Party, dop and chop, picnic and party that is what we have done four out of five days. Been pretty hectic, even if I say so myself.

Thursday was an “End of Summer, hello winter” party at Werners place, situated at the stables. A number of Clarenites turned up for this little Soirée and as usual the weather was really crap, always seems to be like that when we have a party at Werners, the weather may not have played along but the company was great and the food even better (Chicken Potjie).

Saturday we got an invite to Lawrence and Sherry’s place for a bring and braai or as we like to call it a Dop and a chop, that was nice only a few people, we got away early but some others who shall remain nameless over indulged and paid for it the next day.

Sunday was a sundowner picnic with Kathleen and Mark just outside of town that was really nice with stunning views from the top of Clarens, the Golden Gate, Mount Horeb and the Maluti’s. The hill is called Paraffin Kop because in the days of Yore residents of the village tried to dig for oil as they said you could smell it when you dug in to the ground, In those days anything that was flammable was called paraffin, hence Paraffin Kop

Monday was Kathleen’s birthday and again a multitude of people turned up to have a wee PAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRTAY. Rained but otherwise another nice evening, again not there to late as gabby had school the next day.

In between that

On Friday we stayed at home and chilled

Saturday and Sunday Tania was on the square selling he mosaic, soaps and other items and had a bumper day on Sunday. Sunday Afternoon Gabby and I took a ride to Fouriesburg with Dave Green and Ralph Raubenheimer.

It may seem to some people that all we seem to do in the village is party, well they may not be wrong as we have just been invited to a “civilised party for Jeremy’s 30th birthday party. “Thirty I cant even remember when I was thirty”

This weekend we are going to camp at Meiringskloof in Fouriesburg on Saturday night, more about that later.

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