"Joost did it"

Stress levels are at Defcon 6 this week and rising, so I decided that I would take up an offer from a friend to go hunting doves with his new rifle to relieve some of the pressure (see picture). He said it was very accurate but I don’t believe him as I had a number of birds lined up in the cross hairs but only ever found plenty of white feathers lying around, never a dove. Next week I will try my luck on ground squirrels

Surprise Surprise Joost did in fact sleep with a “Hoer” sorry for you English readers “lady of the night”, snorted a line of cocaine from an erogenous zone of her body and lied about the size of his “John Thomas” Now I see that his autobiography sold out on the first day, obviously by people wanting to read the intimate details of his sexual liaisons, find out how to snort a line from a Prostitute (I mean do you have to pay extra for that or is it part of the package ??) or wanting to gloat over the demise of a one time sports hero. What is it about famous people that makes lesser mortals want to read about who they sleep with, how hey perform and whether or not the person on the receiving end liked it or not. Two words ……………………..” Who Cares?”

I mean lets get serious what make the Behkams, Joosts, Spears, Winehouses and Hofmeyers of this world better than you or I? Nothing they also sweat , fart, , use the toilet, philander, have bulimia, only difference is that people with absolutely no lives of their own make these people into gods and role models . If any of us was to cheat on your partner, announce you’re gay, have bulimia or got caught sleeping with homing pigeons no one would give a Continental. But it seems to be a pattern a celebrity has an indiscretion, gets caught, denies it, then begs for forgiveness and writes a book. At least now we know why Joost wanted to play rugby and be the scrum half, its because he could be close to all those white lines and a Hooker J

Oh by the way a number of persons and “moi” were in the Vrystaat paper this week “again” , as we sent them a photo of the Clarens Rugby Supporters club at the Currie Cup Final, the one girl called Nicole is from Canada and she was so excited to be in the paper that she was SMSing friends in Canada at 5am Canadian time “ I would hate to think what she would do if on the front cover of Vogue”

Last Sunday had a Braai and did a little fishing at the property that Wolverine is house sitting, we also tried out a new shooter, take a beer glass, quarter fill with Guinness, then fill a shooter glass with Amarula cream, drop the shooter glass in the beer glass and drink, it foams and goes crazy , but actually tastes OK , think its called an “Irish Car bomb”

So as I expected the Boks against the Tigers did not go according to plan and it was a famous win for the Tigers, I must admit I am a tad surprised as I was under the impression that the team that did not play the tests would not get caps, if this is still the case them are they Boks or not. I was also gob smacked that Heindrich Brussouw (The Best loose forward in the world, according to the experts, myself included) had not been picked for the Test against France , now I don’t know what the coach and his support staff have been smoking but whatever its is I want some. The game in the UK also had the usual “look at us we are Sefricans and Love the Boks but we don’t want to contribute, or don’t like the fact that blacks run the country brigade” I wish they would not allow them in the stadiums as far as I am concerned they are an embarrassment, support England if you like it there so much. I also see that there was a South African (not sure of the name) giving the Tigers inside info on the Bok players (not that Tigers needed it), but that’s just wrong “Treason I say”

We had a buzz going around the village this week that Johnny Depp was in the village and Wolverine tracked him down to the Clarens Trading Post where he asked a local to take a photo of the two of them together. Wolverine is being sent for an eye test next week, because that’s Johannes du Plessis a local

Seems that the Golf course has been hit with a plague of dragon flies tat have been giving the golfers some uphill, from reports and this photo sent in it seems that they are also rather large, so any suggestions to get rid of them just give the golf course a call.

Kaiser Chiefs where in Clarens on the weekend and there was much excitement amongst the local supporters as they warmed up on the square and had a walk around the village, Protea Hotel hosts a number of PSL teams that play Free State Stars either Bethlehem or Qwa Qwa. About 3 weeks ago, my favourite team Pirates were here, but somehow I missed them.

I see that Clarens can now also boast it first Indian/Pakistani owned and run electrical appliance shop, “Oh well there goes the neighbourhood”, we are now able to get cell phones repaired, buy TV’s Microwaves, Hi Fi’s, DVD players, speakers etc and haggle about the price “N all” aren’t we Lucky. I can see it now busloads of International tourists flocking to Clarens to buy home appliances. Perhaps this new development will give us Bonus points for next years Village of the year competition. I just hope that the owner of the store doe not decide that his religious needs are being violated and that he needs a Mosque to ensure that he can meet those needs, now that would be just the cherry on the top of the cake. Instead of the NG Kerk bells we can wake up to the dulcet tones of Achmed singing Suicide bomber favourites such as that sixties favourite “Bits and Pieces” and that new sensational hit sung by Lady “I have to wear a Burka” Gaga “I want to blow up this place, blow blow up this place”

I don’t know if you saw a couple of Blogs back but Tania got a company vehicle for Crafty stuff, we want to upgrade so she can go shopping and carry more parcels to the Post office, so we looked for possible upgrades to the “Hummer” and this is what we came up with, pretty nifty I think.

Good news coming out of Equatorial Guinea is that Nick du Toit along with 3 other South Africans and that winging Pom and friend of Mark Thatcher Simon Mann, have been released on Presidential pardon, I am not concerned about Mr Mann but know that many people I have had the privilege of coming into contact with due to book on Daniel Roxo are very happy that Nick and the other men are being released early from a 34 year prison sentence , there was rumour that when they landed they would be charged by SA authorities for being Mercs but thankfully that is not going to happen.

Zuma freed us, says mercenary
2009-11-04 09:09

Johannesburg - South African mercenary Nick du Toit, who has been freed from a notorious Equatorial Guinea jail, has given President Jacob Zuma the credit for his and his accomplices' pardon.

"We were told... that we were going to be freed. We were told that Zuma and his government were involved in the negotiations for our release and now today, we are free men," said Du Toit.

The Star newspaper reported on Wednesday that he and his accomplices, Briton Simon Mann and South Africans Sergio Cardoso, Jose Sundays and George Alerson were in the dark about how their release was negotiated.

"We do not know what went on behind the closed doors or for how long they have been negotiating.

"We are just glad that we are going home. This has been a dream of mine for years and I cannot wait to hold and see my family again.

"While we have been preparing ourselves for this, it is still hard to believe that we are actually coming home," said Du Toit, who was jailed in Black Beach for his involvement in a 2004 plot to topple President Teodoro Obiang Nguema.

Zuma to visit to Equatorial Guinea

Zuma visited Equatorial Guinea last year and was due to arrive in the country for another visit on Tuesday.

His spokesperson, Vincent Magwenya, said he was not privy to any discussions that were held between the two statesmen.

"It's possible that the government of Equatorial Guinea had believed it needed to release them on the eve of President Zuma's visit.

"But that was not a condition from our side to say they must do that on the eve of the visit. We do believe it satisfies the legal provisions of Equatorial Guinea," said Magwenya.

Several reports suggested the men would return to South Africa within 24 hours of their release on Tuesday but it was not clear yet exactly when they were expected to arrive.

What the report does not say is that each man is to pay R28 000 for a ticket back to SA, ex members of the defense force and family members are trying to raise R112 000 so they can fly back to SA while that Pratt Mann flew back to the land of the rising damp in a private Jet.

Steelwings is next weekend, so busy trying to get that all in place

I hear via the grapevine that one of the judges that probably gave their vote to Marquard (with two R’s) spent time in Clarens with his family last weekend - very nice of him, would have thought that we where not good enough and Marquard (with two R’s) would have been his/her destination of choice

Saying for the week and I know Wolverine likes this one: Wine does not make you fat, it makes you lean, Lean against tables, Lean against chairs and Lean against real ugly looking people

Here is a good website to go and look at its: www.thereifixedit.com

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