Like a fine red wine.

They say that women get better with age, just like red wine…………..many will scoff at this analogy but I happen to think its true. When I was a kid I used to think to myself how can my dad “Smaak’ (smaak means “like” for my Pommie and Expat readers) my mom I mean they are so old and my face contorted like I had just eaten 459 sour worms all at the same time if I even “God Forbid” thought about my folks doing the nasty. Come on don’t smile, I know that many of you thought the same thing. But to be honest as you grow older with the one that you decided you would spend the rest your life with the more you realise that like a fine red wine they mature and get better with age. When I look at my Wife Tania today I see a woman that to me is more beautiful today than when we got married and I love her more than ever. I am I know lucky to have met a woman tat I know that I will spend the rest of my life with, Tania and I have known each other 30 years this year and we will have been married 25 years on 12 April…………and in today’s world were divorce is as easy as going to rent a DVD I thank that is pretty good, however we do have parents that have been married for many years, so we have had good examples to follow.

Valentines is here, the day of LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE, is it a day that we celebrate because we want to tell our loved ones that we love them or because the retail sector giants have hijacked it and made it a multi million Rand/Dollar/Pound/Euro/Yen industry and if you don’t spend money on Roses, cards and trinkets then you should feel KAK. Lets be honest we should be telling those that we love everyday that we love them and not have to buy little bears, chocolates and sexy lingerie on a specific day ……………Yes I take my wife for granted at times and I should bring home flowers more than once every 3 years but I am pretty confident that Tania knows that I love her and that she is the Love of my life.

So JZ gave us a state of the nation address on Wednesday and YADA YADA YADA, just throw more “Ching Ching” at the problem, “same old shit different day”. Its really great that they government are going to spend 29 Billion on job creation over the next 3 -5 years………..But Mr President here is a news flash you need educated people to give jobs to, we need to spend money on education, new schools, better teachers, text books , tables, chairs etc etc, Why? You ask well its simple JZ educated people are employable, educated people have skills to offer the country (plumbers, builders, electricians, mechanics, etc etc) and educated people can start own businesses and create work. We need trade schools to many PDP want to be lawyers and politicians because they see it as the fast track to being the elite, people need to realise that success should come from hard work not from a BEE deal or knowing the right people (JM is a great example of that)

I am as many of you know a loyal and fervent supporter of this country but I am worried about the statements or lack thereof about nationalization of the mines in JZ’s speech. Ryan (that’s my South African Brother in law) however reminded me that the people wanting mines to be nationalised are in fact those BEE benefactors that made bad deals with mines and are losing money and need a life line, if they nationalise mines then that means the government will have to pay them out and they will get their money back. That’s great but if we want investors to put money into this country they need to be sure that their investment is safe so we need our president to make a clear statement that mines will not be nationalised otherwise he just undermines (excuse the pun) the confidence in the mining sector of this country, a sobering article about this very thing was in this weeks Sunday Times, Business times section “SA will miss next boom” and “mining companies simply will not invest if they cannot be assured that assets they create will be secure and will relate SA to Zimbabwe. In 2009 SA’s mining industry shrank 1% while China’s grew 19%, Russia 10% and Indonesia 8% . SA’s competativness is also in question as well as corruption in this country. SO JZ you have to do more than promise, threaten and cajole to make the nation a better place for all.

So Mr Mubarak has decided to ‘Walk like an Egyptian” and the latest coming in from that country is the following نور ا ر رفت سايه يدا نيست نور ا ر رفت سايه يدا نيست نور نيست يدا نيست نور ا ر رفت سايه يدا نيست نور يدا نيست نور ا ر رفت سايه يدا نيست نور يدا نيست نور ا ر رفت سايه يدا نيست نور يدا نيست نور ا ر رفت سايه يدا نيست نور يدا نيست نور ا ر رفت سايه يدا نيست نور يدا نيست نور ا ر رفت سايه يدا نيست نور يدا ني...ست نور ا ر رفت سايه يدا نيست نور Hectic stuff! I will keep you all informed.
Let me say that this is the start of big upheaval in the Arab world with Algerians now starting to protest against the present government. In Muburaks defense he has stood down, unlike another gent near to SA who will only stop “F^^%#$ing” up his country when he is buried and even then they will have to put a guard there to make sure the bastard does not claw himself back from Hell. Amazing that SA does not encourage mad Bob to stand down and the citizens of Zimbabwe to demonstrate their unhappiness. How much money you prepared to be the next elections in Zim will be rigged and SA will say it was a fair and free election………..a strong and stable Zim is beneficial to SA but that’s another story. I am also going to say that I believe a Strong left wing Muslim government will take control of Egypt which will bring untold misery to millions……………..You heard it here first.

World cup Cricket starts next Saturday and hopefully this is the year that SA brings the cup home, wouldn’t it be nice for us to win the Cricket and the Rugby world Cups in the same year, If its not us then hopefully England don’t get a sniff in either of the competitions and the All Blacks must not win the RWC. Super 15 also starts next Friday so we have that to look forward to as well.

How’s this for luck, PE hosts only 1 pro-20 game this season with EL hosting the rest of the Warriors home games, On Wednesday I am in EL…………..darn. Got a great week coming up, busy the whole week training and doing environmental play for ESKOM on Thursday with Ryan. fly to East London tomorrow and drive back with staff that drive up on Wednesday . Friday I conduct SHE Rep training at the office and then its weekend again and before we know it March will be here.

Have been watching a couple of good comedians this week, one is Russel Peters a Canadian Indian (Charoo, not red Indian) who is brilliant and a British comedian called Michael Macintyre …………some good British comedians out there but then again to live on that island you need a good sense of humour. Michael talks about the “man drawer” that we man have and he is so right we have everything in their rom used batteries, old appliance brochures, keys from places we have long forgot about to light bulbs. I have a drawer just like that, bet many of you do to.

Next week my dad is competing in another horse show, this time with two horses and Gavin, my brother in law is competing in horse of the year, “No not him” his horse Doc (named after Doc Holiday of the shootout at the OK coral fame and probably best portrayed by Val Kilmer). So hopefully they will do well.

Well got to go, have a great week and don’t forget to tell those that you love ‘I Love you”



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