50 shades of black and blue

Nope it’s not the sequel to the best selling safe use of Whips, Chains and Rubber toys D.I.Y book 50 shades of grey, it’s how my ankle and heel will be looking soon. Friday on way back from work at about 80kms per hour the back wheel of the scooter decided to burst.......... one moment your thinking about getting home and the Xmas holidays and the next your holding on to the handlebars for dear life, after fishtailing and nearly getting the scooter under control it decided to broadside and there i went sliding along the tarmac, luckily the rush hour traffic missed me. Was well impressed with the response of emergency vehicles and the police, all there within 3 minutes of me tar surfing. I found out that I don’t bounce anymore I just slide. Hole in hand (yep not wearing gloves) a swollen lip, scraped knees and a seriously sore right ankle and heel. The scooter fared better and not too much damage.

Had a neighbour mow their Frikken lawn at 6 am this morning, I mean who does that, if I can’t sleep I come and do some work on the computer not mow the lawn or use power tools on a Sunday am, some people just have no common sense or Frikken brains.................”Asshole”
 The last 2 weeks I have been presenting the Safety Management course  SAMTRAC. Had 9 students and hopefully they will all do well and be found Competent when their papers are marked. The one students car broke down on Friday and could not make the exam, so he will have to do it next year. That sucks after 2 weeks of hard work to not be able to get to do the exam. 

Floods in Durban the last while have seen many dead from the flooding with the waters taking out railway lines right next to the sea that resulted in a train actually falling into the sea

We had a Staff Xmas party on Thursday at the Bridge Street Brewery near to the harbour, not as great as Clarens Brewery but “not too shabby Nige” had a tasting a tour of the brewing facilities and a lekker meal, I had prawns. Was a nice afternoon/evening.
A gent in PE (owns a big transport company) decided to buy himself a brand new Ferrari. He received it on Friday morning and drove it all over PE, as any proud owner of a Ferrari would and probably to show off (as so many of us would), by Friday afternoon the R3.5000 000 car was scrap metal after he managed to hit a truck and smash into a local undertakers wall, luckily for him he didn’t need the services of the undertaker, but his car is dead. He must feel like a real idiot, but at least he has a great conversation opener at parties.    
Talking about cars our car odometer was reading 121212 kms this week which is pretty freaky after all the brooohaha about it being 12 seconds past 12 on the 12th day of the 12 month 2012.

This is some sick shit just before Christmas: What kind of evil person would go on a rampage at a primary school 11 days before Christmas?  Why would somebody do this? According to www.mirror.co.uk Sandy Hook is a junior primary school in a small town Newtown with a population of 27000  in Connecticut and is about 60 miles north of New York City. The school teaches children aged 5 to 10 years.

Roy Occhiogrosso Connecticut Gov Senior Adviser and his main law enforcement officer said they received calls at just after 9-31am (US time) this morning to say there had been a shooting. They have confirmed that 27 people are dead at the school including the shooter who was a 24 year old, Ryan Lanza. 20 children. 6 adults and the shooter were the bodies recovered at the school. According to reports, Lanza seemed to have first killed his father. He also killed his mother, a teacher at the school. Lanza was found dead inside the building.    2 handguns have been recovered.  One witness said more than 100 rounds were fired.

I just love this photo of my mom and dad sister and brother in law who live in Gauteng,they live on a plot just outside Kempton park and as you can see they are horse mad.

There's an annual contest at the Griffith University, Australia, calling for the most appropriate definition of a contemporary term. this year's term was 'political correctness '. The winning student wrote:

"Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rapidly promoted by mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end."

Ok well only 9 days left to Xmas (maybe) and 5 days to end of the world, hell I have survived the Y2K bug, the meteorite that was going to hit earth and put an end to all life on the planet so I may just get lucky and still be around on the 22nd so just in case that Mayan Nostradamus is not wrong I am going to wish you and your families a very Merry Xmas (Yes its Christmas and not Happy Holidays)

So this may be my last Blog, then again it may not.....................

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