X marks the spot

No I am not talking about the latest saga of the pirates of the Caribbean franchise (although I must admit I want to watch it), I am in fact talking about the Municipal elections that where held on Wednesday. I voted DA as did an increasing number of  “Baaiers”  15 % more than 2006 but alas not enough to unseat the ANC who still run the municipality with 51% of the vote

Even though the ANC lost ground in the Nelson Mandela Bay (PE area) but they partied like it was 1994.............the one ANC spokesman.......A Julius Malema  wannabe called Faku said to supporters outside the city hall yesterday(Thursday) after learning the ANC had won that they should go and burn down the Herald newspaper as it had told people to vote against the ANC   and that PE needs a  Malema. The ANC have also ensured those wards that were won by the DA that they would still receive services from the municipality....Well F%$k you very much, you’re  the municipality  you’re supposed to look after all the wards, cause if you don’t Ii will withhold my tax money so you cannot live like feudal lords. I am starting to get sick of all these populist leaders who’s Rhetoric incites the lost generations against all that has been achieved in this country, what we need is co-operation and understanding not assholes who do not engage their brains before their mouths open and the shit just comes streaming out. The ANC lost support in 62% of the municipalities it runs, explain that Faku. 

Winter sucks with a capital S.................it’s no wonder Europeans are so ‘droog” (that’s Bland/insipid/boring/ordinary  for those non South African readers)can you imagine going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark for months on end, I get cranky when we have to endure it for a couple of months. Sunrise is past 7am at the moment so getting up for work has its challenges, especially when  it’s raining  or blowing a gale and sunset is about 5.30pm. 

My dad fell off his horse last weekend (Sunday to be exact) he is ok but the fence took a beating, that’s the problem with a horse when it does not want to stop it carries on running while on a motorbike you can close the throttle and apply brakes. Glad your ok dad.

 On Thursdays a few of us from the office play pool and i am now second last in the league, I start great and then go on a losing streak and this then affects my rating. Must say do enjo y the games and interacting with work colleagues other than in the office. 

Helped  Ryan on Saturday to trim back................”No  let me rephrase that”........Cut down a  tree in his back yard.  Saturday was also supposed to be the end of the world unfortunately it did not come as it may have saved me aches and pains from places I forgot I had.  Anyway we got lots of wood for the braai now....Not that I can afford the meat.   

Next week I am doing a health and safety talk to 2nd year Hospitality students , looking forward to that.

Sports this weekend saw the Stormers winning a stonker against the Blues (Stormers were 19-3 down at half time but won 28-26  with Schalk Burger scoring a try in the dying moments of the game). The Blue Bulls need 5 points from all their games and while they won 32 -23 they did not get the bonus point they needed . The Cheetahs beat the Rebels 41-21 and have won their 3rd game in a row (this is a record for them in Super rugby) , the Cheetahs are 9th overall on the super 15 log and 4th on the SA log, if they had just been more mentally alert at end of games this season the would have many more points as they have lost 9 games by 7 points or less, having only been given a rugby lesson by the Reds 41-9 and the Sharks 24-9. The Lions  lost again.  

Orlando Pirates won the SA PSL league, they are in PE  on 21 July to play Kaizer Chiefs, now that’s a local derby one has to go and watch.  Don’t ask me what is happening in the Indian IPL because I have lost track of who is playing who, when , where and for what.......enough already. I have lost interest in Formula 1 , when I lived in Clarens Meatbomb and I watched every race that we could at friends, usually with Chicken strips or slap chips and a beer or two or three, maybe that’s why it was interesting?

Yesterday Douglas and Nicole attended the IRB world 7’s at Twickenham a world record crowd of 54 000 people showed up apparently they had a beach theme so my proudly South African London living family did not wear anything that showed they were South African , which was a tad disappointing  but really happy thy had a nice time, December PE will host the South African leg if the IRB sevens so we will definitely be going to that. Doug says he will be going to both days next year as it was that much fun. Who knows maybe one day Ryan, Doug and I will go to the SA leg.

I see that the Poms are looking at bringing back National service in the UK, seems that their youth are a tad uncouth and need some discipline, wouldn’t that be funny if they make South Africans who have gone over there and are waiting for British passports  do national service or at least their kids..............wonder how many will decide to come back. 

Anyway that’s it for this week, got a a busy week ahead with training, talks, getting training material together for a week in Gauteng the week after. 

Have a good one

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