(Sung to the tune of Homeless, by Paul Simon and Ladysmith black Mombaso)

We are homesick, homesick wish we where part of the Soccer fun
We are homesick, homesick, wish we could feel the African sun

I am so sick of reading how many south Africans are homesick and wish they where in SA over the world cup….solution is very simple ladies and gents, come back HOME. They are trying to feel part of an event in their own country by living in a foreign one, does not happen. This is happening in South Africa and to “Feel it” you have to be here, I can just imagine the number of Sefricans wearing Bafana shirts, faces painted and blowing the Vuvuzela huddled around a TV In some dingy flat or house, trying to re-create SA by having a poxy barbeque (not a Braai unless your in SA) and all crying into their warm castles that they miss SA so much …..blah blah blah, boo hoo.

Isn’t it amazing how when something good is happening in SA all the “Patriots” come out of the woodwork and start waving the flag and supporting the country, but when times are not that great they have nothing good to say about SA all hanging on for 5 years to get that coveted British passport, I have one anyone want it ??. enough of that otherwise I will be called a Moron and narrow minded again, would not want that to happen would we J.

Sitting on my scooter at the traffic lights on Friday afternoon I thought to myself last week this time the country was a buzz of anticipation and excitement about the SWC as well as the chances of our own team to do well in this competition, after Wednesday and our 3 -0 loss to Uruguay there has been a noticeable drop in tat enthusiasm as well as support for the team.

I was at St Georges fan park on Wednesday night, thousands had braved the cold and wet conditions to support the boys and sing and shout them on to victory….The fans showed up but unfortunately Bafana did not, I do not believe that they played well, however do not think that they deserved to lose 3-0. The penalty was a travesty and after seeing supporters leaving the stadium in droves Bafana dropped their heads and defences and this allowed Uruguay to score their 3rd.

I still believe that Bafana can make it to the next round with a good win over France and hopefully the Uruguay/Mexico game goes our way. I have to say that I was a little nervous at first going to the fan park, but what a “Jol”, it was AWESOME, the whole package well presented and professionally hosted, this leads me to a conversation I heard yesterday at my local watering hole in Port Elizabeth ‘The Golden Duck” 4 gents “dyed in the wool, Rugby supporters where discussing the SWC, the games they had been to, how they had enjoyed the games, how awesome it was organized, the service levels and wait for it ………..How proud they are to be south Africans at the moment, that statement for me summed up the SWC, for years many people have not been proud to be South African and this is a legacy we will hopefully take forward after the SWC and the FIFA “interim government” have left our shores. Policing levels to stay the same, criminals apprehended shortly after the crime and better yet convicted almost immediately, now there is no excuse, if it can be doe during the SWC it can be done forever, service levels have increased, so they should stay at that level after the SWC cup as well, there should be no excuses.

Was great to see Algeria give the England team a soccer lesson on Friday night, even the two princes Harry and William could not get Yobo Rooney and the others to actually win the game, hopefully Slovenia beat them hear in PE on Wednesday.

The Vuvuzela controversy rages on and I have been looking to collect 101 alternate uses for a Vuvuzela, have so far come up with 93 uses so only need 8 more. Some real thinking out of the box.

Next week I am doing SAMTRAC (10 day course) Ryan is presenting and is a great course for me to be doing, as with this qualification I can get a good job, next year I need to finish my Nebosh course. I am really enjoying my time at NOSA and hopefully I will be taken on permanently at year end. If not then I will do as I always do and get back on the horse and find work, and it can be found, you just have to want to find it.

Today was father’s day so Tania, gabby and I went to St Georges Park to see the stalls and go into the fan park; Gabby Ryan and I are going tonight to watch Brazil against Ivory Coast. What a great day in PE weather is awesome and we had a lekker stroll at the beach and just chilled. .

I have friends in high places, my friend from Clarens Mr. Rolf Schlub knows Mr. Sepp Blatter, here is a picture of them together

(No Pun intended)

I went to a seafood disco last week...and pulled a mussel.

What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh.

Two fish swim into a concrete wall. The one turns to the other and says, "Dam!"

Well that’s about it for this week.


The Village idiot.

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