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At last the government are doing something I agree with, they want to ensure that the Cell companies reduce call charges, its about time, no wonder MTN, Cell C and Vodacom post record profits for the “selected few shareholders” The next rip off to challenge are the banks. “Viva Government Viva”

As some of you may be aware I am rather fond “as is Wolverine” of Friend’s pub and restaurant, In fact just last week Kelvin gave Wolverine and I a Friend’s Golf shirt, “thanks bro” as you also probably know we watch our rugby there and when I move to PE I am sure that I will be hard pressed to find another establishment that comes close to the atmosphere , not to mention the awesome Chicken Strips, so I have decided that maybe , just maybe, we can set up Skype and I can watch every now and again with my mates.

I am busy with a book on Clarens and there was going to be a couple of pages about the township, however after being shown so much by long time residents there is going to be a whole chapter on this amazing neighbourhood.

Last weekend we had Ducati here this weekend was Mini Cooper, Wolverine and I assisted Clarens Brewery at the food and beer tent. I have to say that I doubt that the village will ever be the same again, Wow the Wilson Mosia Square (yes that’s the squares official title) was set up like I have never seen before. I have heard that Mini put close to 5 million into this weekend and it showed. Its always amazing watching seeing the types of people that pitch up at theses events as each function seems to attract differing cross sections of SA. Mini was no different and Wolverine came to the conclusion to own a Mini you either have to be a “Black Diamond” Seriously Gay ‘sorry that’s politically incorrect it needs to read Alternative lifestyle orientated” or “I am not gay my husband is”,(in fact we could have had the gay pride parade that a few locals have been thinking of doing) have a Gym shaped body with an accompanying air head Barbie “with own airbags”, some you can see have been McDonald, “SUPERSIZED” The Ken and Barbie look also seems to be in as well with the mini crowd.

The whole weekend everyone was waiting for the group Goldfish, now I had never heard of them, “Finding Nemo, Shark tales, Guppy … yes, but Goldfish never” So on Saturday night after Months of Hype and being told how AWESOME they where I was expecting to be blown away…………well I am either getting old or just have a different perception of what a group should be or what the definition of Awesome is. 2 dudes with computers, a mini saxophone and a pole with electronic sounds coming out of it do not constitute a band or group ……. Oh sorry there was also an arbitrary PDP singing every now and again. A band or group is ZZ top, Queen, Dire Straits, Blacked Eyed Peas “yes I know who they are” Other entertainment was Cassette Psyfo, DJ Phonogenic and DJ Euphonik who we re-named DJ Euthanasia because we thought his music puts you to sleep. A couple of Locals (Rob and Graeme) had their air guitar moment and as you can see with Graeme at his shop "CLARENS ROCKS"

Now don’t get me wrong, the MINI weekend was Fantastic with a CAPITAL F, the monies pumped into the village was amazing and the square has never looked like that before, “but will hopefully again” We are grateful to having MINI choose Clarens for its 50th Birthday and know that this is a forerunner of things to come.

I also had to share my body building techniques with one of the security guards that to be honest was a little short in the muscle department, so hopefully he will take the tips to heart and he to can have a muscle like mine.
As usual Wolverine and I looked for lie down opportunities and we managed to get a few in, we are thinking of setting up our own the lying down game site because those overseas blokes are just to tame and have no imagination. (see seperate blog with photos) Hopefully my Brother inlaw Ryan will become my partner in crime when i move to PE regards lying down photos (what you say Ryan??)

If you did not see the Rugby this weekend you missed 2 Awesome Semi-finals with the Cheetahs beating the Sharks in te 79th minute and the Bulls beating Western “problems” in the 78th minute, Now the Cheetahs are going to win the Currie Cup at Loftus and hopefully Wolverine and I will be thereJ

Had a few people ask that when I leave will I carry on with the Blog and the answer is YES, the Idiot is just moving to a larger Village.

Read a good report written in the October issue of Bike SA about the land of the rising damp the other day if you can get your self a copy of the October 2009 issue and turn to pages 126 – 135. The article starts “yes there is less crime in the UK, yes there is a more stable economy (well – no actually the UK has been hit by the recession far worse than SA) yes there is ……….well……….nothing else really. The problems with living in the UK are numerous. It all starts etc etc (get the magazine its good)

Quote for the week: “Save the planet, it’s the only one with beer”

Well that’s all for this week, have a great week ahead


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