49 not out

So the Village Idiot (ex) had a birthday this week  and turned 49, Yep I know hard to believe that this youthful looking gent could be nearly 50, but as they say in the classics “Strue”

So I see that Dewani has contracted both "Selebiitis" as well as "Shaikamonia" and will not be sent to come and visit Bubba and his mate Vaseline in the near future, he is apparently still mentally unwell somehow i do beleive that he is not that unwell and is using this as an excuse.

This week I have been facilitating SAMTRAC and with only a small group I have enjoyed the one on one contact, have a nice group and hopefully all 4 will pass. The new SAMTRAC has been upgraded from last year and the students now do group work, individual assignments as well as a Summative  assessment on the last day, which happens to fall on Good Friday, so guess who will be working that day......................Yes you have hit the nail on the head .............’Moi”

So how did the SA teams do in the Super 15 this week.........well the Cheetahs came from behind to stun the hurricanes 47/38 but its justice as the Cheetahs have played well this season and last year at Bloemfontein the Canes beat the Cheetahs by 3 in another high scoring game 50/47, the Sharks held onto a win over the Brumbies and won 29/26 The Lions lost against the Crusaders 23/13 and the Stormers pipped the Bulls 20/17 at Newlands

As Adele would say “Rumour has it” Sonny Bill Williams wants go to  Cape Town and maybe play for the Stormers. Very interesting last year he was welcomed by the Stormers fans (well, the coloured section that is) as if he was a conquering hero so perhaps the  Western Province and Stormers brains trust, may seriously consider it.

Went to gym on Saturday and Sunday and starting to see that results of the hard work, not that I look like Adonis, but I am not in that bad shape for a 49 year old. I can now actually say that I am more in shape than Old Arnold “I will be back” Schwarzanegger

Can you imagine being the winner of this .................”Oh what would I do” ? The record $640m lottery prize that sent the United States into a gambling frenzy reportedly had at least one winner early on Saturday as local media said the winning ticket had been sold in the state of Maryland. The winning numbers - 2, 4, 23, 38, 46 with Mega Ball 23 - were announced at 03:00 GMT on Saturday. Hell I don’t want to even convert it into R’s as don’ think my calculator would be able to handle it, I recently won R10.50 on the lotto............still wondering what I will buy with all that R

Had a Braai at House on Saturday for my birthday and Ryans who celebrates today (April Fools day), weather was the normal Dunkley/Brewerton Braai day and it pissed down with rain, but we did score a luck and  by the time we ate the weather had mellowed a little. Rob my mate from Clarens who has moved to PE joined us, so was lekker to see him.

Weather on Sunday (today) is Great, went to Sardinia Bay and had a swim and just chilled with a beer, Gabby and I were swimming in the lagoon and we found a wooden box in the rock area, the box was screwed shut so we had to bring it home to see what was in it, Money, Drugs, jewellery were some of the suggestions , imagine our surprise when we opened it there was a bag of someone’s ashes................Yes someone’s ashes, Holy shit now we have to make a plan to take them back. Surely if you throw someone’s ashes away in the sea you open the packet and do it or if you want to  put them in a box then put something heavy in it and don’t throw it away in a shallow lagoon..........  

Saw this cartoon, that I thought was very good.

Well lazy this week, so not much else to say.

Have a great week



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