Permission to have Penis Pierced !

Now I don’t know about you but when I was a kid at school I went on a number of School outings, I remember being taken to a farm for the day, the beach, in standard 5 we went to Johannesburg and toured the gold mines and then in the evening watched a movie, in high school we went on sports tours as well as numerous day trips. I remember each time my parents had to sign permission and in most cases pay for me to attend the days outing, sports tour or event that had planned by the school.

So I wonder how its possible that a teacher in Gauteng was able to take pupils to have their John Thomas's pierced, “yep can you believe it” ?……………..I am speechless to be honest and it takes a lot to make that happen. The teacher in the meantime (after the story broke/ did a dick become infected, did one of the kids show their parents or were they caught going through a metal detector at the airport on their school tour of the hot spots in Thailand ?), has apologized and said that he is no Sexual deviant. (looks a tad dodgy to me)

The teacher said that his actions could not be undone but rumours of sexual misconduct were unfair, apparently pupils that he teaches saw his penis ring in the change rooms after a swimming practice (changing with the pupils after swimming………mmmmmm a tad dodgy I don’t ever remember changing with any of my teachers) and they asked him about it…………….Perhaps it was like a show and tell ? “So sir what is that shiny thing on the end of your penis” Oh that Brian is a penis ring. makes me look rugged, interesting and windswept and make’s the wife have multiple orgasms and is a real conservation piece at  church fees, parties, weddings and family gatherings ................"Wow we should all get one sir will you take us , Please sir Please”

In the interest of education and expanding their young minds he told them to do some research and after they had done so perhaps they wrote a small report  that they presented to the class. According to the teacher they then asked him to take them for a piercing………………... Not their parents, their teacher (how fkd up is that ?)…………this is also a problem for me, how could he agree to take them if he was  not sure that the parents agreed (or can kids now just do what they want now?) apparently none of the pupils of parents have complained (perhaps its because they haven’t done a penis piercing inspection lately) it was the schools governing body who decided to dismiss him and this is because a few months before he had taken a another student to get a tattoo, hopefully not on his penis.

I have a question that maybe you are also thinking, how did the governing body know he had taken the kids to have penis rings but their parents did not, or perhaps they did and just don’t give a fuck? Either way this teacher is a serious fuckktard and an embarrassment to his profession. .  

I don’t know what is happening to our schools but its seriously fucked up at the moment, students are beating other students, students are killing each other teachers are beating pupils, pupils are sexually molesting teachers or beating them up and this is in the last couple of weeks………… So who is to blame?? Well society in general has become just so messed up and kids today don’t have the love and discipline that we may have had as kids, the government wants us to not discipline kids there is clearly no discipline at schools and how can people just watch other people getting beaten and stabbed etc, is that the type of individual we are turning our children into ? Cell phones are also “in my mind” contributing to violence as people now want to “act” for the camera. Cell phones should be banned from schools. 

I have  a  friend who’s 18 year old daughter is suing her for maintenance, apparently there is a law that when a kid turns 18 and they either cant or are to fking lazy to find a job they can sue the parent/s for money……………Nice one. So now she is 18 just finishing matric and wants her mom to pay her R2000 a month a ell as her cell phone and medical aid contributions so its about R2500 a month, she I claiming R300 a month for cigarettes as well as money for cat food……her mom has no intentions of paying.  

"SA crime at lowest in 15 years" - report. Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa says an international monitor has found that crime in South Africa is at its lowest level in 15 years. "Who is he trying to kid? its not that crime has decreased its probably because people have got so gatvol of police ineptitude or the fact that criminals IF they get caught get a slap on the wrist and get to go and do it all over again,  that they just don’t report crime anymore", the fact that the latest police commissioner is under investigation may also just have the general public wondering why bother.

Next couple of weeks will be in East London , I was there last week and had a student by the name Picnic “no lies”, great young man, just got to love Africa. The week before I rode back from El in the rain and I was soaked and by time I got back, the forecast was for 80% chance of heavy rain this Friday again, so I got dressed up for monsoon season and guess what………………No Rain, have to love it when the weather man fks it up.

We had our client function on Friday night and the Theme was “let the good times roll”. It was held at a local Guest house near the beachfront, think it’s called Ahoy boutique hotel and as the name suggests it has “wait for it” a Nautical theme. “I know surprising hey”.  I was the MC and dressed up like an over the top Blinged out whale (badly dressed, rich punter).

Unfortunately on the way to the venue, we came across an accident, looks like the guy riding the bike grabbed a handful of front brake and with the water on the road from the rain it slipped from under him and he hit the back of the Audi at speed………..never nice to see a bike in an accident

Yesterday was clean the pool, mow the lawn, watch a couple of movies, have the flu so was not that “lus” to do much, I have not been to gym all week so hopefully next week I feel better and go to the gym near to Carl. Have to say I was a little confused yesterday because a) there was no rugger on to watch and b) there was no wind, no rain, blue skies and it was sunny…………….why am I confused ? well it’s weekend, last month or so every weekend has had really kak weather.  

Next week sees the Boks play Wales in the first of their 3 games on their Northern tour. Yesterday the Poms beat Australia 20/13 and the Pommie press are going on about what a great team the Poms are and how they should be seen as contenders for the 2015 World cup that will be held on the island. Fisrt of all Australia are playing really kak at the moment and the Poms will have to improve by leaps and bounds to beat the All blacks or the Bokke.

Have a great week


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