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 Those of you that bothered to read last week’s Blog will know that I had to go to Queenstown, some 355 kms to the North East of Port Elizabeth. As is the norm I saddled up the old Triumph and  took to the road. PE was windy but by the time I hit the turn off for Grahamstown (that celebrated its 200th birthday last weekend) it was Frikken hot, I stopped to take off my jacket so I could fry my arms, by the time I got to Fort Beaufort I reckon the temperature was upper 30’s.............”It was hot” as I crossed over the top of Nico Malan Pass I could smell the rain, but it was still in the distance, as I was coming round a corner just having passed Waterdown dam an Eagle with a rabbit or Dassie came out of a bush and decided to play Chicken with me. Don’t know who got the biggest fright but as I ducked he /she veered to the left and hit my shoulder..............”Never played Chicken with an eagle before”.  

About 20kms from Queenstown the rain that I had smelt and seen in the distance hit with a vengeance and it was not Lekker riding. By the time I got to the venue I was soaked and pissed off. The roads were all flooded and with the roads being dug up I nearly disappeared once or twice. I got to the address that I was staying at and it was a dilapidated house that looked KAK, so I knocked on the door and after a while when no one answered I called the cell number. A gent answered and I said “its raining, I am standing outside of your house knocking on the door and no one is answering” to which he replied “ I am at my front door and there is no one here”................I said “are you the house at 8 Frost street”? and to my relief he said “No we are at 38 Frost”..............Yeah I know I felt Dof but at the same time happy that this was not the place I was going to spending a couple of days. Guest house  was nice (parts built in 1890) and the people are nice enough but it’s no Tindale lodge

Monday I eventually found the Eskom offices that I was going to be training at, it’s always good when you arrive when they look at you with that blank expression and you have to explain you are there for training. Got the class together (13 booked, 18 arrived for the course, so it was a good job I took 20 folders with training material). I was supposed to start at 8.30 , eventually started at  just after 9, at about 9.20am a lady (and I use that term loosely) informed us that we had to get out of the boardroom and move to a small room to do the training as there was a disciplinary hearing for the next two days and the venue had been booked. When we pointed out that the other venue was to small for 19 people but big enough for 5 that just pissed her off even more. To cut a longs story short they booked a venue in Queenstown for us to go to. So we moved too to the Moth hall, set up tables and by the time we got sorted it was nearly 11am.  

Queenstown is better than I thought it would be but with a railway line running through the middle of the village you do need to be on the right side of the tracks.    I thought that  most of you (like myself) would not know much about the history of Queenstown so I looked up some information.
The town was founded in early 1853 under the direction of Sir George Cathcart who named the settlement, and then fort, after Queen Victoria. The town prospered from its founding up to the world wide depression of the 1930s, and again thereafter. In the 1960s. The layout of Queenstown reflects its original objective as a defensive stronghold for the frontier area and has a most unusual design. There is a central hexagonal area where canon or rifle fire could be directed down six thoroughfares radiating from the centre. The canon sites have now been replaced with gardens and a central fountain was the dominant feature. A striking abstract sculpture replaced the fountain as part of the town's 150th anniversary. The Hexagon still exists, with the outer road surrounding it named Robinson Road, which encircles it. Surrounding the Hexagon to the east and west lies more commercial and administrative facilities.

 Queen's College, Queenstown Girls' High School, Kwa Komani Comprehensive, Hexagon High School and Maria Louw High School are among well-known secondary schools in Queenstown. The former has produced many fine sportsmen, including Tony Greig, Daryll Cullinan, Kenny McEwan, Kaya Malotana, Lionel Cronje, Justin Kemp, Rob Kempson, Dick Muir and Lwazi Mvovo. Not sure if Steve was born there or just has a number of 'friends" on this street. Left late Tuesday afternoon and got home just before 7pm managing to miss all the storms that where threatening to dump water on me. Bike needs a new air filter as is not operating at full strength at lower revs. 

Before I forget well done to Richard Levi who managed two records in the second T20 match against the New Zealanders  , the first was to score the quickest 100 (off 45 balls) in a International T20 and tje first South African to score a hundred or more in a International T20. SA won the T20 series 2/1 by narrowly beating New Zealand in the 3rd game.  The Proteas under De Villiers beat New Zealand with 6 wickets and 5 overs’ to spare in the 1st One day international. Smith, Amla and Kallis, did not score but De Villiers (106 not out) and Faf Du Plessis (65 not out) brought us home, Duminy also contributed. 
They say that going to a gym or a Health Spa is  good for you and a healthy option to your life style. Well that may not always be true. Atlanta (USA) - Authorities say five people are dead in an apparent murder-suicide at a suburban Atlanta spa.  Norcross police spokesperson Captain Brian Harr said officers found the bodies after responding to a call reporting a person shot on Tuesday night at the Su Jung Health Sauna.

This week was Budget week in SA and as usual the few are being taxed to look after the many...........I nearly choked on my caviar when I heard on the news that 81% of the taxes paid in SA comes from 2% of the population...................”F$%k Me”.............. “excuse my French”  Surely it’s about time they start getting more South Africans to pay, Corrupt government officials need to be put up against a wall and shot. With Oil at 123 dollars a barrel and a extra 20 – 30 cent levy put on fuel by the government that can only mean one thing for the hard pressed consumer ...................More pain.  Yep we need Madiba’s face on our money because we need to be remembered every time we see the Rand that it’s a struggle to make it and to keep it.   

Talking about Madiba he has been admitted to a private in hospital in Gauteng with a stomach ailment as is the norm rumours that he is dead  or on the brink of death are doing the rounds. Latest is that he seems to be doing ok and could be going home in the near future.

Super 15 started this weekend and did not get to see a game, hopefully I will get to see some games over the long season. South African teams that won are the Bulls who beat the Sharks in a dreary affair at Loftus 18/13, The Stormers beat the Hurricanes 39/26 and the Cheetahs (as is their way) snatched defeat from the jaws of victory 

Now that the Bulls play in Pink (away games)
1) One lucky season ticket holder will win a free make-over during half time of each match.
2) Fans will no longer be allowed to Braai before kick-off, instead fondue stations will be available for snacks.
3) The beer tent will no longer sell beer, but a wide variety of fruity drinks will be available.
4)The dancing girls will be replaced by a French poodle parade.
5) The man of the match will not receive a trophy, but rather a subscription to House and Home magazine.
6) The yellow card area will not be referred to as the sin bin, but will now be known as the temper tantrum tank.

The Village of Clarens had its second Beer Festival this weekend and by all accounts it was well run, well attended and a huge success. To be honest I would expect nothing less as the owners of Clarens Brewery who put the festival together never do anything half assed and my mate Meatbomb who is the manager at Clarens Brewery will have left no stone unturned to ensure it was a great success. Sorry I could not have been there but well done guys. 

This weekend was Jeanelle’s Birthday and I am sure that she and her Hubby as well as friends in Clarens had a great time.........................” Happy birthday Jeanelle hope that you have a great year”  (Jeanelle is on the right of the picture)
Ok well off to the Gym to torture my muscles and sweat like a pig.

Have a great day and an even better week

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