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The Blog this week is In memory of a long time friend and Clarens resident Mr Al Tiley. Al passed on to a better place on Saturday morning and as I write this I am not ashamed to say I have tears in my eyes. Al had bravely battled cancer the last while and had stood strong against its scourge. Al was a great character who achieved much in his life. I met him not long after I arrived in Clarens some 10 years ago and we just seemed to hit it off, my daughter Gabby also had a love for ‘Uncle” AL and he inspired/encouraged my daughter to take up art and for that I am thankful.

“Al, I am sad that you have left us, but happy that you are now in a better place, free of pain and I am sure that you will soon be teaching in that big art school in the sky. Gabby and I came to see you on Monday, I am not sure if you recognised us, but we came to tell you that we were thinking of you and to say goodbye. Clarens has lost yet another great person and while you may be gone you wont be forgotten”

Vee and family our condolences to you for the loss of a Husband, Dad and Granddad we trust that you will take comfort in the fact Al was well loved in the village and he will be sorely missed. Vee you have been a pillar of strength to Al over the last months and we just want you to know that we also love you lots and that if you need anything Please don’t hesitate to call”

Love from Stephen Tania and Gabby

On a happier note I want to wish my mom a happy Birthday, it was her &^$$ birthday on Saturday and I know she got a dog to replace those she recently lost, it was from the SPCA and my sister says it looks just like Peanut from the movie “Jury duty”, its been named “Tinkerbell” Mom may you have many more, “we love you lots”.

Some one scratched LOSER on a locals car last week, not nice I know, seems that here is a big “tadoo” about who did it, the person that is supposed to be the culprit, I personally don’t believe would do something like that. Whoever it was, it’s a crappy thing to do to someone, no matter how much you dislike them.

So the Lion roars no more, an exciting but closely contested 2nd test at Loftus saw to that. I am just glad that there is an economic downturn around the world otherwise the whole stadium would have been full of Lions supporters. Its no wonder “Sef Efricans” flock to the land of the rising damp as obviously they earn fortunes there or things don’t cost that much. I mean we don’t have 25-30 thousand, (“local, those who toil in the land they hail from”) supporters going to overseas matches (even the world Cup we did not have anywhere near that amount). The game itself showed why you need an established kicker and fly half in the team, Morne Steyn played really well after Ruan was substituted, Schalk, should not be allowed to play until he has studied and knows the chapter written by Sean Fitzpatrick, off by heart regards “how get away with foul play and look innocent” Brussow is miles better than he is and why Jacque Fourie does not start a game is beyond me. At least Helium (the coach) made some good substitutions this week. Ref was crap and the Lions got away with some dubious passes as well as tackles, but 28 to 25 was the score, we won and have taken the series. “Well done Bokke

So who would have believed that the USA would beat Spain to get into the Confederation cup finals and it was not lucky they outplayed them in all aspects. Bafana Bafana could have taken lessons, the Brazil game was always going to be a hill to climb but to their credit they fought and made Brazil win the game, well done boys you made me proud. Wow we nearly beat Spain in the 3rd and 4th place game, , shows that Bafana Bafana can play the best in the world and be competitive.

Mark and I have been coaching cricket at a local school and the headmistress has arranged a match against the Fourieseburg school for 25th July so that will be fun, have chosen the team and they were very excited, will let you know what happens after the game.

I was at the launch of the Kgubetswana business forum on Wednesday and hopefully the formal and informal sectors (read white and black) residents can actually start working together, there is plenty of talent in the informal sector of Clarens and I think enough people in the formal sector that will assist or mentor those who actually want to get off their backsides and make something out of themselves.

Here is part two of “Time upon a once”

TLM had come to the village together with Cuckold dwarf and using his money had opened a business, soon after it had become moderately successful she chased Cuckold dwarf away and gleefully told everyone that he had abandoned her. It was often rumoured that TLM had made her fortune buying and selling essentials at markets but many in the village felt this was not so, “while TLM may have been scheming and manipulative many felt that she was just not that bright”. TLM started to look at whom she could use next. First it was “Dude Dwarf” who not being to quick of the mark was quickly ensnared in to her web of intrigue and maliciousness, however only having physical attributes and no money or any hope of earning good money in the future she soon discarded him, soon after she enticed Contaminant Dwarf to her nest who attracted her because of his money and passion for fast modes of transport however Contaminant Dwarf was well known in the area for using single women of any species and then throwing them away.

TLM’s next plan was to lull Fender in to a sense of security and catch him of guard, this was done one day when overtures were made by TLM and with Fender being of a difficult age he was very flattered and taken in by this line of attack. Soon coffee became breakfast and then lunch and before you knew it Fender was spending more and more time with TLM, his friends and colleagues in the village pleaded with him and warned him of the dangers, but alas he would not listen and was drawn more and more in to her bosom of deceit……………………… To be continued

Had a little bit of snow on the mountain this week, the closest was on Horeb 2449 meters above sea level and on Friday morning approx 2am there was a slight flurry in the village, then it got COLD. Still waiting for the snowfall that will blanket the area and we can have snowball fights and snowmen building competitions on the square.

Player 24 became a dad on Thursday. Marchelle giving birth to a bouncing baby boy called Nathan, all is well with mom and baby and Nathan is also doing well J. Well done Gordon and Marchelle, we cannot wait to meet player 25.

Book is coming on, still looking for info and trying to ensure is as accurate as possible.

Believe yet another publication is coming to the village and surrounds that many people seem to be talking about,

Came up with an inexpensive solution to using the cell phone in the car while keeping both hands on the steering wheel and for Clarens in winter, its called the “Legend” see picture.

Spotted a UFO in Clarens the other day and as you can see I have photographic evidence, it just seemed to hover in one place for hours ‘I wonder if anyone else saw it “

Ever had a Strawpedo ? Its when you burn a straw and hook it in a brutal fruit or some other pink drink this then allows you to drink the beverage as fast as you can while not choking on the bubbles. I had my first one at Friends “My Favourite restaurant” in Clarens only there its called a Saartjie “don’t ask me why” Oh just in case I have not told you their Chicken strips are the best in South Africa.

Sunday we had an impromptu dinner and 30 seconds evening with Kathy and Mark , sadly to say that the ladies “opened up a can of Whoop Ass “ and beat Mark, Lawrence and I (2 games to 1) they now lead games evening at 3-1. Next I believe is pictionary.

Well that’s about it for this week, have a great week ahead and don’t forget to call your parents or loved ones at least once this week to tell them you love them.

The Village Idiot.

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