2 shots and a splash of water

The man who master minded 7/11 (no not the convenient stores) and who many thought to be living a harsh life in a cave (somewhat like Gollum) in Afghanistan wandering boulder strewn mountains and eating insects and whatever else they could run over with their mark 3 pack horses was caught in a luxury home a mere hour from Islamabad in Pakistan, the world and in particular the USA celebrated his demise and that of 4 other Islamic terrorists that were in the house at the time. I am sure there will be a book (by one of the special force members) and a pay per view movie in the near future (you know how the yanks can be). I know they don’t want to release photos of “the Bin” (friend of “the Stig”) as it may incite the Muslim world to blow shit up (again?) and the burial at sea was also a nice touch. I wonder if they asked for the assistance of the Soprano’s to weight the body down, so it did not bob back up.

I have to be honest I was surprised that the Yanks had attacked the right house, I mean let’s be honest the American Special forces don’t exactly have a great track record, for all we know they could have shot some other dude that looked like Osama and that’s why they don’t want to release photos. I think they are lucky that Osama was a guy and not a lady, I mean who would they have known who was who?

At about the same time that Bin laden was getting capped and being used as bait to catch Great Whites, Muamar Gaddafi had his son as well as 2 grandchildren killed when the house he was staying in was bombed by NATO, the Fearless Libyan leader survived by hiding behind one of his wives and so survived getting a sidewinder straight up the ass.

I see that on Friday crude oil went from 125 to 111 dollars a barrel, but the R/$ exchange rate went from 6.50 – 6.75, have you noticed that the 2 never balance out when the R is strong against the Dollar the oil price is high and when the oil price is lower the exchange rate rises in favour of the dollar..........No one can seem to explain to me why

This week in Cape Town they had an “Inclusive Tourism” section of the World economic forum, WTF is Inclusive tourism? Oh it means that we have to include women (read black women) and children (read uneducated black teenagers). Yes tourism can bring in plenty money into a country (just ask the Poms after last week’s Muppet wedding) but tourism by itself does not create work, the country has to be stable (No Idiotic comments) from supposed leaders so that means law and order has to be ok, roads need no holes in them, service at shops and restaurants needs to be good etc etc, so that means we can create jobs to fix roads, we need more policemen, not just throw money into ventures that may and I stress may create work. That’s the problem with Africa, while they hate the evil Colonists they always want them to pay to make their lives easier. I suggest you try this 4 letter word......WORK.

Also this week was the Tourism Indaba in Durban, i know that this year Clarens sent a representative again, so hopefully they will bring in business to the village. Having attended a good number of Indaba’s however its more the partying and networking (or should that read “not working”) that one remembers.

I am in EL the whole of next week, will be going by bike and giving Ryan a lift as he is also training till Wednesday and will be flying back on that day. Looking forward to riding the bike, just hope the weather is not that wet.

I see that a gent who drives a taxi in Port Elizabeth caused a huge accident on Stanford road injuring at leat 30 people, many passangers on Friday, how you may ask, well this Muppet was a mere 35 times over the legal limit for drinking alcohol. YES 35 times, now i beleive if i had to be over the limit by 35 times, you would all be attending my funeral, its obvious he did not smoke because if he did he probably would have exploded. I wonder if he had a drivers liscence, probably not.

Sports news this week is that the Cheetahs won their second game in a row, as they gave the Highveld Lions a 53/19 rugby lesson, the Sharks beat the Brumbies 34/16 and the Crusaders beat the Stormer’s in a game that resembled a Test match 20/14.

Today is Mothers day so to my mom have a great day mom, Il ove you soooooooooooooo much. I know that Tania, Ryan and Nicole will be a little sad today as Lois is not here with us anymore, but we will not forget her as let’s face it your mom is inside you, She is a big part of what you have become and i am very lucky to have an awesome mom.

We have had good rain this weekend, 40mm on Saturday alone, hopefully the rain fell in the catchment areas as well because the combined dam levels now stand at 31% (down 15.5%) from December 2009.

Well that’s about it for now, have a great week

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