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Before I forget Happy Easter to all those that are reading this Blog, hope you had or are having a Lekker (that means nice for those non South African readers or ex South African residing in a foreign country and have forgotten the taal).

So last Sunday it was April Fool’s day and I forgot to add this into my Blog (probably because we found a box that had someone’s ashes in it, first time I have ever brought a dead person home and hopefully the last)..................

Talking about April Fools here is a little info about the origins of this day that is celebrated in so many countries in so many ways.  
The history of April Fool's Day or All Fool's Day is uncertain, but the current thinking is that it began around 1582 in France with the reform of the calendar under Charles IX. The Gregorian calendar was introduced, and New Year's Day was moved from March 25 - April 1 (New Year’s week) to January 1. Communication travelled slowly in those days and some people were only informed of the change several years later. Still others, who were more rebellious refused to acknowledge the change and continued to celebrate on the last day of the former celebration, April 1.

These people were labelled "fools" by the general populace, were subject to ridicule and sent on "fool errands," sent invitations to nonexistent parties and had other practical jokes played upon them. The butts of these pranks became known as a "poisson d'avril" or "April fish" because a young naive fish is easily caught. In addition, one common practice was to hook a paper fish on the back of someone as a joke.

This harassment evolved over time and a custom of prank-playing continue on the first day of April. This tradition eventually spread elsewhere like to Britain and Scotland in the 18th century and was introduced to the American colonies by the English and the French. Because of this spread to other countries, April fool’s Day has taken on an international flavour with each country celebrating the holiday in its own way. In Scotland, for instance, April fool’s Day is devoted to spoofs involving the buttocks and as such is called Taily Day. The butts of these jokes are known as April 'Gowk', another name for cuckoo bird. The origins of the "Kick Me" sign can be traced back to the Scottish observance.

In England, jokes are played only in the morning. Fools are called 'gobs' or 'gobby' and the victim of a joke is called a 'noodle.' It was considered back luck to play a practical joke on someone after noon. In Rome, the holiday is known as Festival of Hilaria, celebrating the resurrection of the god Attis, is on March 25 and is also referred to as "Roman Laughing Day." In Portugal, April fool’s Day falls on the Sunday and Monday before lent. In this celebration, many people throw flour at their friends. The Huli Festival is celebrated on March 31 in India. People play jokes on one another and smear colours on one another celebrating the arrival of Spring. So, no matter where you happen to be in the world on April 1, don't be surprised if April fools fall playfully upon you.

Talking about fools, seems that Julius “what a retard” Malema who has again been suspended from the ANC is living up to his spoilt child, militant persona from local news “Suspended ANC Youth League president Julius Malema addressed the congregation at a Good Friday church service in Butterworth in the Eastern Cape, according to a report. This was despite being barred from doing so as per the conditions of his temporary suspension from the ANC. The SABC reported that Malema had spoken out against what he called "individuals trying to silence him" at a second church service which he had attended”. (Perhaps we should just rename him Boomerang, because the F%^ker just keeps coming back.)    

So far this year and this was the figure at Tuesday 159 Rhino have been killed so some far eastern ‘Fucktard” can get a hard on and pomp (that’s bonk for you non Sefafrican readers), last year the figure was 448 . the poaching has got so bad that a game farm near Jeffery’s Bay (70 kms from PE) was robbed last weekend and when the dim-witted thief did not find money in the till of the bar he broke into, he must have thought he had scored a luck when he saw the Rhino head on the wall......................This Shit for brains then sawed off the fibreglass horn of the decorative head......................What a tool.   

In 2000 seven  Rhinos were poached years after that the numbers were 6, 25, 22, 10, 13, 24, 13, 83, 122, 333,  so far this year more rhino’s have been slaughtered than  the total number from 2000 – 2007. How do we stop this carnage?..........................’I wish I knew” because so far nothing seems to be working and I don’t see how selling CD’s books, wearing black on a Friday, signing petitions or putting stickers on the back of your car  will stop the indiscriminate slaughter. Perhaps we need to find the people who use the rhino horn to get a boner and cut that it off........Talking about animals, Wednesday the 4th of April was World rat day........”who knew” we have a rat and had no idea, oh well will just have to try and remember for next year..............”not”

Finished SAMTRAC training this week, with the students writing their 3 hour written assessment on Good Friday (hopefully it will be good and they will all be found competent). Had a small Braai (throw raw meat on an open flame, for the none “Sefrican” readers) after we had finished. Had a good class and having spent 2 weeks with them you get to become friends.

Gabby has gone to Easter Camp in Kirkwood, about 200kms away from PE, she is probably having a ball with mates, we all went last year, have to say really glad that I don’t have to do it this year, not really my cup of tea. Gabby seems to be having fun as we have only heard from her twice so far this weekend

Saturday was  go to gym day , so spent some time sweating and straining my muscles (sorry muscle), then Tania and I went to the Main beachfront as the yearly Easter Splash Festival is on, runs from 6th – 9th of April.  Was same old same old with same stalls selling the same shit with only 1 or two stalls that sold anything of worth. you do however get to see some interesting characters walking about, like the photo of this dude who had his Gene Paaant tucked up like board shorts. Went to watch some rugby with a couple of mates at Sgt Peppers (the owner as you may have guessed is a huge Beatles fan)

Super Rugby scores for South African teams this weekend was that the Sharks had their asses handed to them by the Hurricanes 42/18 was the final score. The Stormers beat the Highlanders 21/6  much to many people surprise, The Cheetahs beat the Lions 26/5 and the Bulls just beat the Crusaders 32/30 with the Bulls hanging on at the end for a well deserved win. The super 15 log top 3 is after round 7 1st Stormers 2nd Chiefs and then the Brumbies in 3rd. The Bulls are 4th, the Sharks 9th , the Cheetahs 11th and the Lions (not really surprised at this 15th). took this photo of a gent that i would not have thought would wear pink, however being a Bull fan this is now not the case, with many a man gladly donning a pink shirt to support his  team every weekend.    

News from across the world (info from news 24)

Washington - A US Navy F-18 jet crashed into a low-rise apartment building in Virginia on Friday triggering an inferno, military officials said, with emergency responders rushing to the scene. The two crew members successfully ejected from the jet which ploughed into a populated area in the eastern coastal tourist resort of Virginia Beach, the Navy confirmed on Twitter but there was little word on civilians in the area. Reuters reported that six people had been injured.

Beijing - A Chinese schoolboy sold his kidney for an illicit transplant operation and used the proceeds to buy an Apple iPhone and iPad, state press said on Friday. The 17-year-old boy, who was paid 22 000 yuan ($3 500), was recruited from an online chatroom and is now suffering from kidney failure and in deteriorating health, the Xinhua news agency said. A surgeon and four others have been arrested and are facing charges of illegal organ trading and intentional injury.

Paris - The French interior minister has said he fears a serial killer is on the loose after a series of murders in an outer suburb of Paris.  Claude Gueant, speaking on French radio Europe 1 Friday, said "maximum resources" would be used to find the perpetrator. Investigators are looking into four murders that have taken place in the Essonne region of the capital since November. Authorities say the same firearm was used in three of the murders, according to a police source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, citing policy. In the latest murder on Thursday, a killer fled on a motorbike after shooting a 47-year-old woman in the head. French authorities are on heightened alert after a string of murders in southern France last month by a gunman on a motorbike.

Time to stop petrol panic, NO strike has yet been called, Food and Fuel prices to soar, Police close filling stations, Don’t Panic............Sound familiar, yep I bet your saying headlines for SA newspapers, well ladies and gents you would be wrong, these are headlines in UK (the land of milk and honey) newspapers. So it would seem that petrol shortages have seen the police have to be deployed to stop people getting aggro and the sale of jerry cans has soared as people are hoarding fuel.  Seems that the Pommie government urged people to fill up their cars and stock up on petrol due to a strike that may be coming up. Also it seems that the Island may be in or heading for another recession.  (A jerrycan is a robust fuel container originally made from pressed steel. It was designed in Germany in the 1930s for military use to hold 20 litres of fuel. The development of the jerrycan was a significant improvement on earlier designs, which required tools and funnels to use. The poms called it a Jerrycan as Jerry was a disparaging word for Germans, in Germany it was called the Whermachtkannister ) Despite the common mistake that jerry comes from the sound the Ger in the word German makes, Jerry actually refers to the Helmets worn by the Germans during WWI, which to their opponents resembled Chamber Pots, or Jerries. (So let it never be said that you don’t learn shit from this Blog)

Sunday I went to the gym again and then Tania and I did some window shopping  and checked out the book shops at the local mall and had a Lekker breakfast at The Mugg and Bean, the weather today is English Summer as its wet and coldish, Autumn is here as the trees are starting to lose their leaves, today’s temp is  min 10/ max 20, Tania checked on her phone for the temp in Clarens min 3/ max 19 interestingly enough the website indicated that there is a Clarens in South Africa, Switzerland (Paul Kruger died there) and also one in France and Mauritius (that I did not know).

Well that’s about it for this week, hope you and your families are having a Happy Easter and that the week ahead will be a good one for you all.  but before I go a question



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