It dont matter if its black or white (as Michael would have said)

Rode to Grahamstown on Sunday, had a great ride, love that road and the Triumph seems to take like it too as she takes on a life of her own when the throttle is opened. 

Popped in to the Pirates pub (see BLOG Friends and Family for more info on this famous or infamous establishment) but I need to say that many a parent probably shit themselves when son or daughter come home with the boyfriend/girlfriend that are of a different hue then their  own offspring. Plenty of mixed dating  going on and while this may shock some of the older generation or the more racist of the population  it does show that the younger generation dont give a shit.....................which is generally the general attitude of the youth of today anyway.

I was booked at the Whitehouse so after the beer I headed in that direction, I was able to find it this time unlike the Last time I was there and had to get a police escort having got myself terribly lost. There was however a silver lining to the cloud, I found Pirates. I rang the gate intercom but no one answered I called the contact numbers on the gate and eventually got a gent who said that he would send someone soon to come and assist. Stupidly enough I thought someone would be coming down from the main house or perhaps just press the gate button for me to be able to enter. Well 15 mins later a car pulls up with Anastasia (no not the singer) and her mom    so to cut a long story short the owners of the guest house are getting divorced and the gent that answered the phone was the husband and he was in hospital as he had just undergone knee surgery (I did not as to whether this had been inflicted by the wife or not).

I was given the choice of moving into a small cottage on the property or going to Anastasia’s hotel  (The Victoria Hotel and Mews) that is in town itself, I opted for door B and followed them to the hotel. Was built in 1849 and has been used as a hospitality venue of some form or another since that date, with periods of good and bad dotted in between.      

I trained at the Grahamstown National Monument and must say its a really nice venue (beats training in a shebeen or a shack church any day of the week). Had a good group of students and had the Deputy minister of Safety and Security attending a SAP “Stomach in Chest out” we need you to be fit to catch criminals Rah Rah pep talk.......................She was only 2 hours late so perhaps the next Pep talk should be about Punctuality......................”just a thought”
Some news this week

Johannesburg - A 57-year-old Cape Town man died when his light aircraft crashed outside Port Elizabeth on Tuesday, Eastern Cape police said. Warrant Officer Alwin Labans said the man was flying alone in a two-seater aircraft when its engine failed and it crashed at Greenbushes, outside Port Elizabeth. "He died at the scene," Labans said.

We are really in good hands with ministers like this
KwaZulu-Natal MEC for co-operative governance and traditional affairs Nomsa Dube called on the national department of science and technology to investigate the causes of lightning after seven people died in lightning strikes. We will do an investigation and talk to the department of science and technology on what is the cause of the lightning, and if it only happened to the previously disadvantaged as I have never seen any white people being struck by lightning." said Dube. She was visiting Mpumazi in Eshowe where seven people from two families died after being struck by lightning on Sunday.  "Scientists from the department could perhaps help us and come up with instruments that could help community members protect themselves against lightning. "The department has dealt with floods and fires, but lightning was new to us," said  Dube. (SO now Lightening is also racist as it seems to only kill black people...............mmmmmmmm)

Johannesburg - Suspended ANCYL president Julius Malema issued a challenge on Saturday to those within the ruling party who were trying to silence him, the SABC reported. "We know that undemocratic processes are those that are intolerant to different views, those that use state power to deal with those that disagree," Malema said. He said these elements had unleashed all state institutions against him as they would do anything to silence him. "If they want to arrest me, I've got an address, they are welcome to come and arrest me," he said. Malema said he was not breaking any rules of his suspension by addressing Limpopo youth league elective conference delegates from his home. "When you visit me here and you want me to engage with you, I do so without any fear or favour because this is my house," Malema said. Ii also seems that JuJu owes the taxman a few R......he he, love it.

Nkandla - South Africa's polygamous President Jacob Zuma on Saturday celebrated his sixth wedding in a second day of weekend festivities filled with traditional Zulu culture. The 70-year-old formalised his relationship with long-time fiancee Bongi Ngema on Friday with Zulu song and dance while dressed in leopard skins and carrying a shield surrounded by men in similar warrior attire. The businesswoman became Zuma's fourth wife in Nkandla, deep in the KwaZulu-Natal countryside, where on Saturday she handed presents to Zuma's family at his homestead in a gift ceremony. Friday afternoon's tying of the knot was followed by a glitzy western-style evening reception with a tiered cake where the couple donned formal wear in a marquee erected on the grounds of a local school. The couple have a seven-year-old son and Ngema joins Zuma's three other wives to become one of four first ladies with all spouses attending the marriage. Earlier,

Its the Ironman today (Sunday) it’s when  thousands of mentally challenged people decide to do a 3.8km swim (in the ocean) a 180 km cycle race and a 42 km run (all in one day). This year they estimate some 6000 escaped mental patients will attempt the course. This is a huge growth from 2004 when only 420 participants arrived to test their bodies and minds against the tough course. The fact  that 9 years ago we had 420 and today 6000 says to me that we either have  many more fit people or the number of mentally challenged persons in the country has grown rapidly. Its expected that this event will bring in R50 000 000 into the economy, but its not without sacrifice from us sane residents who have to put up with road closures for most of the day and it means that we can’t get to to our favourite beach.............not that I would want to because the weather is really KAK , its cold, overcast, windy and it will rain again (did so early this morning) so not only do you have to battle the body and mind the elements have also come to the party today and are throwing a huge middle finger. Having said all that I did think that I should also attempt the Iron man this year and I did. I have to say it was hard, took me far longer than I thought and I will have to purchase new clothing due to the abuse it took over this attempt, perhaps even new equipment.   

It’s my father in laws birthday today (Sunday) so we popped in at his place and had a braai.........yes we said the B word and that can only mean one thing .......................Yes your right bad weather. It did not rain but it was windy and as I have just told you the weather today is not the best. However we made the best of it and had a real Lekker visit

Yesterday (Saturday) was my Niece Ambers 3rd birthday, unfortunately she lives on the Island so her SA family are not able to join in on the festivities that she had on the day. From the Facebook photos it seems that she had a picnic tea party with some of her friends and Douglas’s family as most of them now live on the Island, so as it must be she had a really Lekker or Spiffing day as they say in the classics. Who knows if Doug and Nicole ever come back to live in SA (which I doubt) we will get to celebrate a birthday or two with Amber.     

Was supposed to go to EL today for a few days but looks like I will be going to Umtata for a day on Tuesday.......could change as our schedules get changed at a moment’s notice at present.(If i do go will let you know what is was like in next blog)

Super Rugby this week saw the Stormers beat the Reds 23/13 The Sharks where beaten by the chiefs 12/13 and the Bulls managed to   just beat the Brumbies 36/34 after a awesome last 12 minutes by the Brumbies. The Lions and the Cheetahs had a bye this weekend.

I see that Everton drew 4/4 with Manchester United to keep the Premier league title chase in flux with only a few games left to decide who wins. Man City are 5 points behind Man u so they are hoping the Red Devils will slip up.........Me too..

Ok well that’s it for this week

Have a great week ahead and for South Africans  enjoy the long weekend .

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