" I Smell A Rat "

Seems that Juju is still shouting the odds as the leader of the ANC Youth league, I am confused isn’t he supposed to be suspended for 14 days so that he can appeal the decision of the ANC disciplinary committee that stripped him of his leadership roll of the youth league?  Malema says that perhaps he is guilty of thinking and that’s why the ANC found him guilty.......Juju no one can ever accuse you of “thinking”.....seriously if you had another brain cell it would be lonely.

“Only the ANC Youth League has the right to dismiss its leaders, its embattled leader Julius Malema told delegates at the league's three-day lekgotla in Pretoria on Friday. "If the youth says we must step down and resign, we are prepared to step down."

To applause, Malema said the leadership had effectively been found guilty of abiding by the resolutions of the league's 24th congress held in 2011. "The basic lesson we have learned is that of democratic centralisation... we are guilty of thinking." He said if the ANC had the right to fire the league's leaders, then it should be appointing the leadership which, he pointed out, it did not. I have heard that Malema is not an ANC Youth League member in good standing as he is 3 years behind in his subscriptions ( a hefty R36.00) R12.00 per year is the fee to belong to a Group of Morons. 

 So  I was in EL from Sunday to Wednesday, Ryan hired a car as one of his cars has broken and there was just to much stuff to take on the bike. Got to EL and Carl (owns Tindale Lodge) was at Selbornians old boys club so we popped in there to have a couple of “lemonades” and meet a few of his mates. Training went ok and we took a goof at Nahoon reef on Monday, water was ok but water very dirty due to rivers that came down in flood after all the rain we had. Was really hot and battled to sleep Monday and Tuesday nights. Wednesday we drove home, passed this “sign fail” that was situated on Buffalo pass and the reason I don’t want to take bus trips.         

Here is a good word to use when describing that person who if you have snorkelled he is a  scuba diver etc etc, you know the kind of person I am talking about, well there is a name for them now you can call them FIGJAM......................”Fuck I’m good Just ask me” 

News from  the UK: London – 1) Atheists were celebrating victory in a landmark test case in Britain on Friday after challenging the right of a town council to hold prayers before meetings. The National Secular Society and an atheist councillor challenged the practice of Bideford town council in Devon, southwest England, of having religious prayers on meeting agendas. The legal challenge was launched in July 2010 after the NSS was contacted by Clive Bone, a non-believer who was then a councillor in Bideford.

2) While we have been receiving sooooooo many snow photos from family in London we need to remember it’s been F%$##ing  cold with hundreds of people across Europe succumbing to the cold. Think my family are getting too acclimatised into UK culture, happy to see snow and commenting about how beautiful it is,  is showing me that the roots are no longer like fine roots just attached enough to get what you need from the soil your attached to, but are starting to take root and dig deeper into the way of life  that the UK offers....................”Tap roots”

3) Now I know why so many South Africans settle in UK, it’s because plenty of Poms (football players as well as there yobo supporters) are Racists, the England Captain has been stripped of his captaincy due to him allegdgedly racially abusing a player of colour, this lead to Fabio Capello  resigning as England Coach and has been replaced by caretaker coach Stuart Pearce  who it would also seem is a Racist having abused Paul Ince in a game  a number of years ago So the England football team was plunged into a new racism storm on Thursday night after Stuart Pearce was named as caretaker manager following Fabio Capello's resignation, according to a report in The Sun. Pearce, 49, had to apologise to Paul Ince for allegedly racially abusing him when both were players. The incident bears striking similarities to the racist rant charge facing John Terry, stripped of the England captaincy pending his court case. Hell iIcould not live in such a backward and racist country one that pretends to be a accepting and open society.

Don’t stress Doug, not getting into Defcon 4 mode regards the Island, but every now and again I need to stir just a little, otherwise it really gets Frikken boring. Enjoy seeing the photos and happy that you guys love the snow, we prefer the Sun and the Surf, but I suppose you Have to learn to live with and enjoy the weather etc that you are given or have made a choice to accept.   

Saturday went to watch the EP Kings (local rugby side) play the Stormer’s at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium The EP Kings lost 31/13, was not impressed by the Stormer’s or the EP kings as a matter of fact. The games are pre-season warm ups and next week Friday the Kings play the Sharks. We did however discover that Western province/Stormers fans do in fact drink pink drinks, as you can imagine we gave these gents a gentle ribbing aboutb their choice of thirst – quencher. 

Seem to have been seeing plenty of really unsafe scaffolding this last couple of weeks, or maybe it’s because now I am in the safety business I just  focus on that. One I saw I was unable to take a photo as we were travelling along a road with plenty traffic, but this one I did manage to get.  

Going to relax today and do some prep work for an Incident investigation course that I have to present next week as well as get some items ready for a SHE Rep competition that Vusi and I are judging on Thursday for the Port authorities. Will also be attending the prize giving and gala dinner “Free Food”. Will probably also go to the Gym later today as Tania has signed us up for a 3 year contract so will go check the place out and get some advice how when I can come out of the bathroom with a towel around my waist Tania can say to me “Stephen you look just like a Greek God” and not “Stephen you look just like a Greek”

Oh yeah check this children’s playground “Fail” I was riding past yesterday dropping Ryan at home after the Rugby  and saw this so decided to stop on way home and take a photo. Just had a good laugh as I am writing this I am watching a documentary called ‘pussy people” .............................................Woah boy get down its about cats. 

“Shit” news just in from Los Angeles - Pop legend Whitney Houston, who was found dead on Saturday, was the vocal star of a generation whose soaring voice broke records and inspired millions of fans before substance abuse sent her on a downward spiral..............RIP Whitney you were a legend and had an amazing voice.

Anyway that’s it for this week

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