No Integrity

Got a friend that introduced a buyer of a house to people that he knows in the real estate business, expecting that a referral commission would be due from this referral …… Seems my friend was sadly wrong as he has been Stiffed with a capital S. It’s sad because he told me that he could have gone straight to the seller and made a packet out of the deal himself. But he decided (like an Idiot) that because these people had been helpful in the past and felt he was able to trust them, he would give them the business. He also told me he has sent a number of messages to the agency but all that he has received back is a deafening silence……..My friend also advised me that large chunk of change for commission was earned, sorry (should read received). Pretty Good for an agency doing the deal from a referral (thanks to my friend) and he did not even get a thank you………………now that sucks. What has my friend learnt from this Golden lesson? Well he tells me that he now understands why people class estate agents with 2nd hand car dealers and lawyers. My friend mentioned that he likes to be taken out to dinner first before he is Screwed (he used a cruder word).

Just in case is wondering what Integrity means, according to the Encarta dictionary English UK “The quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or professional standards” clearly not a code that his friends adhere to.

Ryan and I have started a new bike club it’s called the (When We Rural lads Scooter Club Global) or WALG for short, so far there are two of us but we plan to extend our membership to the next suburb so we can then go for really long rides and 4km weekend breakfast runs.

100 days to the start of the World cup and can you do the Diski dance?? , this is the dance that has been introduced in SA in anticipation of the World Cup and is loosely based on South Africans unique style of Soccer moves. Its not a dance it’s a whole production there are 5 steps with each step having about 20 moves……….now how the hell are we
1. Supposed to learn all the moves with only 100 days to go?
2. Supposed to do it during a football match? (you need about 15 minutes to complete the dance and need half a football field to ensure you do the moves)
I can imagine the conversation on Monday at the office,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,So Steve did you get to see the England Bafana match………yeah tickets cost me R1500 each. Wow that’s expensive was it worth the money……….don’t know as we did the Diski dance 3 times and only say about the last 10 minutes of the game.(In Mexico they created the wave (its fun, its fast and its SIMPLE). Oh just so you know the steps are called (The Juggle, The header, Table mountain, Trepa, The bridge, don’t ask me what Table Mountain or a bridge has to do with football but those bloody Capetonians have to get that small hill covered with cloud mentioned at any chance because the rest of the place Sucks……….FIFA don’t need to worry abut Cape Town ripping SWC tourists off for the World Cup…………They have been ripping us all off for years). Back to the Diski dance they have workshops that you sign up for 3 weeks to learn how to do this dance………..(Count me out I will support soccer the old fashioned way with a beer in my hand, shouting abuse at the ref and the opposing team/s PROUDLY waving the SOUTH AFRICAN FLAG…………”KE NAKO”)
Time is few now for the start of the World Cup and everything seems on track……cant wait to go and watch a match with Ryan and dad, to watch a SWC game in your OWN country (In AFRICA) is great…………Pity all those “Sefricans” living around the world will miss out. And to all this naysayer’s out there especially the South African living abroad who have said we could never pull it off I have two words for you……………“BYTE ME” we will host one of, if not the best tournaments ever held. Although I can see all of the “We love SA but not enough to make a contribution to the actual country brigade” pretending that they love SA by congregating in some park in London or Sydney or Auckland and doing their best to pretend they are in SA and really want Bafana to do well………… I always find it amazing how they always seem to crawl out of the woodwork when something good is being celebrated regards SA…………… they pull out the Braai’s, face paint, flags and false patriotism. ”Shout for the Poms rather……..we have the support of enough “egte regte” South Africans I am sure this is going to pee a few “Sefricans” off but to bad that’s how I feel about it.

Seems that the British press have been going on about our pitches not being ready for the World Cup…….100% correct some do need attention……like the Wembley pitch that has had to be re-laid four times I believe. And they also have been giving J Z carrots and while we may not agree with his lifestyle etc etc…he is our President and if anyone’s is going to give him Kak then its us…….not some pasty Pommie half breed that has only recently learnt to read and write. Used to be that Britannia ruled the waves now they just Waive the rules.

Learnt a new English word this week “Badger” now I know that a badger s a small furry WILD (wild he he he) animal found in the UK that hunters over there find very challenging to hunt and kill with a pea shooter, sort of like that other popular sport on the Island where you get to ride a horse blow a trumpet drink port and shout Tally Ho as you watch a pack of dogs rip a fox to pieces (Very civilised old chaps, very civilised). Anyway a badger must be really dangerous as it has a very rough scrotum and you could seriously hurt your hands if you where’t wearing welding gloves while handling it, the reason I know it has a rough scrotum is from that antediluvian saying ‘Rough as a BADGERS scrotum”. To badger means to pester, hassle, harass, go on at, as again and again. Hence the phrase “badgering the witness” which is completely different to rodgering the witness (but that’s a different lesson completely). So if you are really grieved (here we just say the Moer in) at someone giving you hassles (here we just say kak) you say please just go away you are starting to badger me and will have to call the constabulary to come and chastise you. WOW I know I would be quaking in my pumps (another quaint pommie word for a flat canvas shoe, I think we call the tekkies here?) its definitely more forceful than (Hey bro if you don’t stop giving me kak I will come over there and snot klap you the crap out of you and hopefully the cops will get here before I rip your arm off and beat you with the soggy part).

As you can see my Nephew Daniel has taken up cricket, he has the stance down pat, that obviously makes Ryan Happy who is a Cricket Fundi who can tell you what colour socks AB de Villiers was wearing the day he made 100 runs against England etc etc etc. Daniel is also a Millers fan got to say the boys got taste. And just in case your wondering he took the bottle himself and it still has the cap on it. however when I opened the bottle and it made that KSSSSSh sound he went aaaaaaah. Daniels going to be a beer drinker. Daniel is also going to be an outside kid, he is going to enjoy the beach, the garden, playing sports and I can see him as a tanned blonde boytjie….well at least that’s one of the advantages of living in our 3rd world country

Seems that President Zuma is visiting the queen this week, on her invitation, wonder what she wants? Perhaps she feels Jacob could assist the UK with that country’s declining population growth…………..perhaps he could give some a TIP or two that will enable the island to produce more second rate citizens?

I also believe that when Jacobs 1 2 3 4 5 …………….6 wives heard that the Queen was going to present him with a Knighthood they all said ……………EISH why? He will never use eeeet!!

The Horses that the police use in PE have registration numbers on them...they do see for yourself.

Found some part time work ……………..well Ryan did (thanks bro),its assisting putting together and acting in an environmental play that a client of NOSA asked for……Pretty Lekker, as get to work with Ryan and do something constructive an added bonus will make a few R from it. The Village Idiot is becoming a environmental Crusader and as Martin Luther King said just before he had the top of his head blown off …………. “I should have worn a helmet”………….nah just kidding …………”I HAVE A DREAM”. So you can be sure that I will be advising on how we as individuals, families, communities and companies can SAVE THE PLANET.

On Wednesday the local traffic cops blockaded the N4 in and out of PE, there was chaos and eventually 100-120 where arrested and cars towed away etc etc….luckily I was not in the traffic. What I found amusing about the whole incident is that they interviewed the “main man” who had arranged the demonstration who gave the normal we are downtrodden and no one loves us blah blah blah, his name is Hamilton Toitoi…….yes believe it or not that is his name “Only in Africa”………… yeah I know we are not a “First world everything works perfectly and is in its place country”………………..but we have Sunshine, Braaivleis Rugby and the rainbow nation.

It was Julius Malema’s 29th b/day on the 3rd and a local radio station wanted to know from listeners what do you give a man that has everything??...........The general consensus was (A BRAIN)

On Sunday (sorry today) Tania exhibited at St Georges market, did ok and definetly a market she will attend on a regular basis. What’s nice is her mom and dad come and visit at the markets and I thinks Tania’s mom is really enjoying spending quality time with Tania, its nice that Loi also comes to the house at least once a week and does crafts with Tania or helps with work that Tania is busy with……Strong bond between mom and daughter.

Gabby was playing with that play snot today at Ryans house and has named it Mark…when I asked her why she said because if you drop it on the floor it bounces just like Mark. Sorry bro cant take her anywhere.

Have been working hard on trying to finish the book on Clarens………….getting quotes to print (anyone want to find me a sponsor?). Hopefully will be able to sell a few other than to my Mom. Working on the book has made me homesick especially going through photos of parties, braai’s etc we went to with friends. Hopefully I can get to see the village in the not to distant future.

Some sad news I received this week was the death of a friend who we had not seen for a while. Yvonne worked with Tania and I at the Malaga hotel and ran the kitchens……such a great lady and hard worker. I will never forget how Yvonne got totally Blotto when we won the 95 world cup and led the staff in a conga dance through the hotel, gardens and staff quarters……….before the staff ensured she was safe in bed. I also vividly remember times spent with Yvonne and her best friend Mary………we would laugh until our sides hurt. Rest well Yvonne sorry that I did not get to say goodbye but you will forever be remembered and your life lives on in those people you touched with your generosity and friendship.

I have come to the conclusion that the kids today don’t go to varsity to learn, if you want to do that you study via UNISA. They are always complain about something or someone and want it all for free. If you want to learn then learn, if you want to fart around apply for a visa to England.

Sports roundup for the weekend
Lions lost
Bulls – did not play
Sharks Lost but should have won (according to reports I read)
Cheetahs Won ………Yippee doing better than the Sharks at the moment.
Stormers won big time 33 - 0
Warriors meet the Highveld Lions in next weeks Pro 20 final at St Georges…..Ryan, dad and I are “there like a bear”….should be great evening.

Quote for the week: “Success is dependent on effort”

Joke for the week…………….. What do you call a sleep walking nun ?? “A Roaming Catholic”

Well that’s about it for the week

"Tally ho old chap"

The ellagi vidiot

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