Sop en Dop

I was sitting “thunking” alone at home on Tuesday night and………………….. well just read the e-mail I sent to Tania, Gabby, Mark, Kath, Gordon and Marcelle, Lawrence and Sherri, Dave and Barbara you will understand

Sitting here all alone, Gabby and Tania have gone to cell group and i cant go and visit Mark and Kathy because i can hear the dogs barking themselves hoarse "this means they are out":-))

So anyway as I said i was sitting and thunkking that Dop and Chop season is gone, "verby" and no more, this due to the fact that when the sun crosses the yardarm the degrees from the sun drop exponentially and this means its not nice to Braai anymore.

So i say to myself "SELF" how do we go about replacing the dop and chop system with another that includes food to suit the season and ensure that a tipple or two is also enjoyed, then it hit me like a scream mask in a Kodak moment, (see photo from last Blog posting) and this is brilliant even if I say so myself "in fact going to patent and copyright the idea"

instead of a dop and a chop night we can have "drum roll please" BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

A DOP AND SOP evening (and we can mention the S word, because even if it rains or snows we will be inside anyway, "am i a genuise, geniuse, genie, "clever or what"

We all bring a soup and of course Fresh bread/ rolls etc and "if you really insist a dop"." Yes i insist"

When you ask: Well I thought what about this Friday night after happy hour

Where I hear you ask: well this is the interesting part, the last person to respond to this e-mail telling me how AWESOME I and my idea are we will end up at their house.

“I look forward to hearing your prompt responses”

Oh yes if that works the next evening will be Spuds and suds (suds being American slang for beer) so here is the challenge think of winter evenings where we can get together and enjoy food, alcoholic beverages and what can i say AWESOME company.

I was going to call this Blog “Have a drink on me” It’s a ACDC song from their 1980 album “Back in Black”. ACDC is perhaps, “no it is my favourite rock group” Well these days their music is called “Classic Rock”, “Oh boy I must be getting old”.

But when I was a rough and tough 50cc riding “lightie” in standard 8, ACDC was Heavy Metal. How I started to listen to this Australian iconic band happened when a mate gave me a ACDC album to look at “it was called “Back in Black” and was the first LP that they had made since the untimtimley death of Bonn Scott, he had been replaced by Brian Johnson a fellow Geordie “so this was perhaps also a factor in me taking the LP home to listen to”. I have to tell you that until then my music tastes leaned to ABBA and Donnie Lonegan.

I put the LP on the record player “some of you may remember what one of those looked like” for those that done it was sort of like a Lazy Susan with a motor. I put the LP on the turntable with some trepidation but from the melancholy sound of the bells that introduce the song “Hells Bells” to the upbeat and head banging “You shook me all night long” I was hooked. For me there was no transition from Abba to ACDC, no middle of the road music that eventually had me air guitaring all over the house mimicking Angus Young in his school outfit (he’s the lead guitarist). For me it was “Boom” Mary Poppins to Slut Barbie with no Martha Stewart in between. I went out and bought all there LPs, I was hooked I went from Mama Mia to “Let there be rock”

I still have a sweat shirt with ACDC patches on it that I wore in std 8, “its shrunk” must have been washed to many timesJ. Did you wear it ? “I know your wanting to ask”, “You Betcha” Did I look ridiculous ? “You Betcha” did I feel 16 again, well perhaps not 16, but as I let my 2 brain cells drift away a wry smile passed my lips and took me back to when I had hair and my whole life lay in front of me.

Today I have a varied taste in music but have to admit that I still love to hear groups like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Whitesnake and Metallica. “Yeah I know if you play them backwards your supposed get satanic messages”, luckily enough I was never clever enough to do that, I must have destroyed hundreds of Sony C90 tapes trying to get it to play backwards. Can you play music backwards on CDS? Or was it only on LP’s and tapes? “Perhaps that is why they moved to CD’s”? I have to admit that I never took that seriously and I was in the dog box when I made a 4 hour compilation tape for Tania of ACDC to show her my undying love “yes I am aware that love songs would have been more appropriate, but hey I was 16 had a fifty cc motorbike, cut the sleeves out of my t shirts to look cool, “but kept losing my cigarettes”, was cultivating that mullet and hey they were the best. I wonder if you had taken Bles Bridges LP’s and played them backwards, would you have gotten Potjie kos recipes ?”

I have found something more rewarding and makes you happier than winning the Lotto, that’s to go to town visit two banks, the municipality as well as the traffic department and not “I repeat not” stand in a queue and be treated with courtesy and efficiency. Its heaven and I suppose like being hit by lightening the chances of it happening are 1 in a million, “probably more”

Andre Espach (local painter) and his daughter Landie are leaving the village on a Road Trip and we will miss them. Andre has had a hard life and we know is going through some hard and painful times at the moment. Andre all I can say is that the time you will be spending with Landie will be special and precious, Please know that we will be thinking of you and will hopefully see you in the not to distant future.

So the Blue Bulls destroyed the Chiefs 61 to 17, what a game, we had a few” ok more than a few” beers and enjoyed the company of some real rugby fanatics “including player 24”. The atmosphere was Awesome and I know that Kathleen and Mark only got home in the wee hours of the morning, those older folks decided that enough was enough and slunk home.

New local magazine is out “eventually” the Mothers day (10th May) Indaba issue (8th-12th May) hit the streets on 28th of May. I wonder what the advertisers must think. I read it and yes I know I am biased due to past history, but I have to say its not the best issue and hopefully it will improve now that the previous editor left, that person really made a mess of a once bloody good magazine.

Mountain Post should be coming out again soon, always seems to be a buzz when a new edition is coming out, sure that this edition will be as good as the last two.

I see that in local newspaper Vrystaat that there is going to be a huge Tourism expo to be held in Bethlehem in September 25th-27th it seems that its going to be organized by that well written, edited and National tourism magazine To Go To, so I am sure that it will be a huge success.

So Newcastle United (my home team) got relegated, “well I suppose that’s what happens when you only win 7 games the whole season”

Gabby had a gymkhana this weekend at Schaaplaats, she looked so grown up in her jolpers and jacket and did very well in her jumping with 1 second and 2 fourth places, this against older and more experienced riders, so as you can imagine I am very proud of her.

Have had flu most of the week and not felt that great at times, hopefully this coming week it will go.

Book on Clarens slowly but surely coming along need to start getting those people who will be contributing photographs together to advise what I am looking for

Well that’s about it for this week, have a great week and a great June


The Village idiot.

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