Singing in the rain

Heavy rains this week saw the PE area become a waterlogged. with rivers bursting banks and the lunatic asylum letting out patients to drive on the roads. Driving to Uitenhage on Thursday to do training at VWSA i saw 3 cars spin off the roads, two cars crash into each other and many other idiots hit water on the roads so fast that they managed to get the cars engine to stall.  The Swartkops river that has been a mere stream came down in flood and at one stage I was worried that I may have to sleep in Uitenhage.

So from a combined dam level of 31 % 3 weeks ago it now looks like we are bursting at the seams and the combined dam levels are now at  66 %, restrictions on water use have as yet not been lifted and to be honest I hope that the municipality don’t declare open season but rather raise the daily water allowance to say 750 litres per family per day.

For some reason I have felt NAAFI this week, don’t know why to be honest, just seem to have highs and lows, maybe it’s  just  old age? (No smarmy comments please)

Gabby has arranged herself a weekend job (voluntary at the moment) at a local snake park, a couple of her friends work there so she is giving it a go, Tania is worried that she may get bitten by a poisonous snake, which is a valid concern, but at the moment Gabby would only be allowed to handle non-venomous reptiles.
Keith (Tania’s dad) is on his way to England and then Canada tomorrow, he will be away for 5 weeks, going to miss him, but sure he will have a great time.    

Sports this weekend saw the Super 15 drawing to its close with the penultimate games before the playoffs, so lots at stake for certain teams. The Sharks managed a draw against the lions (they were lucky to get the draw), the Bulls beat the Stormers by 3 points setting up next week for a few have to win games, by 9pm on Saturday we will know which SA teams are in the top 6 so far the top 6 teams are in order: Reds, Stormers, Crusaders, Blues, Bulls and Sharks with the Waratahs at 7th also in with a shot. Probably the game of the weekend will be the Bulls vs Sharks at Loftus and to be honest I don’t see the Sharks winning  in front of that home crowd with the Bulls having just beaten the Stormers at Newlands, my prediction tight game but Bulls will take it. The Stormers take on the Cheetahs in Bloemfontein that could see them being robbed of a number 2 spot on the overall log

For those that are interested Audi completed 355 laps to win the Le Man 24 hour race.

I wonder how many of you realise that on Friday it was a year to the day that the Football World Cup started in SA................”Yep a year ago” 

Well that’s it for this week
Hope next week I ain’t so NAAFI

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