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“Good news I was counted for the Census”  

Think I have been really good for a while now (even if I say so myself) regards not stirring the pot when it comes to Ex-pats, but must say it’s really lovely to see all those rats that jumped the sinking ship supporting the team of the country that they in fact don’t support anymore by fact they left for greener pastures, safer shores or whatever excuse makes them feel better about abandoning the land of their birth.

Now while I know there were a number of Genuine Bok supporters who left the shores of South Africa to go and watch the Boks (they did however come back) many of the so called fans in the stands are in fact “When We’s” people who decided that a Black government was in fact not what they actually wanted and ran away.
It does not make sense to me that you paint your face in SA flag colours, you wear Supporters gear, wave the SA flag with gusto and sing Nkosi Sikelela Africa with patriotic fervour  but you have left the very country you purport to love..............So throw away all things South African and embrace your new homes and country with all the fervour you show (only when it suits you) the Bokke. The IQ of SA as well as the country you have moved to has improved.      

So  did you see the look on Pococks face when he was being penalised by Craig Joubert (take note how ref properly Lawrence) it was “Bryceless”. At least the RWC final has a South African in the middle, Craig Joubert has been given the honour of refereeing the All Blax VS France. So since 1995 we have had either a team or ref involved in the Finals of the RWC (Andre Watson was the ref in 1999 and 2003). A good poster that I saw in the AB VS Aus game was “Pocock VS Woodcock..............Our Cock is bigger than yours”    

So Brother leader is dead (caught like a rat in a aquaduct), that’s another one we can tick off, who is next (JuJu or Bryce Lawrence), seems he was hiding   

I see the Face book rapist has been sentenced to 50 years for rape etc...........good one, but now I read that this shit is threatening to kill himself. “Thabo Bester, do me and society a huge favour and don’t threaten it, JUST DO IT” , it will save myself as well as other selected taxpayers  having to waste money on sending you to jail, housing, feeding and clothing your sorry ass.
Had a busy week this week, JHB, PE, EL, PE in space of 6 days,  “3000kms, 3 cities, 11 shows and coming to a factory near you soon”. Got to see mom and dad on Monday so that was great. I have seen some wierd shit in my life but have to admit my head spun as i drove pasth this scene and just had to go back and take a photo.............its a thin Vibracrete wall that the dog is standing on and to make it harder the wind was pumping. 

Talk about being lazy this gent was measuring a distance between two points at a factory we had to do the Ergonomics play at. I am still running and getting fitter, but looking at this headline from yesterday (Saturday 22nd) it would seem that Jogging may not add extra years to your life................... “Five people died and one was injured when a car drove into a group of joggers in Midrand, on Saturday morning”.

Sports this weekend saw the Aussies edge out Wales 21/18 in the Bronze medal playoff, seems the Welsh rue the fact that they again did not have a recognised (or should I say accurate kicker on the team) as they lost 3 Games this RWC due to crap place kicking, most importantly the game against France that would have seen them in the Final against The All Blax. Well as much as I wanted, prayed, cajoled and pleaded the French were unable to beat the All Blax in the Final and lost by 1 lousy point 8/7 was the final score. 
Currie Cup semi finals saw the Cheetahs once again grab defeat from the jaws of victory and lost narrowly to the Sharks and the Lions stunned WP by booking a place in next week’s Final. The Proteas managed to score 303 in their 50 0vers at St Georges, I came home before the Aussies started to bat but as I write this the score is  86 for 2

It was amazing to see how many Half Blax were wearing ALL BLAX jersey’s but were shouting for the Protea’s, now I just don’t get it, don’t support the boks but support the cricket team.......Is it just me or does that seem Dof ???  

Well that’s it for this week but I leave you with this, what do you get if you mix PMS with A GPS? .......”A moody bitch who will find you”

Oh no I nearly forgot, Next Saturday our great friends Jeanelle and David are getting married, unfortunately we are unable to get to Clarens but we will be there in spirit. Jeanelle and David, the Village Idiot wishes you a very long, happy and wonderful life together, sorry we can’t be there but we Love you guys and hope to see you soon. XXXXXXX.


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