to go and 5 wickets still in hand, Amla just missed his double century being caught and bowled by Johnson for 196 and de Villiers is on 150 from just 160 balls, so hopefully at the very least we will draw the game which means WE WILL BE THE NUMBER 1 TEAM IN THE WORLD, The Aussies have to win to be the number 1 team. But cricket is a funny game so hopefully there is no twist to this final test.  

Weather  today in PE is super hot and humid went to do some Xmas shopping and ended up at barneys for a cold one. The beaches are busy and everyone seems to be getting in a Holiday mood, hopefully the weather plays along this season.
On a Sad note a former friend and the Goromonzi farmboy MC founder Walter “Wingman” Siviter passed away this week from what it seems was a heart attack. While in latter years we did not always see eye to eye and I resigned from the club, I remember the good days and the laughs we shared. “Walter I was saddened to hear of your passing, you leave behind family and friends and  you will be missed by them.  Wingman , until we meet again...................Ride it like its stolen”    
Well that’s it for this week.


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