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Seeing that today is Valentines Day I thought would “steal this info from the internet and pretend that I had written it”

Celebrated by lovers everywhere, St. Valentine's Day is a well known tradition, but what is the origin and meaning of the day? You have more than likely grown up observing this custom, but have you ever wondered where it came from and what it is really about? Every year on February the 14th, husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, "valentine" heart-shaped boxes of candy, flowers, teddy bears and other gifts to celebrate this day.

The customs of Valentine's Day have been handed down from the Roman festival of the Lupercalia, celebrated in the month of February, when the names of young women were put into a box and drawn out by men as chance directed. This festival also honoured the goddess of sexual immorality, Venus, the mother of Cupid. Cupid, whose name means ‘desire’, was believed to bring about love and also to make it cease.

So now that I have “edumecated” my philistine friends lets get back on to serious things like what’s been happening to the Ex Village Idiot this week

Men and women have different takes on how to celebrate valentines day, guys buy sexy red underwear for their loved ones and then expect their special or significant other to don said frilly lingerie and as in the words of the Blacked eyed peas “ Boom Boom Boom” while she on the other hand wants rose petals on the bed, scented candles a romantic dinner and music to match………someone is going to lose out as Robin Williams once said “Women need a reason to make love , men just need a place”

Tiger woods must be in a quandary as to who to send Valentines card to this yea? I saw a headline in a local paper that I though was about Tiger woods it said “Tiger beaten off with rock” happens it was about a real tiger attacking a villager in India and the villager having to save himself by hitting the tiger with a rock and not as I thought Tiger woods was trying to get a hole in one and his advances being spurned or his wife had caught him trying to bonk the maid in the laundry again.

Well still no job, so that sucks and now starting to get a little depressed about it. Ryan has however managed to arrange two weeks with a friend of his that is a health and safety consultant and will be doing work at VW in Uitenhage. Sorry I forgot I do have a job……..its being dads taxi.

This is a piece of useless info for the guys, on 9th February 1893 the first recorded strip show by some French “stukkie” took place at the Moulin Rouge In Paris and started a whole new career choice for single moms and a way to earn extra R for college and university fees.

As you know the drivers here are perhaps not the best in the world, well what I forgot to tell you is that we have a number of donkey carts on the main roads as well as you can imagine throw them into the mix and it makes for some interesting driving conditions. Seems that the Bay traffic department are adopting a ZERO tolerance speeding and breaking of traffic rules policy, they have started to install new equipment to ensure that residents do in fact adhere to the rules of the road. I have a feeling that this could just work…..decide for yourself.

Got this from Jeanelle and as I replied to her “I thought that Capt Morgan was in fact a pirate and not a Pirates fan…………Only in Africa”

Was really HOT here on Tuesday 36 degrees and we met Ryan at Sardinia bay (great beach with no large stones on it) and we decided to Snorkel…………much easier than boogie boarding that I can tell you, of course you need the right equipment otherwise it could be a little uncomfortable. Goggles are a must I am not sure if you have seen movies like Deep Blue where peoples goggles come off in the sea and they are swimming open eyed in the Azure blue waters “KAK” “Its pool water” ……….how do I know ?? Well I tried it and it stings like hell”. A snorkel is also a must otherwise you drown. Flippers are optional extra. As are “sea pent” but with jellyfish around they are a good idea. Snorkelling is great and we saw a number of different fish, Ryan saw a sand shark. You have to be careful of not sucking in air when the snorkel is in fact under the water you tend to surface fast and with a mouth that tastes foul. I have just bought new “sea pent and they have only 1 pocket (So I don’t collect cubes of sand) and are so bright that if I get swept out to sea I am easily visible from helicopters, Awac spy planes and satellite.

As promised a few Blog’s back here is what you should not be wearing at the beach “wif long silver sea pent” having to be high up on that list as well as, you look at the photo and you will get my drift. As my sister commented “Baywatch babes”……….NOT

Seems that just like the bread suppliers, cereal suppliers, cell phone providers, Sasol as well as a number of other companies, all the airlines are joining that favourite corporate game “lets scr-w the South African Public and make obscene profits for the selected few ‘mostly BEE shareholders” seems that airline ticket prices have in some cases increased 3 fold for the world cup. Nice one Mango, I time, SAA, Kalula etc etc…….you really know how to put it to the average SA citizen. Which now gets me to who is this world cup for?

Don’t get me wrong feel that the SWC will be good for SA but lets not fool ourselves its not for us average South Africans and even less for those that live in shacks on the Cape Flats as well as numerous other squatter camps that dot our landscape. None of the R coming in is going to benefit them either……”but that’s another story”. Why do I say it’s not for the Average South African? Well first the buying of tickets as far as I am concerned could not have been more difficult I don’t know to many shack dwellers that have access to the internet or have a savings account at FNB plus the process for applying for tickets was so difficult that it reminded me of that readers digest competition that they used to run. You received a key to a car and the competition was that you had to fill in much paperwork it would have made you blind.

On Thursday 20 years ago Nelson Mandela was released so on Thursday all the TV and radio stations were reminiscing about that day, what I found interesting Is that 99 % of the people who called in, sms’s or e-mailed were all happy and had wanted this to happen , even ex security policemen.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,strange because when I watched his release on TV and the days after I thought “hier kom Groot kak” I was not a Nelson Mandela fan at the time and thought he should have been hung in 1964 “bloody terrorist” How wrong I was, he was and still is a icon and I am happy that he survived to show South Africans that this is in fact a great country and that with the right attitude anything is possible. My regret is that Nelson was not 2o years younger when released as there is still work to be done in this country regards his vision and ideals.

Have started a new project, its collecting 5c pieces that I find on the ground, at end of the year will advise how much I have picked up, started last week and so far 55c richer

Dams are now on average 41.5 % full, the photo is of the dam at George, have to say to all of you that have had rain and are sick of it, don’t take it for granted and also learn to conserve water, its not an infinite recourse. The Village idiot believes that the next Big war will be fought over water. “Remember you heard it first on the V I Blog”

Friday night Ryan, my father in law and I played extras for a crowd scene as part of the DVD being made for PE Tourism, had lots of Fun with Ryan and I being the loudest. While at the shoot “that’s what us actors call the place action is taking place”. Mark sent me an MMS of plates full of Chicken strips and the message “watching”? I called him back later and Friends was heaving with the usual suspects, must say was a tad envious………….No I was really “homesick” and felt k-k that I was not there. And I have to say I miss my mate Meatbomb, found the perfect Valentines T shirt for him.

Had a couple of SMS’s and calls this week this weekend from people I know in Clarens saying that watching rugby without me is just not the same. Thanks guys made me feel a whole lot better. I spoke to Neil van der Walt (some may know his as Neil Von den Supperette) he became a dad a month ago to a little girl who they have called Sage. "Well done bro love to the family".

There are only 117 days left to the World Cup and still have not heard if tickets we booked for sooooooooooo long ago will be issued.

Quote for the week: "Mankind has a perfect record in aviation. We never left one up there!"
Have a great week


The Ex Village idiot

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