The Weekend that was ................................................

 “KAK” to be honest.........................Not one of my better ones that is for sure. It started off well on Monday with me waking up (usually a good sign) but then went rapidly downhill from there.

I was presenting HIRA training at the office for Eskom at the office on Monday, so got there set up the training venue etc etc and at 8.45 am Eskom phoned to say the training was in uitenhage (40kms away) so I rushed there and eventually started at 9.30 am. To be honest did not enjoy the training over the 2 days as had a “know it all, need to look important and ask F&^%$king stupid questions” student. Also on the Tuesday the scooter developed a slow leak so had to keep pumping the tyre up. I then was supposed to do a talk on the Wednesday to hospitality students about Health and safety in the workplace, but I was called at 4 (while still in Uitenhage) to say that had changed, Rudi would do that and I was going to Knysna with my boss to assist with an Audit. I could not send the training info I had prepared as I was not connected to the internet, so I had to get back to the office to sort that out.

The leak got worse on the tire and I had to stop at least 20 times to pump the tire up, really exciting in rush hour traffic I can tell you.    

Wednesday I was up at sparrows and met Theuns at his house (using the scooter with the now Frikken fast leak) at 5.45 am. The trip to Knysna (256kms) was not that bad, some rain here and there. The Audit was good and then back home by 7pm....................long day.

Thursday I was up at 4  to leave  for East London at 5 am (thank God I used the car and not the Triumph) as it rained cats, dogs, budgies and various other live stock most of the way. The worst was Port Alfred and driving in the dark behind trucks is not great. I arrived in EL at 8.30am went to the NOSA office to drop something off and then drove to the client in the IDZ. 

No one knew I was coming (the lady who booked the training was off) so by 10 when the training was scheduled to start they still could not find the key for the training room and no students were available to be trained. The supervisor said they would take people off the production line and that they would call people from home, so could we start training 11-11.30 am.................I agreed, went for a cup of coffee (as none was offered) and got back at 10.45 am sat at reception for 10 minutes before I was noticed and then told they were calling maintenance to come and break the door lock and that they had people coming. To make a really really long story short I was back on the road heading for PE by 11.20 am................ None too pleased.  The trip back was only slightly better due to it being light.

The rain was intermittent, the road was busy with trucks and the retard drivers that obviously are allowed out on the road on Thursdays with the only redeeming feature being that it was daytime. Had a hold up for 20 minutes as the dragged a refrigeration truck off the road about 20kms from Port Alfred.........................At least I got back to the office on time to play pool (we have a pool league every Thursday after work) and I managed to play myself back to position 3 from position 6 so that at least was a silver lining in the large dark cloud I called Thursday.

Friday Ryan and I went to VWSA to present a possible lay on waste management to the safety department, with the scooter now out of action and the Triumph still in the shop for repairs I had to leave home at 6.15 am to walk to Ryan’s so I could be there on time to get a lift with him. The presentation went well but the client was late and it took longer than we thought. Then we got back to the office, I needed to catch up on paperwork get all the training material together for my workshops in Gauteng next week. So I was a tad stressed and then I had forgotten to mark the Electrical equipment for the office audit next week, when Theuns reminded me...................Actually I think his exact words were “I have got a bone to pick with you”.  I was pissed off to say the least and the volcano “exploded a little”.   

Saturday morning I took scooter to get a new tube to be to be fitted and half way to the shop the tire came off the rim, so I had another 3km walk and then had to wait for the gent to assist me in getting the scooter back, also had to replace the tyre (more money). We then went to a local school to their fate that was awesome last year and crap with a capital C this year. 

This morning (Sunday) Tania, Gabby and I went for breakfast and they were taking down the signboards that had illegally been erected, this photo is of the gent that was left on top with a blow torch and a) he had a safety harness on (but the safety leash it was not attached to anything except the harness itself) He was also not wearing safety goggles and the sparks were going everywhere (including his eyes). I am on way to Gauteng this afternoon for the week, it’s not Lekker being away from Tania and Gabby but will be great to see the family especially my folks. 

Sports for the weekend had the lions come from behind to beat the Highlanders 26 - 22(well done Lions), the Stormers managed to beat the Brumbies 16- 3  in a low scoring scrappy match that see them retain the top spot in the SA log of the Super 15 and stay 3rd on the overall log. The Sharks beat the Waratahs 26-21 and the Bulls unfortunately beat the Cheetahs 32-21. The Reds (top of the log 54 points) play the Crusaders (4th on the log 48 points) this morning so if the Crusaders win with a bonus point they could go up to 3rd and the Stormers would drop to 4th.  

News just in, the Reds beat the Crusaders 17-16 in a nail biter the overall log still have the Reds at the top 58 points, and the Crusaders stay 4th with 49 points. The stormers are still in the running with 3 games left before the playoffs start     

At the office we have a super 15 fantasy league and this weekend two of my players who always score me points did not play (they were on the team sheets, but were withdrawn at the last moment) seriously pissed off...............”The hits just keep on coming”  

Pirates beat Black Leopards 3-1 to win the Nedbank cup and make it 3 trophies this year and  Manchester United were made to look like amateurs by Barcelona for the UEFA cup by beating them 3-1 at Wembley stadium in front of 90 000 mostly Pommie fans.   
Don’t forget that the 1st of June is 100 days to go before start of the RWC and its wear Springbok colours day to support the Bokke. The 5th (next Sunday) is world environmental day so do something positive for the environment and remember “The environment is everything that isn’t you” 
Have a great week (or at least better than the one I just had)


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