"Sing for your supper"

So now that I have had the misfortune to see Bob Marley’s little brother and his two idiot friends on Bongo drums murder the national anthem, the question to ask is how did this happen, this ass is apparently in France to cut a CD, “for what” to bring people out of comas? I also see that the Frogs flew our flag upside down, I have never had a soft spot for the French and to be honest this has just made me dislike them even more. I hope we return the favour when they come and play here. We can scoop up some homeless dude give him a violin and get him sing the Marseilles and then hoist the German flag. If there is one thing that I admire the Poms for is that many of them cannot stand the French either, who have a tendency to give over to the enemy to easily. I believe that the army camp near Disney Paris has had to be moved due to the fact that every night the whole garrison came over to surrender during the fireworks show. As you can see the jokes and the photo shopped pictures are coming out.

So we lost against Saracens as well after leading 18-3 at halftime, I don’t understand how you can play so well in the 1st half and then play like under 12’s in te second half. So it’s 3 games and 3 losses for the Boks. Interesting to see that while we lost all points where scored by South Africans as the Saracens had 9 South Africans in the team as well as a South African coach/director of Rugby. Don’t be surprised in a few years time if the Poms national team has players such as De Wet, Potgieter, Hougard, Bekker etc playing or them. Not many good Pommie rugby players or any other sportsmen to think of that. Just look at the South African playing for the English Cricket team that are touring SA at present and they are the ones scoring all the runs and making the team what it is.

Boks vs. Italy on Saturday was a win, but not the World and Tri nation’s champs are not that impressive, I know that they are tired after a HARD season, but feel that we are not playing well. Ireland will be a hard end of tour game. I think that they should use end of year tour to find talent for future Bok teams and leave the tired Boks at home

Now I am no oil painting but I read with amusement the other day that Poms that tried to join a dating line did not do that well, in fact 0nly 3 out of every 10 men where acceptable and only 3 out of every 18 women, seems the rest of Europe found them UGLY and Dowdy, maybe that’s why they allow so many refugees and losers into the country to try and improve the gene pool?

1 week left before the Dunkley family move to PE and you cannot believe how many people have asked me what type of work I will be doing ad then look at me like an idiot when I say “don’t know. I was thinking perhaps I should go and work to that South African Utopia called England, I will only have to work for 2 months a year and then relax in the sun (SA sun that is) for 10 at least the average IQ of the island would rise and they would perhaps have another good looking dude on the island grow. I believe that England has become a magnet for the flotsam of other countries that at one stage or another belonged to the Empire and that anyone that was lazy, lame, dom, dik or difficult In their own country is seen as a genius in England, this probably due to the fact that most of the Hard working Poms have moved out and standards on the island in general are very lax. Perhaps France should donate a Statue to England of some sorts so when the flotsam arrive at either Dover or Heathrow they can see the words, “WE accept all rubbish, lazy and ugly foreigners”

As i watched the Boks against Saracens on Tuesday, lo and behold there they where the “lets pretend we are South Africans, by wearing the clothes, painting our faces, waving the flag, singing the National Anthem, shouting Bokke , but we don’t want to contribute to South Africa brigade” Many of my friends feel that same about this “False” outpouring of emotions and patriotism by the economic mercenaries, you just know that those with the surname Potgieter etc are there because they feel they cannot get a job here (no job reservations for the pale skins anymore) or because they don’t like the fact SA is run by blacks and would rather live in a gloomy little island with more rejects from other countries in it than anything else. “Yeah its lets lambaste the Island and all ex Sefricans that live there Blog”

The back of this tank on the local municipality truck means ‘drinking water” in Sotho, they use the tank for sucking out septic tanks “don’t drink the water”

Met up with two sunglass models in Trendy time on Sunday, thought that they looked hot and the glasses were also not too bad, seriously who buys and wears crap like that?

This you tube link is doing the rounds showing Obama is a Muslim, check I out and make up your own mind. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=tCAffMSWSzY#t=28

The electronic shop that opened up in the local mall is now starting to pump out Muslim hits, I presume next will be the call of the Azan. Not sure if clients at a coffee shop nearby are going to be chuffed listening to the Muslim top 40 while eating a scone. There is a rumour that a shoe shop will be opened by a Camel Jockey in the village as well, can you imagine the advertising ‘our prices are so good we will Blow away the competition” ………………………………………….. “Quite I Kill YOU”

This photo sent to me of the Grand opening of a Metro type shop in Zimbabwe, as you can see it was very well stocked J

Snow “yes Snow” fell on the back mountains on Wednesday night (18/11/09), that’s the latest I have experienced snow in Clarens, but believe that it did snow in December many moons ago. It’s been cold and winter like, grey skies and miserable. Now I know why people who live in the UK are so gloomy and pasty in colour. By Sunday the weather was glorious again with blue skies and 29 degrees

“There coming to take me away ha ha” is a tune my mom used to sing and this lie down photo reminds me of that all I am missing is a straight jacket.

I see that Xenophobia in the Western Cape has raised its ugly head again, with Zimbabweans getting chased out of homes and being accused of taking South African Jobs. I feel for them, but if one wants to fix this problem, you have to go to its roots and that is that “Lucking Funatic” Mugabe, get him out and those people will return to their homes. I also feel that the farmers should not be hiring Zimbabweans juts because they will work for less they are taking advantage of a situation. This is not an easy problem to solve I know and many arguments could be heard, but I do not think violence against these people is the answer

Well I passed my second test for the Health and safety course, better than the first one, so next is doing a practical (hopefully will be able to do in PE) and then an exam. I will be the most qualified shell collector or Grillers mate in the windy city when I am finished.

Gabby had a small horse jumping competition this Saturday and she did very well with 1 first and 2 places, Gabby is such a great horse woman and I am proud of her achievements. I see that the recession has affected even the horse set with the kids having to do the jumps sans horse.

Mom and dad here this weekend and as always it was great to see them, watched the Rugby with my dad and a few friends at Friends and had a few drinks together. Spent the morning at Schaaplaats to watch Gabby ride and had a great dinner at Mosaic Pizza in the evening, great to see my mom and dad and hopefully we will get to see more of them when we are in P.E

On Saturday received some sad news from Danie Crowther that his mom had suffered 2 stokes on the Friday and is in hospital, that is really sad news as Danie’s dad Rob Crowther passed a way only a month ago and now his mom is seriously ill. Elize is such a great lady and al out thoughts and prayers are with you and the family Danie.

Reading a god book at the moment called Symbol of Courage, its all about the Victoria Cross, its origins etc, will put a little info on the log sometime or other.

Well last full week for the Dunkley family coming up in Clarens, Wow it actually seems surreal, lots of packing to do.

Quote for the week: “The greatest quest in life is to reach ones potential”

Have a great week

Ciao The Village Idiot.

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